A Pet Owner’s Guide to Buying Dog Food

A DogWhen it comes to feeding your furry best friend, you should remember that quality and price do not go paw in paw every time. Paying the highest price will not always guarantee that you get the best quality of dog food.

There are many things to consider in your pet food. The best thing to do is to find a diet that your dog’s digestive system tolerates. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when looking for dog food in pet supplies stores like shop4pets.com.au.

Dry vs. wet food

Wet dog food is more palatable and attractive to dogs compared to dry food. Dry food, however, is longer lasting and easier to transport, even in bulk quantity. What some pet owners do is they use a combination of wet and dry food. This is fine as long as you get the right nutrient balance and do not overfeed your dog.

Food ingredients

On most dog food labels, you will find the ingredients listed in order of their weight. Ingredients that contain higher moisture content like meat are typically on the top while essential nutrients that contain less moisture might be further down the list. Grains in dog food are a good source of carbohydrates and can be easily metabolized by your pet for energy.

Age appropriate feeds

Dogs have different needs at varying stages of development. Puppy feeds have higher amounts of proteins and calories. Feeds labelled ‘’large breed’’ or ‘’senior’’ are appropriate for mature dogs. Always purchase a feed suitable for your dog’s age.

When you opt to buy dog food online, you get a convenient way to compare various brands’ quality, price and ingredients. You can also sign up for online discounts and offers. Treat your pawed friend to the best meals today.