What are Some Ways to Earn a Certificate in HR Law?

Law Student StudyingMany online courses today allow students to earn an HR law certificate, which is a cheaper alternative to learning different aspects of employment and tax laws.

Some courses even let you enroll in a specific field of legal studies, including freedom of expression. While you would still need a Juris doctorate to practice labor laws, a certificate helps HR professionals prove that they have a broad understanding of different subjects.

Online Fees

It may cost as low as $30 or up to $150 for each course certificate. If you have an open schedule, it’s better to sign up for courses that allow you to dictate your own pace. Otherwise, you would need to follow a structured timeline for the class.

A graduate certificate in business law requires a higher amount with some classes worth more than $29,000 for five courses. An aspiring legal secretary or HR paralegal can sign up for virtual courses around 200 accredited colleges and universities in the U.S. These courses range between $645 and $729, excluding textbooks and other fees. It will cost you around $1,300 for a 14-week-long online paralegal certificate.

Employment Salaries

An HR law certificate could also improve an employment lawyer’s credentials and earning potential. The average salary of a labor attorney in the U.S. amounts to $144,000. Some professionals earn up to $175,000 but take note that those without experience can earn less than $65,000.

Like any other lawyers, those who specialize in employment law should ideally have a law school diploma from an American Bar Association-accredited institution. Some firms or companies even require professionals to have at least one year of experience in practicing law, so one way to build your own involves volunteering or working for non-profit groups.

There are now different alternatives to learn more about labor rules and regulations. Online classes may not be a complete substitute for traditional classes, but it certainly helps a student in stretching their budget.

3 Thing to Remember When Pruning Your Backyard Trees

a close-up of hands hugging a treeWell-maintained trees in the backyard are a great highlight and foundation. Make sure that you prune them properly with these practical tips for proper trimming, so you can create your own little forest right outside the house.

Seasonal timing for pruning

Pruning is not just for bonsai — it is also a good practice when it comes to lawn care in Utah, a service provided by firms such as Greenside Landscaping. It is important to remember that you need to prune your trees to keep them from becoming too tall or wide.

Pruning can be dependent on the season and timing. For instance, spring may not be the best time because you may weaken trees that have just sprouted new leaves. Late summer is a great time to prune since the leaves should have thinned.

Reduce the size with a trimmed crown

The crown is the tree’s top portions where the leaves and thinner branches are. Instead of just cutting the top completely, cutting off the top, you can either do a crown lifting, where the target would be to remove lower branches, or crown thinning, which focuses on removing up to 30% of dead branches to decongest the tree’s overall look.

Careful cutting for large branches

Trees with large branches can be challenging work, and a good bulk of the work for lawn care is executing a proper cut of the branch to let it heal correctly. There are three cuts that you need to do to for a big tree branch. The first is a notch cut to avoid splitting the bark.

The second is a relief cut to take away the weight of the branch furthers from the tree trunk. And the final cut is one that follows the branch collar according to its slanted angle. The goal is to avoid cutting too short or too long because the end goal is to have a nice smoothened healing on the trunk that is shaped like a donut.

Let your favorite tree be a majestic highlight in the backyard — just make sure that it is properly kept, so it can grow within its space to become the proper star of the show.

4 Reasons to Hire Professional Janitorial Services

Janitor cleaning the floorCleaning is not a favorite task to do among the majority of the people. However, doing office cleaning is not a task that should be up for debate. You need to have a clean working environment at all times. Thankfully, there are professional cleaning services that can handle the cleaning tasks in your office for you.

More reasons to get janitorial services from companies like Forte Commercial Cleaning Utah in Salt Lake City include:

Hassle-Free Work

Sometimes, there could be too many tasks to handle at work that cleaning your facility is not a priority. Nevertheless, having an engaging job is not an excuse for having an untidy working environment. Cleaning companies tidy up your workspaces before you get to work or after you leave work. Thus, hiring their services ensures you do not disrupt your work schedule, neither do you have to overwork.

Create a Good Impression

Having a disorganized and untidy working environment is not appealing to partners, clients, and employees. You could end up losing much due to the impression you imprint on any person who visits your business. A clean business environment attracts customers.

Get the Job Right

Cleaning commercial spaces require the use of specialized equipment and tools. Failure to use this equipment can cause more damage to office valuables. It is expensive to acquire this equipment and then hire skilled personnel to operate them. You can choose to hire a cleaning company that has trained staff and the right equipment for the job.

Health Benefits

An unhealthy working environment poses health risks to you and your employees. When more people are calling in sick, their productivity goes down. Cleaning services ensure your environment is safe for work purposes.

There is more you can do in your business than handling your cleaning tasks yourself. Get professional janitorial services so that you can spend more time in building your business.

Investing in High-Yield Entertainment Companies

Couple watching movie at homeOver the last decade, entertainment companies have changed the entertainment landscape considerably in the UK and elsewhere. This is partly due to the introduction of online platforms and the growing demand for streaming services. These changes have created ample opportunities for potential investors.

Nowadays, debt financing is considered a safe and profitable way for investors to raise profit and gradually enrich their investment portfolio. Debt financing is issued in the form of capital bonds, debentures or notes. These types of financing are preferred by many investment companies in London in the entertainment sector, which need a constant flow of capital in order to finance new projects. Investors who are interested to raise their profile and invest in high-yield entertainment companies can start with the help of an intermediary agency, such as Amyma.

The changing setting of entertainment media

A few decades ago, entertainment media were very limited and television and cinema were the main players. An evolution in new technologies and the internet brought a plethora of changes in the entertainment sector from the mid-1990s onwards and in recent years the growing demand for online streaming services has created opportunities for investors and investment companies in London.

Opportunities and risks

According to PwC’s Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2017-2021 report, the UK’s media sector is expected to be worth £72 billion by the end of 2021. And while the biggest player is advertising, streaming investment companies in the UK such as Netflix are predicted to grow faster than any other company in the entertainment industry. And while this is an ideal situation for prospective investors, risks may involve volatility in share prices due to the ups and downs of the entertainment industry. However, with careful planning and by choosing the safest investment opportunities, such as capital bonds, these risks can be mitigated.

Overall, entertainment is a specialist area and investors who are not experienced in the sector, are advised to think carefully about whether they are willing to get involved. It is important to remember that investments come with certain risks and being informed about them in advance can help an investor be as prepared as possible.

4 Reasons You Must Waterproof the Basement and How

Waterproofing Sealing AdhesiveMost households turn their basement into a storage space, a laundry, a workstation, or a game room. Whatever it is used for, it is important that the basement is leak-free to avoid spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars for repairs.

Why You Should Waterproof the Basement

Avoid Flood

Water weakens the house’s structure and because it tends to go down, the basement receives the worst impact. Waterproofing the concrete floor will keep the water out even during heavy rains.

Prevent Growth of Molds

Molds are known to cause a variety of health conditions, such as respiratory problems (allergies, asthma, etc.) and eye irritation, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Also, mold growth could spread and damage your property if ignored.

Avoid Major Foundation Problems

Moisture can get trapped within the tiny porous surfaces of the foundation. Changes in temperature cause the foundation surfaces to contract or expand and lead to cracks. These cracks affect the integrity of the house’s structure and could lead to major repairs.

Increase Property Value

When there are no problems with the overall structural integrity of the house, its property value increases. You also pay lower insurance premiums with a house that is safer to live in.

Tips on Waterproofing the Basement

Waterproofing the basement can be tricky, especially if your house is in a humid region. Don’t worry, though, because there are steps you can follow for a leak-free basement.

  • Start by locating the leaks in the basement. Do include the pipes during your inspection.
  • Clean the floor thoroughly using a broom and a mop. Clean cracks and holes using a steel brush.
  • Patch small holes and cracks in your Sydney home by using the right waterproofing products. DIY.com suggests using a pastry bag when filling the holes and cracks with concrete. Allowing the concrete to overflow provides an additional hold to the main floor. Let them dry and then sand the patched areas.
  • Check the edges and corners of the basement floor, especially for older homes. Clean the gaps or cracks with a steel brush before applying concrete. Use a silicone tape to seal the seams, and then apply another layer of concrete.
  • Lastly, paint the basement concrete floor once the patched areas have dried completely.
  • If you live in an area with too much moisture, you can dehumidify the basement using charcoal or salt.

The basement must be kept sealed and leak-free all-year round because it’s more than just a storage space. Leaky basements can cause serious structural problems and expensive repairs. Also, molds could grow and harm your health.

Videos: Why it Should Be Part of Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Digital Marketing Flashed on Laptop ScreenDigital marketing is now a regular practice in the world of business. In fact, a company’s success can be at risk if it doesn’t have a digital marketing strategy in place. Having a website, doing e-mail, content, and social media marketing, SEO, and paid ads are only some of the components of this strategy. What’s become more popular lately is video marketing.

Mobfilm.com believes that a corporate video can give companies a taste of the limelight. That’s if it’s executed properly and through the right channels. Here’s why you should include videos in your company’s marketing strategies today.

Increases Conversions

Videos can be optimized to increase conversions. How? You can use a customer’s video testimonial on your website. You can also show a video of how your products work instead of just describing it with a long paragraph.

More Digestible Than Text

Many people won’t actually read a long content even if they’re numbered or bulleted. A video, on the other hand, is more digestible than reading hundreds of words because it appeals to the visual side of a person’s brain, making it easier to get your message across to whoever’s watching.

Works Well for SEO

Google rewards websites that have videos with a higher page ranking. As Google also tracks how long someone views your video and how long they’ve been on your website, this contributes to the high-ranking reward you can be given.

Mobile + Video = Success

As more people are accessing websites through their mobile phones, optimizing your videos to be mobile-compatible can help widen your customer base by widening your videos’ reach.

The key to making this work for your business is to find a video production company that can understand your business needs. Once you have that video, release it to the channels where most of your customers are. By doing this you’ll be able to reach the right audience and give them enough value to turn them into loyal customers.