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Public Health Fears: Taiwan to Implement Tougher Food Fraud Penalties

Street FoodThe government of Taiwan has announced its plans to increase fines for food safety violations, in an attempt to tackle a widening “gutter oil” scandal.

Damaged Reputation

Penalties for violations will be increased ten times to a maximum TW$200 million, Premier Jiang Yi-huah.

“Taiwan’s reputation as a gourmet food kingdom has suffered big damage because of this food safety incident and we should all work together to get back on our feet,” Jiang said in a statement.

Violators will face a maximum seven years in prison instead of the previous five-year sentence.

Taiwan also increased the fines for other food safety offenses to end using tainted oil when cooking street foods.

Rewards for Tip-Offs

Amid growing public health fears, local authorities will offer whistle-blowers more rewards to give information on food safety breaches.

A maximum $2 million Taiwan dollars will be offered. If an employee, however, decided to report his or her own company, the reward will be doubled.

Other stricter measures to ensure safety when preparing food include more meticulous supervision.

Poetry, Music, and Tributes: Invictus Games Officially Open in London

London Buckingham PalaceAfter months of planning and preparation, Prince Harry has launched and hosted the Invictus Games for wounded servicemen and women at the Olympic Park in London.

Let the Games Begin

The Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, and the Duke of Cambridge joined Prince Harry at a glittering opening ceremony.

“Over the next four days we will see some truly remarkable achievements,” he said in a crowd of 6,500. “For some of those taking part this will be a stepping stone to elite sport. But for others, it will mark the end of a chapter in their recovery and the beginning of a new one. Either way, you can be sure that everyone who takes part on the track, pool or field of play will be giving it their all. And I have no doubt that lives will be changed this weekend.”

Meet the Heroes

The event aims to pay tribute to the bravery of hundreds of competitors, which will take part in sports over the next four days.

The opening ceremony featured Hollywood star Idris Elba, who read the poem Invictus before the teams emerged to cheers from the crowd.

The countries sending teams include the US, Canada, France, Italy, Australia, and many more.

Violence Against Women: Ray Rice Suspended by NFL, Fired by Ravens After Abuse Video

Ray RiceThe NFL has indefinitely suspended running back Ray Rice from playing after a disturbing abuse video emerged online.

Domestic Violence Policy

The video shows Rice striking and knocking out his then-fiancée with a punch during an altercation in February.

NFL spokesman did not provide further explanation whether or not Rice’s ban is for a minimum of one year before he can apply for reinstatement.

Meanwhile, the Baltimore Ravens has decided to terminate the contract of Rice the same day as video was published.

For several months, the Ravens had continuously supported the 27-year-old athlete until TMZ had posted a video dragging Janay Palmer’s unconscious body out of the elevator.

‘Go Forward’

The Ravens did not offer any other details after viewing the video for the first time.

“It was something we saw for the first time today, all of us. It changed things, of course. It made things a little bit different,” Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh said in a statement.

“I have nothing but hope and goodwill for Ray and Janay,” Harbaugh added. “And we’ll do whatever we can going forward to help them as they go forward and try to make the best of it.”

The Joys of Motherhood: Scarlett Johansson Welcomes First Child, Gives Birth to a Baby Girl

Scarlett JohanssonScarlett Johansson and fiancé Romain Dauriac have welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Rose, a spokesperson confirmed.


Both Johansson and the baby are doing well, according to Johansson’s representative, but the new parents want to enjoy privacy during this moment.

As supporters of the “No Kids Policy,” Johansson and Dauriac aim to keep their daughter out of the public eye.

Sacrifices of Motherhood

The 29-year-old actress kept a low profile before giving birth.

She decided not to open up much about her pregnancy, but there is an interview where she discussed about finding balance between motherhood and successful career.

“It seems so stressful to not be able to spend time with your family because you’re constantly chasing the tail of your own success. There must exist a world in which I can balance those things, be able to raise a family and still make a film a year, or work on my own, develop things, do theater. I want to be able to have it all … Selfishly.”

Tech Giants Fined for Cartel: Samsung, Philips, Infineon Face Legal Battle

Philips AmsterdamThe European Commission (EC) has imposed a 138 million fine on electronics giants, including Philips, Samsung, and Infineon.

Price Fixing

The EU said Philips, Samsung, and Infineon illegal colluded for about two years to share information on contracts and prices.

According to Joaquin Almunia, the EC’s vice president in charge of competition pricing, the three companies have “discussed and exchanged sensitive commercial information on pricing, customers, contract negotiations, production capacity and their future market conduct.”

Firms that “choose to collude, at the expense of both customers and end consumers, should expect sanctions”, he explained.

Time to Appeal

Infineon rejected the charges and argued they would appeal, while South Korean tech giant Samsung had yet to confirm or provide statement.

Meanwhile, Philips released a statement, saying it “plans to appeal the decision.”

Germany’s Infineon was fined 82.8 million euros, while Philipps 20.2 million euros and Samsung 35.1 million euros.

The legal charges come after a failed attempt to settle the case with some of the companies involved.

EU regulators claim all fined companies knew their conduct was illegal.

Round 2 Continues: Apple Wants Samsung Case Retried

Image from hi-tech.mail.ru | Wikimedia

Image from hi-tech.mail.ru | Wikimedia

Apple is not going to accept the results of the latest trial without a fight, as the tech giant wants a retrial after a Californian jury ordered Samsung to pay $119 million in damages.

New Trial

Apple filed a motion to ban Samsung devices that infringe two of its patents after it requested a total retrial of the case.

Apple initially demand copyright damages of $2.2 billion after accusing Samsung of copying patents, which includes the “slide to unlock function.”

Samsung, on the other hand, filed also court documents but the contents have not been disclosed.

Damage Award Increase

Some analysts point out that Apple’s evidence did not sufficiently prove Samsung devices would harm its business.

Even though the jury ruled in favor of Apple, the damages awarded is much lower than the company had intended.

Apple’s latest move is an attempt to have its damages award increased, which would require a new trial.