3 Facts About Mortgage Rates Your Real Estate Agent Is Hiding from You

Mortgage tricks and secretsOne of the first things aspiring homeowners think about when applying for a home loan in Utah is the existing mortgage rates. No one wants to overpay for their most valuable asset for decades. That’s the reason getting a good rate is so important.

As you go about applying for a home, here is some insight from Altius Mortgage Group on mortgage rates you might find useful.

1. Mortgage rates change constantly.

The rate of a mortgage is based on the price of mortgage-backed securities. When the price of mortgage-backed securities changes, the interest applied to home loans does too.

The prices move in opposite directions, however. Here’s how it works. When demand for mortgage bonds rises, the cost of mortgage bonds increases as well, which then pushes interest rates down.

2. Mortgage rates move in the same direction.

There are, of course, different mortgage programs that are available for aspiring homeowners or people looking to refinance. When the rates for a certain loan program drop, the same trend is likely to be present in other loan programs, too.

For instance, a drop in the interest rates for a conventional 30-year fixed loan will still exist in an FHA streamline refinance loan, although not in equal measure.

3. The lowest rate is the rate you choose.

You, obviously, want to save money. Considering you are going to be paying the mortgage for decades, then it’s crucial that you shop for the best rate you can find.

To find the best lender, ask them what their interest rates are without considering the closing costs. You can work with a reputable broker to find the most suitable rates for you in your area.

A mortgage can help you achieve your dreams of owning a home, but you need to choose carefully. By finding a mortgage with the best rates possible, you can avoid paying more than you ought to for your property.