The Better Choice – Ditching Paint for Coating

coatingIt’s easy to determine which colour to apply in a property. Usually, people base it on their company logo to make their choice consistent whilst some take inspiration from other aspects. Going for regular resin has its benefits, such as its variety of colours, ease of application and the cheaper choice. But, is it the better option now that coating is available?

Coating, or substrate to others, is an alternative to traditional paint that doesn’t produce the same glossy finish. Its matte surface may be unappealing to some, but there are different things that could sway their preference. A&I Coatings makes the case for coatings:

1. It Has Superior Protective Properties

A good paint offers an acceptable amount of protection; coating, on the other hand, provides superior properties. Some of it includes better corrosion resistance, wear resistance and scratch resistance.

2. Versatile Uses

Coatings can be used for a variety of surfaces such as walls, concrete and timber floors, steel pillars and more. Using paint on these applications eliminates the need for tiles and other pricy cure for wood. In addition, there are even anti-graffiti coatings that be used on exteriors of buildings.

3. Variety of Applications Methods

It’s one of coatings’ biggest advantages over paint. People can choose to apply it on liquid, solid or gaseous state, whichever makes it easier for them.

4. Incredible Resilience

Unlike regular resin, coating can withstand changing weather, daily wear-and-tear, moisture and other factors longer and without needing constant looking after. It’s harder to dry coating, it needs heat treatment, but it’s tougher finish makes it worth the effort.

5. Aesthetic Finish

If applied properly, coating produces a more aesthetic finish than traditional paint. Manufacturers make up for the lesser colour options by applying a blended design, especially to floor coatings. Even when comparing monochrome results, coating is much better to look at than regular resin.

When choosing what to apply on the facade of a structure, coating is the wiser choice. Whether it’s a commercial or residential property, it provides an opportunity for owners to spend less for a long time.