3 Ways Sitting Too Much is Wrecking Your Body

sittingYou might not want to read this article sitting down.

According to a survey by the Institute for Medicine and Public Health, most people spend 56 hours a week planted like geranium. It’s likely that you too spend hours staring at your laptop screen, turning the steering wheel, or eating in front of your high definition TV.

We know sitting too much is bad. Most of us even feel guilty after a long Netflix binge or instinctively sit up after every few hours of working. You know sitting too much is wrong, but do you know exactly what goes wrong in your body when you park yourself for hours a day?

Poor Circulation in the Legs

Sitting for a long time slows down your blood circulation. This causes the blood to pool down your legs, which lead to problems like swollen ankles, varicose veins, dangerous blood clots called DVT (or deep vein thrombosis), and various other venous disorders.

Chronic venous disorders in the legs are one of the most common conditions in people. They affect one in two people aged 50 and older, and also affect 15 to 25% of all adults. Fortunately, advanced stent systems have recently been developed as treatment.

Weaker Bones

Sitting too much can also weaken your bones. Weight-bearing activities such as walking and running can help stimulate your bones in the hip and lower body, making them grow thicker, denser, and stronger. The recent surge in osteoporosis cases, scientists say, is because of sitting and lack of activity.

Muscle Degeneration

When you slump in a chair, you’re not using your abdominal muscles. When you stand, sit up straight, or move, your abdominal muscles keep you upright.

These wimpy abs and tight back muscles will wreck your posture and exaggerate the natural arch of your spine (hyperlordosis).

So it turns out your butt-bound and tech-driven lifestyle is damaging your body. It’s also killing you, so get off your butt and get moving.