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Bet You Didn’t Know: How Did the Night of Scares Begin?

A black and white photo of a haunted house Spanning the boundary between life and death, fall, and winter, Halloween is a holiday of superstition and celebration. People around the world, especially in the United States, look forward to this special day of the year. They would don their costumes and go trick or treating around the neighborhood. The Haunting Experience mentioned that some are even willing to spend on related merchandise and visit Halloween attractions to enjoy the night.

Have you ever thought how this came to be in the first place, though?

The Beginnings of All Hallows’ Eve

Historians believe that Halloween started with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain when folks would wear costumes and light bonfires to defend themselves from ghosts. Around 2,000 years ago, the Celts lived in northern France, United Kingdom, and the now known Ireland. They celebrated it every November 1st, which marks the end of summer harvest and the start of the cold, dark winter.

This was the time of the year when human death is usually connected. The Celts thought that the border between the realm of the living and the dead opened up. These otherworldly spirits would always return to earth on that day and would cause havoc by damaging their crops. They also believed that the presence of these ghosts would make it easier for the Celtic priests called Druids to make predictions about the future.

By the 18th century, Pope Gregory III chose the 1st of November as a day to commemorate all martyrs and saints. Moreover, the holiday referred to as All Saints’ Day integrated a few of the Samhain traditions. The people back then called the night before as All Hallows’ Eve before naming it Halloween.

The Evolution of Halloween

As time passed, Halloween turned into a community-based, secular holiday that involves child-friendly activities like trick or treating. In several countries around the globe, people continued to welcome the winter season with sweet treats, gatherings, and costumes.

Both kids and adults look forward to this cherished holiday each year. This fascination started centuries ago and it never ended since.

Ensuring Family Safety on Your “Fun Day”

Amusement Park in AlbuquerqueEven if you know that your children are going to be a handful during a vacation or short trip, the enjoyment you’ll get from the trip won’t compare to anything else. Seeing the joy on their faces is simply worth it.

But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. There will be crying and running around. There’s also the chance of something going horribly wrong. Here are some mother-tested ways on how to make family activities in Albuquerque less stressful and safer:

1. Temporary tattoos are your friend

If your child is too young to remember details like phone numbers and addresses or even your real name, temporary tattoos or special films that protect writing on your child’s skin are quite nifty. This way, if park personnel or hotel workers find your child wandering, they know whom to call.

2. Everyone gets an extra outfit

That’s right. Even you do! You certainly don’t want to be walking around with spit-up, pee and food stains on your shirt. Pack a dress to save space and a pair of foldable shoes to go with it. Don’t give up space in your bag for your own peace of mind.

3. Set a schedule for peeing and bathroom breaks

Little ones might ask for the bathroom at the most inopportune times. Or they might simply pee where they’re seated. Make bathroom breaks a priority between rides and other family activities.

4. Always hold your child

If you need a leash, then get a leash. While you can’t watch them 24/7, you can at least have them attached to you. Consider babywearing instead of a stroller for fewer things to bring on the trip.

In the end, the quality of your trip completely depends on how your kids act the whole time. So helping them have a good time means less stress for you.

How to Find Good Restaurants on the Web

waiter getting some breadHave you ever experienced coming home one night and discovering that there are no food in the fridge or on the table? This is a sign that you should go out and eat! What if you have no idea where to go and what to eat, especially when you are not familiar with the area?

That’s when your computer and the Internet comes in handy. In the Web, you can find good listings of restaurants. So how exactly do you know which restaurants to go to?

Google and Yahoo are Your Friends

Search engines are always helpful when you are looking for something that you cannot find or decide on. Search engines can bring up city guides and restaurant websites at the click of a mouse, and that’s what you need. Just type ‘restaurants’ at the search bar, coupled with the area where you want to go, and voila! Instant results.

Online Directories

When being a web sleuth is not your thing, you can go find the best restaurants Indooroopilly has to offer by going to food and restaurant directories. There is a profusion of them on the web, and it’s up to you which online directory you want to go to. It also helps if you already have an idea of where to go.

These online directories show restaurants available in your area and the results they display are only about food. You will have an easier time finding where you want to go to or what type of food you want to eat.

Go Traditional

There is another way of finding restaurants if you don’t have a computer or Internet connection: the newspaper. The local newspaper contains articles or a directory page where you can find the restaurant you want to go to.

With the amount of information collected nowadays, you can already find restaurants in Indooroopilly you have always wanted, whether you are using a computer or browsing the newspaper.

Join the Ride: Rewards of Mountain Biking

Mountain BikingWhile many mountain bikers ride just for the fun of it, there are many health benefits associated with the sport. Other than it being fun and a great way to stay in shape, mountain biking is also an environmentally friendly way to see the best of nature while challenging your mind and body.

As one of the top ranked adventure activities, mountain biking is a sport that everyone should try. While you may encounter the occasional scratch or scrape on the trail, you will definitely build muscle and endurance, and reap the other benefits of the sport.

AmericanAdventure.com talks about some of the greatest rewards of mountain biking in the discussion that follows:

Naturally Healthy

Depending on the trail you tackle and speed you go on, mountain biking is an activity that can help you burn 10 to 16 calories per minute. It helps you maintain an ideal weight, if not with weight loss. It also helps increase muscle strength, build endurance, and improve cardiovascular health. It is a naturally healthy activity that is also enjoyable at the same time.

Running On Wheels

Mountain biking is an aerobic exercise that offers the same benefits as running. It preserves the impacts between your legs, buttock, and arms, while helping preserve your knees. Some say that cycling is much better than running, as it is a low-impact activity that can keep you going longer, with the benefit of injury avoidance.

Emotional Benefits

Apart from the physical benefits, the activity also offers emotional benefits that can improve your overall sense of happiness. Experts suggest that outdoor activities like biking can increase self-esteem, reduce stress, and gives you a sense of adventure and challenge.

Kids Benefit, Too

According to the Outdoor Industry Foundation, biking is the favorite outdoor activity of American kids 6 to 17 years old. Cycling is an activity that can strongly affect their decision to become active in outdoor recreation. If you have teenage kids, you can encourage them to try mountain biking and take on less challenging trails. You can also go on a mountain bike tour that can benefit the entire family, even younger kids.

Have an exciting outdoor adventure with mountain biking. Make sure to gear up for safety and find the perfect trail that you, your friends, and your family can enjoy.

5 Things to Look For When Booking a Hotel

Hotel AccommodationA fitting accommodation is essential to make the most of your travel. In choosing a hotel, you’ll perhaps come upon a wide selection of options. Narrowing it down can be a taxing task, though.

Exact Location

The first thing you should consider is the proximity of the hotel to where you’re going for your trip. If it’s a holiday vacation, look for the ones near the beach, parks, shopping centres or any other recreational places. For business trips, meanwhile, look for the hotels near the business district or the town centre. These areas provide many prospects, as evidenced by the number of bed & breakfast for sale deals and other investment opportunities.

List of Facilities

It’s important to consider the conveniences of the hotel. Breakfast deals are practical because it saves you the time and effort of having to go out in the morning for food. There are hotels that have swimming pools, which is good for the kids. A Wi-Fi connection is essential, as well.

Considerably Great Value

Of course, you should always look for hotels that provide quality services. You can enhance your stay if you can get comprehensive packages at discounted rates. There are some who may offer laundry service and 24/7 customer service. You can compare the AAA star rating of the hotels to make a short list.

Good and Bad Reviews

The Internet is useful in these kinds of situation. Check on the reviews posted by previous clients. You can’t entirely rely on its credibility, though. You have to be more careful, especially if the review came from their affiliate or own site. Travel forums will make an ideal starting point.

Easy Accessibility

Lastly, make sure you can get to the hotel conveniently or else everything is just a waste. Get to know the type of transportation means you need to get there. Is it just minutes away from an airport or ship terminal? Are cabs always passing by the hotel? You may want a parking space also if you have a car.

These are just some of the factors to consider when booking a hotel. Make a reservation days prior to your trip so you can make the most of your time.

The Fun, Scary, Heart-Pumping Side of Singapore: 3 Places to See

Singapore is not as tamed aSingapore Skylines many think it is. Aside from the family-friendly theme parks, hotels, and tourist destinations, there are also numerous activities that can easily get your heart pumping and your adrenaline rushing. For the thrill seekers who flatline at the mere thought of roaming around just another shopping mall (or for those who just want something that will add spice to their lives), there are a number of top-of-the-world activities in this island country that can give you a major adrenaline boost.

Turn Your World Upside-Down

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be flung in reverse or how it feels like inside a hamster ball, the G-MAX Reverse Bungy is one you’ll want to try.  This reverse bungee slingshots you up into the air inside a steel-reinforced capsule. It goes at 200km/h and as high as 60 metres. The 5 minutes of Gs give riders a taste of what astronauts feel during lift-off.

It’s safe to say the ride will not only get your adrenaline rushing, it’ll also get your heart pumping in all directions.

Scare Yourself Silly

Dubbed Asia’s Scariest Fun, Sentosa Spooktacular takes horror and thriller to a whole new level. This annual event started in 2009, and has since been providing tourists and locals with a dose of history and spooky.

The event changes themes every year, but all the ghosts, ghouls, and creepiness revolve around the rich history of Sentosa as a prison camp during the Japanese occupation in World War II.

People who have experienced the thrill and eeriness say the spooktacular event even outdoes Universal Studios Singapore’s Horror Nights. That should be enough to get you to try this immersive, frightening experience.

Conquer the Skies

Soar above the clouds and take your own crew with you through the Flight Experience Singapore. This flight simulator puts you in control of a Boeing 737 and provides an experience similar to real pilot simulator training.

You have a choice of airports to take off and land in, complete with seat vibrations, surround sound, and 180-degree wrap-around visuals to give you that mile-high cockpit view. Too bad rude passengers and overly-friendly flight attendants are not part of the experience.

Scream till it hurts and turn your boring routine around by taking a break and trying out these thrilling activities.