For Beauty and Comfort: A Homeowner’s Guide to Prevent Sun Damage Indoors

windowsSpring is here, which means you should prepare yourself to embrace a hotter temperature in a few weeks. Sure, summer is the perfect time for surfing, hotel staycations and long-haul road trips, but you should never leave your home unattended. That amazing sunlight pouring through your windows is not doing anything great for your furniture and other items at home.

As top home window tinting provider puts it: “UV radiation not only travels through car windows, but into homes as well. Staying in the comforts of your abode doesn’t mean you’re safe from the detrimental effects of extreme sunlight.”

Why let the sun ruin your carpet, couch or artwork when there are simple solutions to prevent damage inside your home?

Dull Rugs

You wear sunscreen or sunglasses on a hot day to protect your skin. This means the things inside your home is also prone to sun damage. Your stylish carpets and rugs will start to bleach out over time, especially when placed directly in a sunny area. To keep them in good shape, buy the right window treatments. You can use blinds or valances during the brightest time of the day.

Living Room Furniture Starts to Brittle

Though your furnishings are sturdy, sometimes the sunlight is much stronger. After all, the sun and fabric do not go well together. Keep your furniture out of direct sunlight, especially antique pieces, because they’re vulnerable to possible colour changes. In addition, sunlight damages the fabric, making it brittle. Another option you can try is installing window films. It’s best to seek the services of experts to know how you can reduce the level of damaging UV rays entering the living area and other rooms.

Fading Wall Paintings

Discolouration and fading are among the downsides of the sunlight passing through your home. It’s common among paintings and other decorations on the wall placed right next to a window. The best way to prevent fading is to transfer those artworks in a different place. You could put them in your bedroom or attic. For your family photos, it’s advisable to put them in glass frames with UV protection.

Dealing with these issues is never easy. That does not mean, though, that there aren’t simple ways to protect your belongings.