5 Ways to Make Sure Your Cats Lead a Long, Healthy Life

cat lying downThey say cats have nine lives — but the most important one is the one they spend with you. Your pet cats live an average of 15 years, but you can almost double that number by following these tips.

1. Feed Them Properly

Daves Pet Food says cats are obligate carnivores, which means meat is essential to their diets. Canned cat food is a healthy and convenient option as it is closer to a cat’s natural diet. Dry cat food can sometimes have too many carbohydrates, which makes your cats more prone to weight gain and the problems that come with it. Apart from food, your cats need a clean source of water — so change those water bowls twice a day.

2. Have Them Spayed/Neutered

Having kittens is a joy, but you may soon find yourself swamped with cats. Have your cats spayed and neutered if you don’t plan on having additional cats in your home. Spaying or neutering also extends the life of your cats by 60 percent for females and almost double for males.

3. Keep Them Indoors

It may seem unnatural, but keeping your cats inside the house is one of the best things you can do to keep them alive. Aside from protecting them from speeding cars, you’re also protecting your cats from fights with other animals, catching diseases and parasites, or just getting lost and exposed to the elements.

4. Spend a Little Time for Bonding

It may not seem like it, but your cats do need a bit of your attention. Simply petting or brushing your cats can lessen or even eliminate most of your cats’ hairball problems. Cats also need stimuli, so a bit of play around the house can release some of their unspent energy.

5. Have Regular Visits to the V-E-T

Cats seem to know when they’re going to the veterinarian — but it’s not always an unpleasant experience. Regular visits to the vet ensure that your cats stay healthy and that problems can be spotted early and treated accordingly.

Cats may seem more independent than most pets, but that doesn’t mean they need less of your attention. With proper care and nutrition, you can get to spend more time with your favorite pets.