Capture it Right: Shooting Outdoor Videos

outdoor videoWhile the same basic principles apply wherever you choose to shoot videos, the tools and techniques needed are different. This is because outdoor settings present more challenges in terms of light, shadows, and other outdoor conditions.

It is important to learn to deal with the challenges of the outdoors to capture great clips. Here are the basics of shooting footage outside:

The Sunlight

The best setting for shooting an outdoor video is during an overcast day. If you’re shooting on a bright afternoon, however, you need to put the sun behind the subject to serve as your backlight. This provides a bright line that separates your subject from the background. This also emphasizes the subject’s form, making your video more dramatic.

The Frame

Think about how you can frame your subject in a way that can’t be misinterpreted on the video. The principles of framing video images are the same of those for still photography. Pay attention to the edges of the frame and avoid cutting subjects in half. This is very unflattering and doesn’t look right. You can also use aerial copters with FPV OSD monitor for capturing different shots in extreme circumstances.

The Shadows

Assess the light and look at the shadows. Find a shadow on the ground and look at its edge. If the shadow is well defined and crisp, you are working with hard light. If it’s gradual and soft, on the other hand, it’s a soft shadow. You can use hard shadows to create the look of a harsh or inhospitable environment. Soft shadows can be used for making the environment look more relaxing and comfortable.

The Audio

If dialogue is important, use an external microphone with windscreen to block unwanted noise. When dealing with outdoor winds, shield the microphone with your hand or body. For extreme winds, however, it is better find another time to shoot the video.

Shooting video outdoors can be both fun and challenging. Good equipment, careful planning, and the right techniques are all important to capture great video clips.