Best Additions and Upgrades to Boost Curb Appeal this 2016

Craftsman-Style DoorThere are just so many things you can do to improve the appeal and functionality of your home. However, most of the advice you will get are kind of outdated and sometimes impractical, although they will cost you less.

To make your home boast of a higher curb value this 2016, here are three techniques you should implement.

No dead and bare spots allowed

One of the key issues with healthy, leaf-packed, shade-giving trees is the shade itself: no plants will grow within this spot, seeing as it does not receive enough sunlight. Also, their roots can capture all the soil moisture and nutrients, leaving you with dead and bare spots that can quickly reduce your home’s curb appeal.

To counter this, go for flora that thrive with minimal sunlight. You may also consider going for mulch and applying it around the base.

Get a new entry door

Most of the advice you will get for improving curb appeal is to apply a fresh coat of paint on your front door. Although this is definitely a consideration, why not take it a notch higher and install a new door instead? With modern craftsman style doors for sale nowadays, Uber Doors says you will have no problems finding a great replacement the old and worn-out existing one. Besides, these doors do not just boost curb appeal; they also the overall safety and security of your home.

You may also want to go for new garage doors. Modern garage doors offer both function and appeal. Also, thanks to all the improvements and innovations they have undergone throughout the years, they now deliver even more convenience too.

Trim your garden

When you have a forest-like garden (overgrown plants and trees), it defeats the purpose of all the additions and replacements you will do. So trim up your garden. Overgrown tree branches, shrubs, and other plants can partially or even completely obscure the beautiful features of your home, and can even make it look dark and scary.

So, clean out and trim up your garden. With a well-manicured lawn, combined with an overall healthier, lusher looking garden and a new entry and garage door, your home and its surrounding property will make it everyone’s envy.