4 Ways to Empower Your Senior Loved One

a senior and a volunteerSeeing a loved one transition into seniority can be challenging change. A simple question they can’t understand could trigger your frustration, or they might test your patience. You can look for reliable senior home care in Rock Hill to assist them with their daily activities.

At the same time, you can do these four tips to empower them to be the person they really want to be.

1. Always include them in family and social gatherings

Distancing your elderly loved one from friends and loved ones may cause depression and anxiety. Take them out to lunch or join them in a senior community activity. This won’t only boost their well-being. It’ll also strengthen your bond with them.

2. Schedule specific activities to keep them time-oriented

For example, after breakfast at 7 A.M., take them for a 15-minute stroll around the block. On the next day at the same time, ask them what you’re supposed to do after breakfast. Create more time- and day-specific activities and randomly ask them to tell you what you should be doing at a specific time.

3. Give them options

Don’t decide everything for them. Always give them choices. It could be as simple as asking “Would you like to tea or water?” or asking them which restaurant they want you to go to for lunch. This gives them a sense of authority and tells them that you still respect their decisions.

4. Listen sincerely

Don’t be swiping, scrolling or texting on your phone when they’re talking to you. Always make eye contact and really listen to what they’re trying to say. Resist the urge to judge or correct them. They’ll love you for that.

Seniors may develop feelings of uselessness due to immobility or diminishing motor skills. Keeping them active, even with their walkers and wheelchairs, will promote blood circulation and increase the levels of the happy hormones. Empowering them means giving them the complete life they’ve earned and deserve.