A Blast in Brisbane: Keeping Your Kids Entertained

kids playingCapturing kids’ attention long enough to keep them behaved during lengthy trips is in itself a challenging affair. Not only are kids constantly in search of exciting things to do, but their attention spans also seem to be remarkably short.

Don’t worry, though. To all the parents out there, Bounceinc.com.au shares a list of things to do with kids of all ages and some places to visit in Brisbane.

  • Build good memories at the Lego Education Centre. The Lego Education Centre offers fun activities for children in Brisbane. Take your kids on a creative adventure via a Sunday activity run — a 45-minute learning session that doesn’t require any bookings or reservations!
  • Go higher with Rocksports Indoor Climbing. With no age limit (but with parental guidance required, of course) this challenging yet addictive course will certainly get kids started on improving their sports climbing skills. You can also introduce other sports activities, such as trampolining and more.
  • A completely different ball game at the Victoria Park Golf Complex. Get kids started early on their golf career with this well-maintained and highly engrossing mini golf course. Operational during both day and night, it’s one of the most popular go-tos for weekend games, birthday celebrations, or even holidays.
  • Skateaway to have a great day. Whether you’re looking for a good time for your kids or scouting for a great venue for birthdays, school events, fundraisers, holiday trips, and the like, Skateaway’s full air-conditioned interiors and sports offerings — from figure skating to derby and even inline hockey — will ensure hours of fun and excitement for children and children-at-heart.
  • Let the good times roll at the Digi Roller Skating Rink. Enjoy exciting activities with your children in Brisbane at this one-of-a-kind skating rink. Learn how to skate and play the most popular ice sports; you may even use the venue for special celebrations.
  • Check out some awesome train miniatures. Get the unique chance to ride some miniature trains every third Sunday of the month at Melsa Park, Toorbul St, Bongaree, as a small community of avid train lovers share their miniature steam trains for the public to ride on.

These are but some of the many activities for kids in Brisbane. Find one that best suits your kids’ preferences.