A Foodie’s Guide to Batam

Best RestaurantThanks to the fact that both countries belong to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), hopping from Singapore to Batam via a ferry is easy. But there is more to Batam than just the outdoor activities and endless shopping. Local food in Batam is a must try for every visitor.  

Having a taste of their culture and tradition, literally, should not be missed. Wondering where to eat in Batam? WOW Getaways shares five restaurants that can give you a fresh and mouth-watering experience that will unleash the foodie in you. 

Top places to eat at in Batam 

Golden Prawn Seafood Restaurant

The trick in eating at Golden Prawn is to choose the live catch by yourself from their pool and telling the staff how you want your choice of seafood to be cooked.

Harbor Bay Seafood Restaurant

Harbor Bay is also one of the most recommended restaurants in the area. It boasts of its fresh and affordable seafood plus its cosy ambience. The restaurant also boasts of its good service quality.

Restaurant Sei Enam Seafood Batam

TripAdvisor placed Sei Enam 2nd among the best restaurants in Batam. Like the first two, you can have fresh seafood though a bit pricier. According to reviews, cereal prawns and calamari are a must try.

Mie Tarempa

If you want a break from seafood, try Indonesian noodles and head to Mie Tarempa. You can have their speciality of local noodles, bread with fish floss inside and nasi dagang (rice with curry and anchovies).

Bella Italia Ristorante Italiano

Another good seafood break is by going Italian at Bella Italia. It might be a bit more costly than local restaurants, but you would surely get good quality Italian food in return without setting foot in Italy.

Unleash the foodie in you and enjoy the beauty of the island while satisfying your taste buds.

What Does New Zealand Say About Noise? A Lot

New Zealand hates NoiseAre you looking for peace and quiet? Then the best place to be is New Zealand, as it doesn’t appreciate too much noise. Need proof? Then you better check this list:

1. Local councils have noise control officers.

Noise control officers are people designated by the local council to assess noise complaints. They are the ones who tell whether the loudness is acceptable, unreasonable, or excessive. As to the criteria, they may differ between regions, so you better ask your local council about them. Usually, if you violate noise regulations, you may have to pay a fine.

2. You can lodge a complaint to the Environment Court.

In case your council cannot resolve the problem, the next best option is to file a complaint to the Environment Court. The court will then issue an enforcement order in your favour. Note that this isn’t going to be cheap, though. You need to pay a fee and hire a lawyer and sound experts. If you can resolve the issue at the council level, the better.

3. Construction noise is allowed on certain days and time.

Thinking of renovating your Auckland home? According to the local council, your machines can be loud only from 7:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. If you’re thinking of doing it on a Saturday, better get a construction permit ahead. Never schedule it on public holidays and Sunday.

“I Don’t Like Noise!”

If you cannot tolerate noise, make sure you don’t get a home near schools or the main road. If you don’t have an option, however, United Glass and other experts recommend installing glass for your Auckland home. Although this material doesn’t shut off noise entirely, it has features that reduce the sound that enters your home.

These NZ rules don’t mean you have to be prim and proper all the time. Kiwis still love to party and have fun. They simply remind you to be more responsible, respect other people’s space, and remember every action has a consequence.

When Inspiration Strikes: Designing a Stimulating Workspace

Office Design If you feel like your Monday blues last all week and repeat every week, then it may be the perfect time to reevaluate your work atmosphere. There are plenty of reasons for an inspiration block, but your work environment shouldn’t be one of the reasons.

To help get rid of that dry spell, consider a workplace makeover. Consider the type of design you want to incorporate and try to figure out if it promotes your company culture. Before you search from the office desks for sale, check out the ideal design that encourages productivity.

The Importance of a Well-Designed Office

Based on a survey by the research firm Ipsos and office furniture retailer Steelcase, around 90% of employees around the globe do not feel contented with their workspaces. They basically feel that they do not have the privacy they need to work more productively. The survey reveals that privacy is affecting their job satisfaction, performance and engagement.

Open-office plans are perfect for supporting transparency and collaboration, but these pose a problem for employees who need privacy and concentration on their daily tasks.

The Benefits of a Well-Designed Office

The biggest advantage of a well-designed work environment that provides privacy is the increase in productivity and engagement among employees. This time, they conducted another survey with employees who worked in an office that gave them their much-needed isolation when working. Out of the respondents, 88% said their offices offered them the freedom to select where they can work depending on their tasks. They were allowed to work in teams without any interruption, they could easily focus on their tasks and they felt a sense of belonging to the company culture.

To ensure that each worker can function well in the office, provide them different work areas that are appropriate to various work styles. Give them a space that will enhance their productivity and stimulate inspiration compared to dull spaces that do not motivate them.

Safety Measures for Earthmoving

Safety MeasuresEarth movers, because of their size and mobility, pose a lot of threats on the construction site. Accidents caused by earth-moving equipment can be serious and sometimes even fatal. When entrusting your business to machinery, it is also important to have a set of safety guidelines for the workers to follow. This way, you minimise risks for injuries and accidents.

Minimising Hazards

When using an earthmover, workers should remember to never leave them unattended. A simple brake issue will cause the tractor to move without supervision. Other than the general brakes, earthmovers should have an emergency brake system and a parking brake system. Make sure they are in top shape and that they are tested before used on the field.

Earthmoving equipment should also always have spare parts within reach of the driver, whether it be in a box underneath the seats or in a storage room in the jobsite. Experts at Tuff Stuff stress the importance of quality spare parts as well as the convenience of their accessibility.


The tractor’s safety will be of no use if your employees do not know how to use one. Training services for companies can reduce the injuries caused by improper earthmover management, and the consequences you have to face after the accidents.

The benefits of the safety training include increased productivity, higher quality products, increased morale, better labour or management relations, reduced turnover and better use of human resources. Companies that provide training for their employees have an injury decrease of about 20 to 40 percent. The value of training is as high as the importance of the condition of your vehicle.

When managing your construction workplace, safety is always a priority. You should value the safety measures of your people and your equipment – the two go hand-in-hand in giving you what you need.

Gaining Knowledge While Studying Abroad

Studying AbroadMany people say that getting a diploma and finishing a degree is one of the happiest moments in a person’s life. But remembering some of those days when you have to wake up early and listen to class lectures all day long with the same classmates feels like a routine.

One day when you sit on the same chair you’ve sat on during previous terms, you begin to realise you’ve been in the same place too long and that you need some sort of fresh air. What do you do next? You pack a bag, book a flight and go to your next destination.

Studying Abroad

Studying should not be all about business. From time to time, it’s supposed to feel fun and exciting. One way to do that is through a student exchange program. Some people would say it takes up too much of your time, or it will be hard adjusting to a new environment. But there are many advantages when you study abroad. Not only do you get to go to a new place and explore other parts of the world, but you also learn more about a country’s culture.

New Experiences Await

Aside from these, you learn their language and meet a lot of new people to share experiences with. James Cook University Singapore says Singapore is one of the places students should consider, as it ‘offers the best of both worlds’. Going to a new place and meeting a lot of people helps you figure out what you want to do with your life. It’s not just the knowledge you gain that you can take home when you finish the program. You also have experiences and memories that become a permanent part of your life.

Living your life to the fullest does not always mean getting things done through your plans and life schedules. Sometimes you need to take a risk and let your mind take you places.

Ensuring Family Safety on Your “Fun Day”

Amusement Park in AlbuquerqueEven if you know that your children are going to be a handful during a vacation or short trip, the enjoyment you’ll get from the trip won’t compare to anything else. Seeing the joy on their faces is simply worth it.

But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. There will be crying and running around. There’s also the chance of something going horribly wrong. Here are some mother-tested ways on how to make family activities in Albuquerque less stressful and safer:

1. Temporary tattoos are your friend

If your child is too young to remember details like phone numbers and addresses or even your real name, temporary tattoos or special films that protect writing on your child’s skin are quite nifty. This way, if park personnel or hotel workers find your child wandering, they know whom to call.

2. Everyone gets an extra outfit

That’s right. Even you do! You certainly don’t want to be walking around with spit-up, pee and food stains on your shirt. Pack a dress to save space and a pair of foldable shoes to go with it. Don’t give up space in your bag for your own peace of mind.

3. Set a schedule for peeing and bathroom breaks

Little ones might ask for the bathroom at the most inopportune times. Or they might simply pee where they’re seated. Make bathroom breaks a priority between rides and other family activities.

4. Always hold your child

If you need a leash, then get a leash. While you can’t watch them 24/7, you can at least have them attached to you. Consider babywearing instead of a stroller for fewer things to bring on the trip.

In the end, the quality of your trip completely depends on how your kids act the whole time. So helping them have a good time means less stress for you.