The 4 Must-Haves in Your Office Pantry

water coolerAn average person spends more than 90,000 hours of work during their lifetime, making the office their second home. Many employers try to make such hours comfortable to help everybody stay on track. The office pantry, for instance, may seem like a small room, but it can make a difference when employees want to take a break.

What should be in the pantry? Check this list to find out:

1. Water Cooler

Dehydration can cause the brain to lose focus, which slows down productivity and lead to problems like poor concentration, memory, and awareness. There is no problem with drinking from the tap, but you do not want to risk the health of your employees either. Let them stay hydrated with an office water cooler from and other reliable suppliers.

2. Kitchen Utensils

A set of plates, spoon, fork, knives, and glassis helpful when somebody forgets to bring their own. It is also ideal for unexpected food adventures inside the office, like ordering food for takeout or delivery. For instance, if somebody is celebrating their birthday, utensils come in handy when it is time to eat cake. Set a rule for employees to clean as they go if you are worried about dirty dishes.

3. Microwave and Refrigerator

Everybody enjoys warm food and drink, so you need something to heat things up. Whether a packed lunch or a mug of hot chocolate, a microwave does the trick. For food items that spoil easily or need cooling to taste better, a refrigerator is beneficial.

4. Supply of Food and Drinks

The pantry serves as a gathering space for eating packed lunches or making cups of coffee. Why not supply your employees with a few gourmet flavours to spice up their food if they take breaks inside the office?Apart from the usual coffee, hot chocolate, sugar, and creamer supply, they would appreciate these perquisites and enjoy their break time even more.

These are only some of the must-haves you can supply to the office pantry. Feel free to do add more if you want. Your employees will gladly appreciate the extras you are giving them.