Bid Goodbye to Holiday Fat: How to Blast the Cellulite Away

Nothing can ever match the festive vibe of the Healthy Christmas Cookiesholiday season. It’s that time of the year when everyone’s giddy and excited to spread some holiday cheer. During this time, Christmas parties and holiday gatherings become inevitable.

As such, it’s no wonder Americans gain one to two pounds on average within this period. Come New Year, many struggle to shed off the added weight. Fortunately, there are ways to make this process a little easier. Here are four suggestions to help you combat the holiday fat:

Stay Away from Carbs

The Thanksgiving turkey was perfect with mashed potatoes, right? Of course, the delightful macaroni and cheese and decadent chocolate cakes were fine, too. But after the holidays, cut back a bit from all the carbs. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to be carbophobic. At the very least, watch the carbs you consume post-Christmas.

Start (or Continue) an Exercise Routine

You probably stopped hitting the gym once the holiday rush kicked in or maybe you just aren’t a big fan of working out. Whichever the case, it’s time to adopt a more active lifestyle. Move around and break a sweat – all your efforts would burn the holiday fat away. suggests whole body vibration exercise as your starting point to fight the cellulite.

Swap out the Junk for Good Food

If you really want to lose the post-Christmas cellulite, change the kinds of food you eat. All the junk and processed food should go – at least for now, until you regain your figure. Consume more of fat-busting super foods over the typical not-so-nutritious stuff you normally eat. Instead of reaching for a chocolate candy bar, eat pineapples instead. Ditch the soda and drink more water. Munch on almonds rather than open a bag of chips.

Switch the Frequency of Meals

Your habit of eating thrice a day is fine, but one way of fast-tracking the weight loss process is to alter this practice. Eat six small meals over the three usual servings instead. This approach helps your metabolism adjust which, in effect, contributes to weight loss.

With these four techniques, it’s a whole lot easier to burn the fat. Blast the cellulite away through these ways for a fitter, healthier, and more attractive you.