Beyond Generosity: Why You Should Donate Regularly

Donating goodsDonating goods, money and services does not only help the beneficiaries of charities, but also the people donating. That’s why big corporations have set up their own charities and foundations—non-profit organizations have value when it comes to big businesses.

According to America’s Car Donation Center, American families usually donate around 4.7% of their discretionary income to charity. You can donate much more and get even more benefits from giving. You can get the same (kind, but not scale) financial, psychological, social and mental perks from giving to the charity of your choice:

  • You Get Tax Deductions

While this adds a little more paperwork, you can enjoy tax benefits when donating cars, money or any property to charity. Just make sure you keep the acknowledgement receipt or the documentation for the donation so you can get deductions for the year.

  • You Get to Help the People You Want to Help

A lot of citizens complain that they never feel where their taxes are going or that the government isn’t spending enough to help cancer patients or victims of abuse. When you donate, you get to choose the charity you want to receive the goods or money. These charities always release breakdowns of how they’ve used the funds or property they’ve collected so you can feel like you helped the people you really think need more help.

  • You Build Contacts and Networks

Fundraisers and fund drives are great ways to meet new people who can become business associates, clients and even suppliers. This is especially true when you volunteer as a professional—you get to meet other people in the industry that can connect you to more opportunities and experiences to enrich your life.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to donate money all the time. You can continue donating cars (even if it needs repairs) and most especially your time in volunteerism.