3 Thing to Remember When Pruning Your Backyard Trees

a close-up of hands hugging a treeWell-maintained trees in the backyard are a great highlight and foundation. Make sure that you prune them properly with these practical tips for proper trimming, so you can create your own little forest right outside the house.

Seasonal timing for pruning

Pruning is not just for bonsai — it is also a good practice when it comes to lawn care in Utah, a service provided by firms such as Greenside Landscaping. It is important to remember that you need to prune your trees to keep them from becoming too tall or wide.

Pruning can be dependent on the season and timing. For instance, spring may not be the best time because you may weaken trees that have just sprouted new leaves. Late summer is a great time to prune since the leaves should have thinned.

Reduce the size with a trimmed crown

The crown is the tree’s top portions where the leaves and thinner branches are. Instead of just cutting the top completely, cutting off the top, you can either do a crown lifting, where the target would be to remove lower branches, or crown thinning, which focuses on removing up to 30% of dead branches to decongest the tree’s overall look.

Careful cutting for large branches

Trees with large branches can be challenging work, and a good bulk of the work for lawn care is executing a proper cut of the branch to let it heal correctly. There are three cuts that you need to do to for a big tree branch. The first is a notch cut to avoid splitting the bark.

The second is a relief cut to take away the weight of the branch furthers from the tree trunk. And the final cut is one that follows the branch collar according to its slanted angle. The goal is to avoid cutting too short or too long because the end goal is to have a nice smoothened healing on the trunk that is shaped like a donut.

Let your favorite tree be a majestic highlight in the backyard — just make sure that it is properly kept, so it can grow within its space to become the proper star of the show.