3 Home Improvements That Combine Curb Appeal & Functionality

Luxurious home interior with large sliding doorsThere are home improvement projects that add to the property’s value by enhancing its curb appeal. These improvements are fine, but there are also projects that improve appearance as well as provide functionality. Here are some of those projects:

Building a metal fence

A black metal fence can improve the appearance of any property because of its classy look. It’s what you may observe around many mansions and other sizeable properties, and for good reason. Such a fence also effectively complements a colorful garden or brings to life an otherwise bland lawn.

A metal fence is not just about the looks. It’s also largely about the function. Surrounding your property with a metal fence can improve your home’s security, keeping intruders out, and helping ensure your little children are safe when they’re playing outdoors.

Replacing your siding

Old siding can fade, blister, crack, or peel. Nothing screams disrepair and neglect than missing siding around your house. Instead of repainting your old siding, think about investing in a completely new siding. This is an opportunity to get rid of old siding that doesn’t serve its function well anymore (commonly found in older houses).

New siding can increase your home’s curb appeal as well as its resistance to the weather. It protects your walls from the elements. Vinyl doesn’t get damaged quite as quickly as other materials, such as wood. Good siding may also improve your home’s insulation as well as its protection from insects.

Using your lawn to plant a vegetable garden

As long as you keep your garden organized, you can plant vegetables among your decorative plants. Many vegetable varieties are pretty to look at, so they can add to your lawn’s color and give it more life and character.

Planting a garden has health benefits. Gardening has been known to reduce stress and help your mind focus. As a bonus, you also get to enjoy the vegetables you plant once they bear fruit or become ripe enough for picking. If you have a large garden, you might even be able to sell vegetables at the local produce market.

These three home improvement projects are guaranteed to boost your property’s appeal. The good think about it is they come with the added benefit of functionality.