A Quick Guideline on Picking Abrasive Blasting Media

a man using abrasive blasting on a hard surfaceAbrasive blasting is the method of utilising dedicated equipment to shoot or project media at great speeds throughout a hard surface. This is especially perfect for getting rid of old finishes. Besides, garnet sandblasting can even remove rust or get a surface ready for painting. Here is a short guideline to help you pick the ideal abrasive medium for your particular blasting use.

Opt for Aggressive and Extremely Durable Steel Media

Carbon steel media comes in grit or shot form. Steel grit provides a sharper texture and angular shaped. You can use it to get rid of scale or paint, and rust from steel surfaces. Meanwhile, you can use steel shot for peening and polishing applications and is round shaped.

Utilise Silicon Carbide for Quick Etching

Silicon carbide offers a very aggressive cutting movement that is perfect for quick etching on hard surfaces, including stone and glass. It also performs well in getting rid of paint or rust.

Pick Plastic for Aerospace and Automotive Applications

Plastic is a very soft material, which makes it an excellent medium for getting rid of pain on fibreglass surfaces. Fibreglass parts are typically utilised in the manufacturing of marine, automotive and aerospace products, without stripping or etching.

Leave a Shine Finish with Glass Beads

If you aim to accomplish a bright, smooth finish, then glass beads are your finest choices. Since these are created from fine soda lime glass, they place the least strain on the surface material. You can even recycle these and use it over again for a hundred times before you would need to replace them, which makes these a very economical option.

Just keep the above guideline in mind when choosing your blasting media. Always remember how you want to use it and what you can expect from it to help you determine what’s right.