Bathroom Remodel: Illuminate Your Bathroom The Right Way

a bathroomIt’s very easy to get excited about tiles, tubs, and sinks when remodeling a bathroom, but keep in mind that lighting should also be at the top of your list. Unfortunately, most people just go with a few bulbs here and there, thinking that this is all their bathroom needs. But bathrooms require proper lighting. Here are some practical tips to for perfect bathroom lighting.

Ambient Lighting

Opt for light fixtures with white or clear shades that effectively cast a bluish, bright light that’s akin to natural light. If your bathroom ceilings are on the higher side, use flush mount ceiling light fixtures and recessed lighting. If your budget allows for it, consider hanging pendant lights or a chandelier as well.

Task Lighting

You do all sorts of tasks in your bathroom — showering, shaving, putting on makeup and skin care products — and you need proper lighting to accomplish these tasks easily and properly. In general, you would need approximately 4000 lumens for a bathroom that’s around 100sqft, and 1600 lumens or higher for the vanity where you do the majority of your bathroom tasks, suggests a top bathroom remodel specialist in Davis County.

Vanity Lighting

Don’t install recessed lighting or a ceiling feature right above your head if you don’t want shadows on your face when putting on your makeup. Opt for sconces or lighting fixtures around the mirror to get ample lighting on your face and get rid of shadows under your eyes and chin.

Shower and Bathtub Lighting

Select a light fixture with protective lens for this area. It’s crucial to note that you should pick one that’s shower-location or wet rated because these lights are designed to keep water off electrical components. If you need a wider beam, opt for something that has a dome diffuser.

It’s very easy to forget about lighting when redoing your bathroom, but don’t make this mistake. Choosing the wrong lighting fixture and you could end up shaving or plucking your eyebrows while bathed in shadows. Follow the tips above to get your bathroom lighting just right.