Can You Get a Loan Even with Bad Credit?

loan flashed on a laptopAbout 30% of Americans have bad credit. It can be a tough situation since it reduces their access to loans. But there are options available, including applying for Utah title loans. This FAQ can help.

What’s bad credit?

Bad credit is a figure that represents your failure in meeting your financial obligations. It may involve late repayments, defaults, and even bankruptcies.

This figure is called a score, and it can differ among lenders. But there’s a consensus. They deem the score of 850 as perfect. It’s also incredibly hard to achieve. The more achievable scores are at least 700.

What’s the effect of bad credit on loans?

A credit score is only one of the many requirements when you apply for a loan from a lender. Its impact, though, is significant. Again, remember that the score is a reflection of how you handle your finances.

Lenders have two objectives when they approve loans. One is to generate an income, and that’s through interest (and other charges including penalties). The other is to recoup the money they gave you. In other words, it’s not enough you can afford to pay the loan. You must be diligent enough to repay it.

A bad credit score, therefore, sends a bad signal to the lenders. It informs them either you don’t have the money to sustain the repayments or you’re an irresponsible borrower.

How can you get a bad credit loan?

Just because you have bad credit doesn’t mean you can no longer access loans. For example, you can apply for Utah title loans. It’s a type of loan you can apply against your vehicle title. This vehicle can be a car, boat, or motorcycle. When you apply for such debt, you give the title to the lender temporarily. You can get it back once you’ve repaid the loan.

This loan offers a couple of benefits. For one, you can apply even when you have bad credit. The most important thing is you have a legitimate vehicle title. Second, you can keep your vehicle. Third, and perhaps the most essential of all, you can use it to help rebuild your credit.

Having access to loans is important. Bad credit should not stop you from getting one. Nevertheless, work on increasing your credit score. This way, you can qualify for other types of debt.