Laser Technology: A Factor You Shouldn’t Overlook When Choosing a Dentist

Dentist and patientMuch thanks to the innovations and improvements in dental technology, people now have more ways to achieve healthier, more beautiful smiles. One of the major players in advanced dentistry procedures is the use of laser, the functions of which apply to many services and treatments.

Because you want only the best for your oral health and that of your family, it pays to work with a dentist with ample knowledge and experience in laser dentistry. Even NuSmile Dental agrees that you can benefit from the procedures that use laser in many ways, including the following:

Extremely useful for preventive care

One of the greatest benefits of laser in dentistry is the quicker detection of existing cavities, as well as teeth that have a likelihood of developing this form of decay. Laser devices can discover problems by monitoring the by-products that tooth decay generates; therefore, preventing caries from worsening.

In addition, your dentist can use laser to get rid of existing decay in a cavity-ridden tooth. The process prepares the affected tooth for a filling, since it has the power to eliminate bacteria present within the decay. This is extremely important, as killing all these microorganisms extends the life of fillings and restorations.

Improves output of restoration through better preparation

With a dental laser, your dentist can achieve better results with restorations, as the specialized tool can better prepare your teeth for the procedure. With a stronger foundation where the dentist will apply the restoration on, you can make the restoration last longer.

Shortened bleaching time

Lasers are extremely popular in the cosmetic industry, and for many good reasons. One is because it produces better whitening results, as well as shortens the amount of time needed to complete the bleaching process.

These are just a few of the many uses of lasers in the world of dentistry, but they should be enough to make you choose a dentist who uses laser technology in his practice.

Are Ad-Supported Rides the Next Big Thing in Ridesharing?

Woman booking on a ridesharing appThe idea of offering ad-supported Uber rides doesn’t look impossible. This concept, in fact, could be the next step in the industry’s track towards decreasing prices. Offering ad-supported rides that can shoulder part or the entire cost of a ride would lead to a drop in prices and increase market demand and growth. Moreover, the decrease in prices could also lead to various benefits, such as shorter wait times, busier drivers, and more rides.

Tech entrepreneur Andrew Chen came up with an idea called UberZero, a complimentary, ad-supported tier of service that’s more affordable than Uber’s ridesharing service called UberPool as well as UberX. Chen proposes to put ad units on the smartphone of passengers, in the dead time while waiting for their ride and when they’re on their ride. These ad units then connect with the large existing markets for video ads, app installations, and lead generation. Individually or combined, they can make a big dent into the cost of a single ride. Some cases might offer a discount while others could make the ride completely free.

Mockups for Ad-Supported Rides

Chen collaborated with user experience designer Chris Liu to come up with a few mockups for potential ad units to show the feasibility of ad-supported ridesharing. They first looked at tapping into the paid app installs ecosystem. They found it as the most obvious opportunity given that a majority of the $10 billion mobile ad market is from driving app installations. This mockup involves the customer downloading and using an app to get a buck or two off their booked ride. It’s identical to the incentivized advertising model where the user receives a reward for completing an action. The reward, in this scenario, is a discount for an app installation.

While paid apps can offer discounts, the possibility of making an entire ride free is possible with the lead generation mockup. Chen finds this idea an intriguing possibility as it’s common for advertisers to shell out $10 for an email address. Software as a Service (SaaS) and Business-to-Business (B2B) advertisers would even offer a higher amount — from $30 to $50 in some cases. The mechanism for this mockup is straightforward. The advertiser would sponsor the free ride, and the ad would feature a call to action to get the passenger to sign up using his or her email.

Practical Obstacles in Ad-Supported Rides

While these mockups look great, they are not without drawbacks. The most obvious issue is that it’s not feasible to make all rides free all the time. Another issue is that advertisers are not going to pay passengers to install the same apps repeatedly. Obviously, there’s going to be a limit set on these things.

Even if ads can’t completely offer a free ridesharing service, they can at least offer discounts on each ride. Such discounts are vital due to the increasing competitiveness of transportation network companies. Moreover, whether the ride is free or discounted, ridesharing consumers and services stand to gain ground if they are willing to accept the use of targeted advertising.

Speaking of targeted advertising, if you’re looking to advertise within the rideshare community, Rideplay TV can give you what you need to tap into the captive, exclusive demographic of rideshare passengers. Apart from creatively broadcasting your brand, we have an interactive screen that sends text message specials to engage your audience and deliver value and entertainment to the riders.

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Basic Facts About Gold Bars

Gold coinsMost people are afraid to invest their money in the stock market. The way it works seems too complicated for the ordinary person. And only a few would risk their hard-earned money. Gold would be a sound investment because everyone knows gold will always be valuable. Before you go on a buying spree, however, don't take for granted some knowledge to guide you. Here are a few things you should be aware of when it comes to gold investments, according to Atkinsons Bullion.

1. Gold is for keeps.

You probably think of investments as something you buy and then sell. You should not think of gold in this way. The value of gold is stable, so the price will not change very much over a short time. The price does tend to go up, but very slowly. Buying gold is more of a way to preserve wealth than to increase it. You want to keep gold for a long time as a way to protect your money against factors such as inflation. You should only sell when you need the money.

2. Gold is cheaper from dealers.

You will want to find gold bars for sale — whether in the UK or US — from dealers because they usually offer them at lower prices. The only advantage of getting from the Royal Mint is you are sure you are getting solid gold of the right weight. However, if you find reputable dealers, you will get the same thing for less.

3. Gold investments come in many forms.

Buying physical gold bars is one way to invest, but there are other ways. You can buy investment-grade gold coins, which are tax exempt. You can also get shares in gold exchange-traded funds (EFT). Gold EFT companies track the price of gold, and you can safely buy and sell shares from them. Because the price of gold is stable, buying gold EFT is almost as safe as buying actual gold bars.

Diamonds may be forever, but the value of gold is much more reliable. If you want to invest, but do not know much about the stock market, gold bars is a good way to keep your money safe.

How to Obtain an SBA Loan

Small business owner in front of his cafeStruggling entrepreneurs and business owners are eligible for small business loans as it is one of the best financing available for them. However, they should do their research well before applying for an SBA loan.

The application process will require you to give several details about your business, which requires both effort and preparation.

What does SBA stand for?

The government established the Small Business Administration or SBA to assist small business in the US in the area of financing. An SBA loan in Ogden does not refer to a loan given by the government, but it involves the SBA guaranteeing part of the loans provided by financial institutions and banks.

This US government guarantee comes with very favorable terms and rates. Most small businesses that do not have access to finances and capital from other sources are eligible for an SBA guaranteed loan.

Requirements to apply for SBA loan

You will require a good amount of documentation to apply for this type of loan. The reason is simple – these business loans are risky, as most small businesses do not usually last more than five years. Another reason is that since the government guarantees the loan, they require documents to alleviate the risk.

Authorities would require personal character references, personal essays, detailed financial reports, business projections and a detailed business strategy.

Types of SBA loans

There are different types of loans, but the SBA 7(a) loan is the most popular. They designed to meet the requirements of all kinds of small businesses. You can use this loan for land acquisition, working capital, business renovation, furniture, equipment and fixtures. The repayment period is between 10 to 25 years.

If you are struggling with your small business, an SBA loan is one of your best options. Apply now and grow your business to new heights. 

Why Pool Cleaning Must be Done by Experts

Couple relaxing in a swimming poolHaving a swimming pool is one of the best property improvements you could probably think of. A pool in your own backyard can offer numerous features and forms of entertainment for you and your family.

To benefit from these features, however, you should maintain the swimming pool and keep it clean as often as possible. This task should be left to professionals, although you can also do it occasionally. Professionals have the necessary equipment and knowledge on how best to clean pools after all. noted that many companies could help with the construction of your pool. They can also offer maintenance and cleaning services for the pools they build. You should hire such a reputed company to help clean your swimming pool and keep it in good condition.

There are many advantages of professional pools cleaning services. Here are some of them:

Effective cleaning

The most important advantage is that experts can ensure the thorough cleaning of your pool. As mentioned, professionals have all the necessary equipment, such as powerful vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, leaf net, suction brush heads, and leaf skimmers. They will clean the tiles, floors, and walls of your swimming pools. The equipment they use are known for their high strength, low power consumption, and optimum performance.

Balance and filter the water

Professionals can ensure that you maintain the correct pH balance of the water and make sure that the pool is filtered properly. They will also test the water regularly to make sure that it’s safe to swim in. They will also maintain the pool equipment and check if the filtration system is functioning properly. They inspect the pipes, valves, pumps, and hoses regularly and even the drainage system to make sure that changing the water can be done efficiently.

Finally, professionals will make sure that the credibility of your swimming pool is maintained. There are service providers that offer unique services, such as upgrades or change in the design of the pool. Pick a professional company and the services you require, depending on the needs of your pool and your budget. You won’t regret it.


Why You Need to Have a Family Dentist

Group of Dentists

There are many branches in dentistry and there are certain fields a dentist can specialize in. For example, orthodontists specialize in misaligned teeth while cosmetic dentists focus on aesthetics. If you’re someone who wants what’s best for their family, then working with a Bloomington family dental clinic is your best bet.

Visits to the Dentist Are a Critical Family Affair

In oral health, you should seek treatment sooner rather than later. While you may be aware of the basics of oral hygiene, dentists can provide you with more in-depth care. Some dental problems are tough to spot without the trained eye of a professional. Cavities, for instance, show very little warning signs until it’s too late. Taking your children for regular checkups ensures that your dentist can catch these problems before they cause irreparable damage. Your children will also benefit from constant reminders to mind their oral health. Regular dentist visits will instill in them healthy habits that improve their dental hygiene.

Obtaining Professional Dental Health Care Is a Lifetime Must-Have

Family dentists treat people of all ages. No matter how young or old you are, they can help you maintain the best oral health possible as your teeth and gums require constant monitoring and supervision. Once you find a reliable dentist for your family, you can keep working with them for years to come.

Family dentists aren’t only concerned with individual health. They also take into account the dental state of the whole family. They can give you insights on your household’s lifestyle choices and how this affects your family’s health.  Finding a dependable family dentist is vital for the healthy development of your children and should be done as soon as possible.