3 Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Floor from Fading

Hardwood FloorProlonged sun exposure can fade and weaken hardwood floors, causing them to sag, warp, and discolour over time. Regardless of how much you’ve invested in your flooring system, you can’t totally protect it from the signs of wear and tear. It’s up to you to maintain it, however, so that it can last longer and give your home the appearance you wanted from it in the first place. Here are some tips to help you out:

Install Window Treatments

Cleargard Australia noted that 87% of heat from the sun passes through the windows. By installing window treatments like tinted or security films, curtains, and shutters, you can reduce this percentage significantly. All you need is to decide whether you prefer to block the windows completely or enjoy the view with a transparent material.If you don’t want to install anything, however, you can set up awnings or plant greenery near the windows.

Change the Placement of Furniture

Make it a habit to change the placement of your furniture, especially those near the windows, every quarter. Move the cupboard to the left side, for instance, if it has been on the right side for a long time. Changing the shade that the furniture providesallows the floor to receive different levels of exposure. As such, the hardwood near the windows doesn’t receive all the heat.

Add Floor Coverings

Hardwood is a remarkable flooring material that is beautiful on its own, but you can still add coverings like an area rug or carpet over it. These help prevent surface scratches and marks, especially from pets, and maintain the true colour of the hardwood. Like furniture, you have to change it more often to give equal exposure to the floor and avoid uneven colours.

Don’t let your hardwood flooring fade easily. Know how to keep it away from prolonged exposure to sunlight, so you don’t have to spend on resurfacing or replacements frequently.