4 Practical Ways to Keep Your Home Safe from Burglars

Break-ins Unfortunately, intruders and burglars exist and you have to keep up if you don’t want to fall victim to their wicked ways. In fact, there have been more than 2 million burglary cases during the past year. Keeping your home safe and protected when you’re away or not is important — not just for your belongings, but also for every member of the family.

Here are some practical ways for you to achieve that:

Hold a Household Meeting

Sometimes, carelessness is the only reason burglars end up inside your home. To avoid this, hold a meeting with all members of the family to remind them to always lock all your doors and windows when entering, leaving, and before going to bed. This includes the gate and garage doors. Tell your kids that even if they are at home, they still need to lock everything to be safe.

Apply Window Security Film

Cleargard Australia recommends applying glass window security films to keep your home protected from burglary. This is a cost-effective way to protect your home instead of installing grills or bars, which will affect the appearance of your house.

Get Rid of Hiding Spots

Intruders usually try to break in during the night and use the dark to their advantage. That’s why you need to eliminate spots where they can successfully hide. Start by lighting up your outdoor areas with motion sensors near entry points. You should also constantly trim shrubs, brushes, and your lawn.

Stop Hiding the Key

Some families leave their keys somewhere near the door whenever they go out of town or leave for an extended period. This is a very risky move, which you should stop. Instead of taking that big risk, just give the key to your trusted neighbour for emergency purposes.

Follow these tips to keep your family safe and protected from burglars. This way, you can have peace of mind about your home’s safety.