Car Diagnosis: Ways to Know if Your Fuel Pump is Busted

car diagnosingAll car owners must have a good understanding of how to fix their car, or they must, at the very least, know how to figure out what is wrong with it. Whether it is engine failure or a flat tire, you must know what to do to ensure a safe and smooth road experience. One of the things you should know how to tell is if your fuel pump is still working.

Fuel pumps are an integral part of cars that run with an internal combustion engine. Fuel needs to travel from the gas tank to the engine. The pump is responsible for making sure the engine gets enough fuel for it to run. If this specific mechanism is not working, either too much or too little gas gets to the engine, which can severely compromise its performance, or worse, stop it from starting at all.

Here are a few steps to help determine if your fuel pump is working:

Turn the engine on

If your engine revs up but does not catch, there is a huge chance that there is a pump malfunction. What you hear are just the sparks igniting, but without the pump delivering fuel to the engine, it will simply fail to start. Another clue is if you hear the pump running when you turn on the engine. Have someone listen closely for it when you put the key in the ignition.

Check the fuse

Next, check the fuse box under the hood and look for the fuel pump fuse. Pull the fuse out and see if it is burned or blown out. If the fuse is still in good condition, it means there is power relayed to the fuel pump, and it is not the reason your car is not starting.

Check the fuel pressure

Lastly, check the fuel pressure to verify if it really is a malfunction. Hook up a fuel pressure gauge to a Schrader valve and see if there is any pressure. The surest sign that the pump is not working is if there is no pressure at all. But to be sure, let an experienced mechanic test the pressure and see it meets the required level.

Do not let a fuel pump problem go unsolved. Try to keep your eyes peeled for the possible signs of a failing fuel pump and have it replaced as soon as you can.