3 Ways VoIP Solutions Boost Social Media Sales

VoIP Phone CordsVoIP is a revolutionary technology that has made a significant impact on the business landscape. It has been widely accepted as the most cost-effective and convenient solution for making long distance phone calls, something that is extremely useful for companies with clients and business associates overseas. Furthermore, its flexibility and mobility allows business people to have the tools and applications they need, whenever, wherever.

With all these benefits, though, only a few businesses know how VoIP solutions can boost social media sales and create more business opportunities. Here are some ways VoIP makes an impact on your social media strategy:

Seamless Integration of Social and Voice

An effectively designed customer relationship management (CRM) system is important for businesses of all sizes. Because of advancements in technology, the trend today is to integrate various platforms such as social media, marketing automation, and CRM to create customer engagement.

VoIP specialists and providers explain that you can include VoIP in your CRM system to deliver prompt communications services with potential customers. When a Facebook fan clicks on a link on your post and completes the basic contact information on the website, the marketing automation software registers it in the CRM system. Your sales associate can easily refer to it and initiate calls to the customer moving forward.

Fast and Readily Available Service

Responding to social media users promptly is an important part of building brand loyalty. Fans and followers on social channels become instant brand ambassadors who will urge their family and friends to try your products and services. Remember, nothing beats honest and sincere testimonials. VoIP enterprise mobility allows you to provide quick answers to customer questions and reliable technical support.

The Human Side

Even though social media is widely used as a means of communication, customers still look for the human interaction that only a phone call can provide. Combining social media with VoIP and CRM systems will not just allow you to deliver efficient services, but also gives you a chance to relate to clients and really understand their needs. A strong relationship with customers will sustain business growth.

Integrate the power of social media with your VoIP call centre solution, so that you can initiate and establish effective communication with customers.