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Is Your Workplace Friendly for Disabled Persons?

Young woman in a wheelchairFor a long time, although they have had the necessary qualifications, a majority of disabled persons remain unemployed. Fortunately, managers and employers increasingly realize the need to employ a diverse workforce, which means that more disabled persons can now apply get jobs.

Creating a workplace that is disabled-friendly is the first right step toward employing qualified disabled applicants. Below are some ways to create a handicap-friendly workplace.

Make Accessibility a Priority

Disabled employees should have an easy time accessing facilities around the workplace as well as enjoy spending time there. The workplace needs wheelchair-accessible doorways, special parking spots, accessible operating buttons in lifts, and washrooms with specialized features.

This also includes outdoor features. When hiring sidewalk paving constrictors in Kansas City, have them build pavements that are wide enough and accessible for someone in a wheelchair.

Use Assistive Technology

Assistive technology helps disabled individuals participate in the workplace actively. In recent times, this technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Perhaps, the acceleration in growth has been due to the necessity of the use of computers and technology in modern jobs.

To accommodate handicapped employees, your company needs to invest in assistive technology, online tools, and apps. These include refreshable Braille displays, color-coded keyboards, assistive listening devices, sign language apps, speech recognition apps, and specialized screen reader software among many others.

When you invest in assistive technology, employees with disabilities can work without any impediments — just like any other employee.

Build Awareness

Perhaps there is no better way to make the workplace friendly for disabled persons than creating awareness. To successfully integrate them into the workforce, the rest of the employees should undergo training on how to treat new recruits with acceptance. They should feel part of the organization.

There are many ways you can make the workplace more disability-friendly. While installing ramps and railings as well as getting the right equipment for the office improve accessibility, it’s important to remember that not all disabilities are visible. Once you’re aware of all the special needs of different groups, you are in a better position to provide them with a more welcoming workplace.

Terminal Diseases and Late Stages: How Hospice Care Can Help

a senior woman with a caregiverFor serious illnesses that are expected to get worse over time, it’s only important to plan for end-of-life care. As terminal and chronic conditions like cancer and dementia progressed to their later stage, pain and symptoms can become more debilitating and harder to control and manage. This can then lower the quality of life of the patient.

Why Hospice Care?

If this has happened to a loved one or a family member, hospice care can be beneficial. This is especially true if there’s no longer cure or treatment that can stop the progression of the illness. You also have to consider that even if aggressive treatment is available, this may only offer little assistance, but then pose other risks that can negatively affect your loved one’s quality of life or functional status.

In advanced or late stages of the illness, hospice can play an important role not just in managing the physical symptoms of the disease, but also in supporting both patients and family members emotionally and spiritually. The main objective of this type of care is to offer a dignified and peaceful transition to death for terminally ill patients.

Hospice care providers in Southern Indiana share the other goals of this care service:

  • Reduce or manage pain and evolving medical issues
  • Treat physical symptoms
  • Address the patients’ social, psychological, spiritual and needs
  • Provide practical support and grief counseling for families
  • Offer support to the patient, family members, caregiver

It’s important to note that the focus of hospice is not to cure or treat a loved one’s illness, but to maximize the patient’s comfort and make sure that every moment counts for whatever time remains. Considering this type of care early on can help terminally ill patients live better. It can also lessen the burden on the family members and prepare them for a loved one’s death.

While hospice care can be provided at home, this is also available at nursing homes, hospitals, and assisted living facilities. There are also cases where a loved one may need to be admitted to a hospital, especially if the caregiver in the preferred setting cannot adequately manage the symptoms.

If a loved one is facing terminal illness in its advanced stage, don’t hesitate to consider hospice care. Talk your doctor or a hospice care service provider to learn more about this type of care.

Tips for Choosing a Rehabilitation Equipment Supplier

nurse rehabilitating woman's armTo be able to move around with ease makes life fun and functional. However, old age, disabilities, and sometimes accidents render some people wheelchair-bound. In some extreme cases, patients become dependent on rehabilitation equipment. This is where a reliable supplier of independent living products makes the big difference. Here are three things to look for in a supplier:


Given the delicate physical condition of your loved one, the equipment you choose must be able to provide the specific function consistent with the patient's needs. For instance, a patient lifting hoist will enable your loved one to enjoy the outdoors once again by lifting them from the wheelchair into the car fast and hassle-free. Power wheelchairs, meanwhile, will get your loved one up and about unassisted, giving him or her the feeling of independence.


A company that offers these products should have a wide array of helpful equipment that you can either buy or hire for a specific period. They should also have the capacity to render repairs and maintenance of power wheelchairs, power scooters, and patient lifting hoists. So whether you're in the hunt for new ones, to hire, or even for repairs of your existing equipment, a reliable and quality company is the place to go.


You need to make sure that you're in the right place where you get value for your money. Taking care of a loved one who has special needs entails a considerable amount of money and time. That's why you need to look for a supplier that has set their prices in an affordable range. A good company understands how you feel with other financial concerns like medical costs and prescription drugs.

Taking care of a sick loved one isn't a work in the park. Make it as comfortable as possible by getting a reliable supplier for their rehabilitation equipment. Think of these three considerations to get the best.

3 Facts About Mortgage Rates Your Real Estate Agent Is Hiding from You

Mortgage tricks and secretsOne of the first things aspiring homeowners think about when applying for a home loan in Utah is the existing mortgage rates. No one wants to overpay for their most valuable asset for decades. That’s the reason getting a good rate is so important.

As you go about applying for a home, here is some insight from Altius Mortgage Group on mortgage rates you might find useful.

1. Mortgage rates change constantly.

The rate of a mortgage is based on the price of mortgage-backed securities. When the price of mortgage-backed securities changes, the interest applied to home loans does too.

The prices move in opposite directions, however. Here’s how it works. When demand for mortgage bonds rises, the cost of mortgage bonds increases as well, which then pushes interest rates down.

2. Mortgage rates move in the same direction.

There are, of course, different mortgage programs that are available for aspiring homeowners or people looking to refinance. When the rates for a certain loan program drop, the same trend is likely to be present in other loan programs, too.

For instance, a drop in the interest rates for a conventional 30-year fixed loan will still exist in an FHA streamline refinance loan, although not in equal measure.

3. The lowest rate is the rate you choose.

You, obviously, want to save money. Considering you are going to be paying the mortgage for decades, then it’s crucial that you shop for the best rate you can find.

To find the best lender, ask them what their interest rates are without considering the closing costs. You can work with a reputable broker to find the most suitable rates for you in your area.

A mortgage can help you achieve your dreams of owning a home, but you need to choose carefully. By finding a mortgage with the best rates possible, you can avoid paying more than you ought to for your property.

How to Plan a Product Launch Event

Team excited for a product launchA product launch can make or break your business. The uptake of the new product can be boosted or marred by its entry into the market. As such, you need to ensure that you give your product a fighting chance by going big when launching it.

If you are a novice at product launches, then it’s best to work with agencies like ADM Productions because they can handle all the pressure that comes with event planning. However, that is not all. Planning the following vital aspects can help define your product launch:

Media Buzz

You need to get people talking and excited about the new product. You can do this via posts on your website or blog. You can use credible social media influencers to publicize your product and give reviews pre-launch.


You will need to design and print any marketing material that you will need for your big day in advance to avoid a hectic last-minute rush. Prepare your giveaway bags in advance if you want guests to try out your product and spread the word. You will also need to invite the press to your product launch to boost product awareness.

Sales Strategy

Come up with a sales strategy that will keep the momentum going for a while before sales pick up. This means having sales stuff on the ground to pitch your product. Getting orders filled during the launch and networking with key industry players on the launch day is also necessary. You can use a low-price entry tactic to create interest in the product before you build a client base. Set clear goals on what you wish to achieve at the launch.

Your business depends on the product launch. Therefore, you must do your best to ensure that it goes well. If you aren’t familiar with the process, get in touch with professionals who can help you plan for a successful launch.

Is It Possible to Have a Separate Insurance on an Engagement Ring?

an engagement ring setThose who want to insure their engagement ring should expect to pay between 1% and 2% of its value, which will be the payable premium per year if they plan to add it to their homeowner’s insurance.

Insurance Options

A low-end engagement ring price of $500 for a quarter carat means that you will likely pay a premium of up to $10 per year. If you live in Utah, you can include the cost of jewelry repair services like AAA Jewelers in your policy. This can be in the form of an endorsement or floater.

A separate insurance policy for jewelry serves as another option for people who wish to keep their home insurance as a whole. Take note that precious items covered by a floater will be counted as a claim against your home insurance. An additional policy specific to jewelry also offers broader coverage, except for the normal wear-and-tear and damages due to flooding and earthquakes.

Cost of Engagement Rings

Separate policies can be a better choice compared to a floater despite certain limitations since most home insurers only guarantee coverage between 50% and 70% of an item’s value. This means that if you’re buying high-end engagement rings worth $3,500, you will only receive half of its value after your insurer approves a claim.

Those who plan to maximize the value of their jewelry should buy after certain holidays, notably Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Most jewelers offer discounts after these days, so the money you save can be spent on an extra insurance policy.

A jewelry insurance policy should include an option that covers your precious items for repair or maintenance costs. It’s ideal to get a separate package from your home insurance, so the latter won’t be affected when you file a claim for missing or damaged jewelry.