3 Time Wasting Habits Small Business Owners are Guilty Of

reliable virtual assistantHave you ever felt that your business was taking up far too much of your time? No matter how many late nights worked and family events missed, things just don’t seem to be getting any better; on the contrary, for every task you finish, three more take its place. This is not fun, and it can easily cause you to burn out or even throw in the towel.

One of the best reasons to start a business in the first place is the freedom it gives you to enjoy the other things in life. When the exact opposite happens, there’s definitely something wrong. Here are three possible reasons your time is in such short supply, and what to do.

1. Improvising your schedule – Do you just do tasks as they pop up rather than having predetermined goals for the day? Such a reactive philosophy results in you being dragged down by things like sudden phone calls and emails, leaving important tasks unfinished. Being flexible is fine, but make sure that you know what you need to accomplish every day, and prioritize those.

Another similar problem is multi-tasking; while it might make sense to try and accomplish as many things possible simultaneously, this usually results in frequent mistakes and poor quality, wasting all your effort by needing to re-do everything. For important tasks, devote your full focus and finish them one at a time.

2. Not delegating enough – Trying to do everything yourself is not just exhausting, but completely inefficient. You’re the owner of the business, and there are things only you can do, so why waste time with mundane tasks?

Even if you’re trying to keep overhead low, there’s no reason to do the heavy lifting yourself; outsourcing through virtual assistant services like 365virtualassistant.com not only provides quality output, itis actually more cost efficient than staffing full-time employees. Proper delegating and outsourcing leaves time for more important tasks that will actively grow your business.

3. Attending too many pointless meetings – Is your business so bureaucratic that nothing gets done without a meeting held to discuss it first? A quick tip is to mentally assess the importance of a meeting on a scale of 1 to 10; if the score is anything below 8, it’s a time waster. This problem comes from an excessive fear of doing things wrong, and it paralyzes your business into inaction.

One of the best things you can do for your business is empowering your people to make non-critical decisions and solve problems without having to consult you first; they will often come up with great solutions that would have never crossed your mind, and it improves their morale and self-confidence.