3 Alzheimer News You Need to Know

old man with Alzheimer's diseaseIn 2017 alone, survey findings showed that about 5.5 million people across the United States are living with Alzheimer’s.  Alzheimer’s disease is also the 6th leading cause of death in the country and every 66 seconds, someone in the U.S. develops this type of mental illness.

Families living with Alzheimer’s disease need all the help they can get. If you know someone with this disease and getting Alzheimer’s care in places like Legacy Village Sugar House in Salt Lake City, here are some news you need to know.

Mice study finds taurine-like chemical helps clear Alzheimer’s.

In a 2015 groundbreaking study, Korean researchers found that a chemical with taurine-like characteristics was able to clear Alzheimer’s plaque in mice subjects. Alzheimer’s first trademark is the buildup of amyloids. The chemical can dissolve this build-up, and once it is broken down, the amyloid clumps can be removed easily.

Postmenopausal women can lower the risk of Alzheimer’s with estrogen patches.

In 2016, a study found that postmenopausal women can use estrogen patches to lower their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. This gives the medical community a new therapy to help prevent the onset of this disease.

Training programs can help lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

Brain games such as chess and Scrabble have always been known to help people prevent memory problems, including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. In 2016, researchers found that “digital, brain-training programs” can also help lower such risks. The 10-year study successfully debunked the notion that “computerized training games” do not help cognitive function in humans.

Living with Alzheimer ’s Disease

Every year, new research shows new findings that can help people prevent Alzheimer’s disease. If you know someone with this mental disease, one of the best things you can do is to educate yourself about the disease and stay updated on the news about it.