The Best Time to Move Houses: Is There Such a Thing?

movers companyThere’s no way around it: moving is stressful. After unpacking the items from the boxes on your last move, chances are you sighed and blurted out the words, “Never again!”But did you know that there is a way to make moving a lot less stressful?

More than the right equipment, getting help from moving companies, or a full body massage before the big day, the key to making a moveless stressful is… timing.

Timing is everything. You can save more time and energy and avoid the frustration by moving into your new home on a date that is not very busy.

Advantages of Being on Time at the Right Time

Moving at the right time enables you to get the most of the resources available–moving vehicles and professional movers. It is also better because you will not feel hurried or pressured because you’re just one of the few people moving on that specific day. The big day is all yours; packing and moving professionals can concentrate all their energy on you.

The Best Days and Months to Move

The best days and months to move are times when people are less likely to move. During this time, moving companies charge lower rates to attract more clients. Take advantage of these days and months so you can save more money and relieve major headaches on your moving day:

Best days. The best days of the week to move are Mondays to Thursdays. Usually, people make their move during the weekend. The middle of the week is a good time to move because most people are at the office, and kids are in school.

Best months. The best months to move are November to January. Most families don’t want to move right before the holidays. Don’t move on summer months as there are more families doing the same during this time. Remember to book the move in the middle of the month. Remember also that movers are extra busy during the start and end of the month because most rent agreements start or terminate during this time.

Remember these tips as you plan your move. If you want to save some money and spare yourself from the headaches, then move at the right time.