When to Call In Reinforcements: Math Tutors

tutorMath is a terrible, terrible thing. Unfortunately, it is a necessary part of your child’s education. Many children (and quite a few adults) have a hard time grasping math beyond basic arithmetic. However, because they do not want you to think they are stupid, they will grimly soldier on when they would benefit greatly from a math tutor.

Here are some signs that your child is ready for some help with math or a math tutor. Brisbane offers many options for this kind of extra-curricular help.

Declining Grades

The most obvious sign is the report card, of course. Grades that show a decline is a sign that you should consult with the teacher to identify problem areas. Take a suggestion for tutoring as a call to action. Still, it may be too late to help your child by then. Earlier is better when it comes to math intervention.

Homework Aversion

A child that puts off doing homework or constantly late for projects could be a sign of frustration, not laziness. Since they cannot understand the lesson, they think it is useless to try. They may also be reluctant to go to school.

Loss of Confidence

Likewise, a formerly cheerful child who becomes withdrawn or displays anxiety is a symptom that trouble may be brewing on the school front. This may indicate a loss of confidence in their ability to keep up with their peers. It could lead to a generalised loss of self-esteem if it persists.

Learning Disability

Your child may actually have an undiagnosed learning disability. It may only become apparent at a certain level of learning and it could be making it harder for them to make sense of complex concepts. Learn about symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, or other perception problems and see if your child qualifies.

A qualified math tutor in Brisbane can help your child unlock the mysteries of math and overcome their fear of it. You will also avoid your child from realising that you do not understand it either, if nothing else.