Aging in Place: Design Ideas to Consider for a Safe, Independent Lifestyle

Elders Exercising in a HomeAging in place is becoming a popular option among retirees-to-be: it’s a lifestyle that allows people to remain in their home as long as they’re able. To make sure that homes continue to fit the needs of homeowners as they age, it requires creating a space where seniors can enjoy safe and independent living.

Home design matters if you plan on aging in place, as it helps avoid potential injuries and falls that could happen on your property. Sunnyside Builders, a residential development and home building company, understands the importance of the right design ideas for aging in place. With the help of a reputable custom home builder, you can create a home that fits all your needs.

Wide Doorways

Large entryways are essential in your custom home. You’ll need enough space for your walker or wheelchair to fit in, so make sure that each door in your home is at least three feet wide. If you don’t need to close a particular door, try going door less instead. This way it will by easier to go from place to place while avoiding accidents.

Complete Amenities on the First Floor

If you have a two-story home, make sure you have a bath, a bedroom, a functional kitchen, and a living or family area all on the first floor. First-floor living gives you easy access to amenities without using the stairs, especially if you have back or knee trouble. Having a master suite on the first floor can help you age more comfortably in place.

Safe Bathroom Infrastructure

Bathroom design is one of the most important considerations you have to make when designing your custom home. For extra safety, you may opt for a zero-entry shower that comes with a seat. The customization will make you more comfortable while you’re on a wet surface. Additionally, installing grab bars around toilets and in the shower will be a big help whenever you sit or stand.

Have a personalized design plan at hand so you can continue living in your home even as you age. There is great satisfaction in living comfortably in a tailor-fit environment during retirement.