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Holiday Do’s and Don’ts: 4 Precautions for Homeowners to Remember

Christmas lights on the fenceWhile the holidays are a time to celebrate, it’s also a time to be careful. According to CNN, holiday travel would require certain preparations. This includes winter weather flights, phone-charging, and rebookings. For those who’ll be staying at home, you’ll still need to do some steps to remain safe throughout the season. Here’s a closer look at the do’s and don’ts for the holidays:

1. Do let an expert install your holiday lights

This is important for homeowners who intend to decorate their roofs or decks with residential Christmas lights. Having a trained person install the lights would make the process safer, instead of risking electric shocks or injuries from falls when you do it yourself.

2. Don’t let snow gather on your roof and decks

Heavy snow that gathers on your roof could collapse if you don’t remove them regularly. Make sure that no chances of snow buildup happen, so that you’ll avoid the costs of repairing a broken roof.

3. Do ensure the AC warms up your indoors

The air conditioning is in charge of regulating the temperature in your room. This will eliminate risks of getting sick due to extreme cold in winter. To ensure that your AC is working, a repair expert should be called in to fix it.

4. Don’t leave your doors or windows unlocked

Although the threat of intruders or burglars exists all year round, holiday seasons present an opportunity for them since material gifts and money are usually handed out. Make sure your doors or windows are secured when you’re not at home.

Staying safe during the holidays is just as essential as enjoying the season. By staying safe, you can celebrate the entirety of the holidays with your family.

4 Common Reasons Garage Doors Malfunction

House garage doorYour garage door, like other mechanical structure, becomes faulty over time. Similarly, garage doors become damaged due to an array of factors, and it’s essential to be aware of the causes of broken garage doors. When you notice any of these signs, you need to hire an expert on garage door openers and repairs in Pittsburgh to fix the issue as soon as possible.

1. Misaligned Photo-eye

One of the major signs of a faulty garage door is when the door doesn’t attempt to close when you press the remote. However, the garage door will open usually. The first thing you want to check is the photo-eye because it gets dirty easily so it might be blocked. Fortunately, you can hire a repair technician to fix the garage door.

2. Broken Springs

Garage door openers are fitted with two springs that are responsible for heavy lifting when opening the door. Springs are manufactured to operate with several open-close cycles on the door before booming. In fact, spring breaking produces a loud sound that results from the tension they carry. Therefore, when the springs get faulty, your garage door opener won’t open as it should.

3. Wrongly Aligned Track

A garage door operates like trains, in that like trains, it can’t function without the track. However, the door’s path becomes damaged over time due to frequent use. Due to the heavy weight of a garage door, the damage on the road becomes worse than before, which results to track realignment.

4. Blocked Path

Garage doors are designed with a reverse mechanism to prevent them from crashing objects on their path. Objects blocking the way of garage doors are one of the primary causes of broken doors. It can be triggered by objects such as toys and garbage cans.
You should refrain from the continued use of the garage door when it’s faulty. Also, don’t open and close the door until a repair technician fixes the issue. Additionally, ensure that you hire a qualified repair expert.

3 Things to Prepare As You Visit a Divorce Attorney

Dealing with divorcePeople going through a divorce are often shocked by how complicated the process is. It’s a grueling legal, financial, and emotional battle, and you need to be prepared if you want to win it. The best ally to have in your corner is an experienced attorney. Once you choose a reputable divorce and child custody lawyer in Denver, here are three things to get ready as you go to see them.

A list of essential questions

Before you hire a divorce attorney, you would want to know if you have the best legal expert for your case. Remember what’s at stake here — your children and your hard-earned wealth. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to know whether the attorney is the right one for you. Ask about the potential cost and length of the entire process, as well.

Essential documents

There’s a host of paperwork involved in a divorce process. To know the financial situation of you and your spouse, the divorce attorney will want to see at least a three months’ worth of pay. Bring copies of tax returns, too. Don’t forget copies of prenuptial agreements, children’s birth certificates, separation agreements, and so on.

Incriminating evidence

Chances are you already have photos, videos, notes and social media postings that may be incriminating your partner. Bring them with you to the attorney to prove incidents of abuse and cheating. This evidence may be beneficial, as your attorney starts to prepare the case. That said, it’s best to remember that the majority of cases today are ‘no-fault’ divorces, meaning that the evidence of adultery may not influence the outcome of the case.

Once you have decided to hire an attorney for your divorce proceedings, it’s essential that you prepare a few things in advance as you visit them. Doing this helps save both your time and that of the attorney.

When Disaster Strikes: Signs You Need a Public Adjuster

a Public Adjuster discussing the terms of an insurance to a clientAfter an unforeseen property damage or loss, don’t be surprised that your insurance company has experts to vouch for their side. Fire or natural disasters, such as a hurricane, flood, or winter storm, can take a toll on your life and it’s not like it prepares you to face it.

You have obligations and rights as an insured policyholder – and this includes hiring a public insurance adjuster in Florida to represent you. The question is how will you know if you really need one? Read on to find out.

You don’t entirely understand the depth of coverage and language of the insurance policy

Public adjusters are there to advocate for you, so they will do everything to help you recover financially. Insurance claims carry an array of complicated clauses, legal terms, issues, provisions, and processes that you will need to address to take full advantage of your settlement.

You need to prove, document, and file a claim

If your claim is big or consists of several complex factors, a public adjuster will help you make things easier. Keep in mind that your insurance company will also use an adjuster, but don’t be fooled. They work for the company and not for you, so they will prioritize your needs less. Your insurance company will incorporate a team who knows everything about your policy, including its coverage and exclusions. They will watch out for their own bottom line.

In this situation, getting the guidance and assistance of a professional would be the wisest decision you could make. Think about it, you spent most of your life improving your home or your business, and have paid noteworthy insurance premiums to protect it. Don’t think twice about hiring a public adjuster because they will handle your claim properly from the beginning.

Child Support Following a Divorce: What You Should Know

child support colorful letters, gavel and cashDivorce is a complex procedure; it can put a serious physical and emotional burden on anyone. This is particularly true for cases wherein there are children involved. While the legal proceedings for marriage dissolution are complicated, it becomes even more so once child custody comes into play.

The Burnham Law Firm, P.C. stresses the importance of working with a legal professional who has considerable experience in handling child custody cases. Doing so will help you get through and cope with the divorce better. It will also give a better handle on child support matters.

You and your spouse’s financial responsibilities towards your children

All parents want the best for their children. However, a warm and loving home is just one of them. There are various expenses associated with raising a child, and it’s important that you have stable finances to ensure that you meet your little one’s needs.

You and your spouse have responsibilities to satisfy what the State of Colorado requires as adequate for child support. This means both of you should contribute. The question is how you should divide the expenditures.

As uncomfortable as the topic is for many, it is crucial for a child’s welfare. With the help of an experienced family attorney, you can ensure that your spouse will help finance the raising of your kids.

Determining child support: How it’s done in The Centennial State

Many factors influence child support computation in Colorado. The primary ones include the separate gross incomes of both parents, the length of time the children spend with each of their parents, and the requirements to raise a child safely in a healthy environment.

Child custody and child support are complex, so it’s best to have an experienced divorce attorney. With a legal professional by your side, you can make informed decisions for you and your child’s future.

Washington State DUI Laws: First Time DUI

car key hanging from a bottle of beer in the background is a drunk manGenerally speaking, an individual facing a charge of DUI for the first time in the Washington State would be able to have the charge reduced or even dismissed than an individual who has a prior DUI charge or conviction. While this isn’t definite, various factors could come into play that could help your case.

What You Stand to Face for a First DUI Charge in Washington

If your blood or breath test resulted in a blood alcohol concentration or BAC or .15, you might face home detention for 15 days or an entire day in jail and license suspension of 90 days as well as relevant administrative sanctions. You could likewise face a costly penalty of $350 in addition to other fees that could be around $900 to $1500 as deemed appropriate by the court. You’d also be on probation for at least five years, perform community service, and have to use an ignition interlock device for an entire year.

However, do note that these general penalties might be more severe if your DUI incident involved aggravating factors or allegations that might make the court believe that you’re a danger to others, warns a renowned defense attorney in Kent. Common aggravating factors include a significantly high BAC level, significant damage to property, underage driving, and injuries to minor passengers or pedestrians. Additional penalties might include wearing a SCRAM (SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring) bracelet and undergo drug and alcohol evaluation and treatment.

The Main Takeaway

Although it isn’t guaranteed that you could escape a DUI charge, because it’s your first offense, the chances are that you won’t be convicted. However, as mentioned above, there are plenty of factors that could impact your odds. That being said, seek help from a skilled DUI attorney to help make certain that your first DUI offense doesn’t turn into a DUI conviction.