Affordable Urban Living: Building a House on a Narrow Lot

House in a Narrow LotAs urban areas continue to grow in population, potential homebuyers are taking a closer look at narrow floor plans. These house plans make efficient use of the lot and space available. Narrow plans make it possible to build a full-size family home on infill lots while still providing homeowners with the necessary amenities.

There is a lot to think about if you are considering a narrow lot design. Pre-planning and consultation with the right home builder is important to maximise the space you are working with.

The Builder’s Role

Given that these designs capitalise on the narrow configuration, builders will need to find plans that allow for desirable layouts. Space can be maximised by having two stories or more. If you are working with a limited budget, however, you can go for a house plan that allows for expansion opportunities in the future.

Style and Exterior

You can build almost any style home even on a narrow lot. Exterior details such as narrow windows, a pitched roof, and other vertical orientations will define the style of the house. A small porch can add some kerb appeal, with the right plants and other garden ornaments.

An Open Plan Design

Open plans are still possible, particularly for houses with multiple stories. This is because you can have tall windows and vaulted ceilings to open up the space. This can help maximise sunlight for better energy-efficiency.

Usable Space

By adding more stories, home builders and designers allow for more room while still maximising privacy and comfort. The basement floor can be a den or home office. The main floor, on the other hand, can be the place for social gatherings and entertainment. You can have the bedroom upstairs, away from the common areas.

Make the most of the space you have with the right lot design. Work with the right builders and get all the amenities you need without needing an expansive floor size.