Boost Your Property’s Value with These Tricks

A drawing of a property's value being increased Are you looking to sell your home, or maybe just make money out of property rentals from your place in North Shore? Well, with fluctuating real estate prices in the North Shore area, it never hurts to increase your home’s value without necessarily having to break the bank.

Here are few simple ideas that can boost your home’s worth that are so easy to do.

The Kitchen

For a few hundred dollars and a bit of effort on your end, you can have a kitchen looking like it came straight out of a magazine. How do you do it? Well for starters, take care of the aesthetics. Mismatched colours are a big no-no!

If your appliances look like a patchwork done by a kindergarten student, then it is time to do some sprucing up. You do not have to replace them completely. All you will need to replace are their face panels.

Stainless steel stoves, black microwave, and white fridge doors can all have the same look, and it will not cost you an arm and a leg.

The Bathroom

Your kitchen is important, but do not forget the bathrooms as well. Simple improvements do not have to cost a tonne of money. Why not install a new toilet seat to give the old throne a new look? Buy a cheap pedestal sink to show potential buyers (or renters) that this bath exudes sophistication.

Have your tiles cleaned and your light fixtures upgraded. These simple ideas can easily transform a drab old bathroom into a room good enough to live in.

The Lighting

Even the ugliest of dumps has the potential to look like the palace of your dreams under the right lighting. Find new ways to cast a spotlight on the beautiful parts and maybe darken the ugly corners. Lighting plays an essential role in determining a house’s aesthetic, and you will do well to invest in a few additional light bulbs to increase your home’s value.

These ideas do not cost much, but the return in value is enormous. With more and more people looking for properties, it is never a bad idea to up your worth a notch or two.