3 Facilities and Groups that Show Cavicide in Action

Fort Bragg soldiersInfection control products like Cavicide1 and Cavicide work in the background as facilities don’t often declare the products they use. This didn’t stop several facilities and experts from being vocal about the use of these products. Some of them even made the news.

Fort Bragg

In recent news, Fort Bragg welcomed its first group of returning soldiers from their West Africa mission. The facility served as their temporary residence while undergoing their 21-day mandatory isolation for Ebola monitoring.

According to reports, the facility is taking good care of the servicemen. They plan to clean rooms with Cavicide after the group leaves to keep the place sanitized.

The facility is waiting for the next batch of servicemen who will come home from West Africa. With rooms guaranteed clean and free of Ebola virus, no one in the facility needs to worry.

Northampton EMT and Paramedics

A report in 2014 stated how paramedics and EMTs prepare in case Ebola virus reaches Northampton. The city’s local fire department worked closely with the Department of Public Health to train emergency responders in protecting themselves and patients from getting diseases from virus left in ambulances. A part of the training includes using the product to keep the ambulance clean after every transport.

The multipurpose cleaner Cavicide, which works within two to three minutes, kills many kinds of microorganisms. Infectioncontrolproducts.com mentions a variant that is even more effective, Cavicide1, which works in a minute and kills more microorganisms.

Tattoo Shop in California

High-end infection control products like Cavicide are often marketed to medical, dental and laboratory facilities. An interview with a famous tattoo artist in California revealed that he also uses the product in his facility.

The tattoo artist complies with the California law and keeps his tattoo shop safe since procedures require needles to pierce through the skin. Aside from obtaining pathogen safety certifications, he also sprays Cavicide on workstation surfaces to eliminate blood-borne viruses. Aside from cleaning workstations, he disposes of used needles and makes sure the clients have a worry-free tattoo experience.

Cavicide and Cavicide1 are two of the most used medical-grade disinfectants today. Due to their effectiveness, many departments and even individual service providers use them to ensure overall facility cleanliness.