Air Ambulances Give Patients an Edge in Survival

Air AmbulanceThere is one service every hospital facility and the public need to invest in: an air ambulance service. Air ambulances in Australia provide a faster emergency response for critically injured or ill patients to give them the best chance of survival.

Air Ambulance Preserves Life

Researchers discovered just how much an air ambulance could make a difference when they looked at the records of patients transported both by ground and air over a ten-year period. The patients transported by traditional ground ambulance had a much greater chance of dying in the emergency department than the patients who got there quicker via a life flight. Of 628 deaths, 585 were ground ambulance patients, and only 43 were air ambulance patients. This is not only due to the speed at which they reached the hospital, but also because of the advanced monitoring and equipment available on board the helicopter, together with the wider range of medications and the presence of a flight nurse in addition to paramedics. This is especially important to patients who live or work in remote locations. Lack of local medical facilities, distance, and the time it takes to transport patients from rural communities give them a poorer survival rate than urban populations. An air ambulance can help close the gap and give them the same fighting chance as everyone else.

Medical Escorts

As well as responding to emergencies, air ambulance services can provide medical escorts to get patients to the hospital when they are too sick to use ordinary transportation. This could mean a bed to bed transport service, disability assistance with airport security and one-to-one care from a trained medical professional during the journey. Air ambulances in Australia work with hospital trusts, public and private companies to help save lives. For many people, it is also the only thing that can save them in an emergency.