3 Quick-Change Boosts for a Great Patio

great patioOther than a place where you can enjoy peace and quiet or host the next family BBQ, outdoor patios have an endless array of benefits, including increasing your home’s value. As much as you enjoy your patio so much with all those things, though, when was the last time you decorated the space? Honestly, does it appear a bit dated?

With a little TLC and some of these tips, your outdoor space can be much more than a concrete slab and truly be an extension of your living space:

Renew Plantings

Fresh, colorful, and vibrant plants will instantly transform your patio, so any investment you make here is worth your time and money. Give the existing plantings a little TLC by watering them and removing dead leaves or spent blooms.

You might also want to add new plants. Be sure to choose healthy plants that suit the light levels of your patio.

Modernize Your Patio Door

Bring a more modern look by updating your patio door and upgrading its security features. A good tip is to install a storm door over your sliding patio door. Storm doors, Salt Lake City doors and windows specialists say, add another layer of protection to keep intruders out. They also keep the air inside and act as an insulator.

What’s more, storm doors can be an attractive way to enhance your patio—as long as you find the right one.

Update the Furnishings

Enhance your patio’s look by replacing the outdated furnishings. Before shopping, think about the style and mood you want to create. Would you like something sleek, modern, and cheerful? Or perhaps you want something that’s lush, eclectic, and moody? Every piece should contribute to the mood you want to create.

As your outdoor living space is a reflection of the things you value, put some effort to change it for the better. With a bit of creativity, imagination, and some of the things listed above, you can transform your basic patio into a fabulous feature of your home, perfect for entertainment, relaxation, and family time.