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3 Home Improvements That Combine Curb Appeal & Functionality

Luxurious home interior with large sliding doorsThere are home improvement projects that add to the property’s value by enhancing its curb appeal. These improvements are fine, but there are also projects that improve appearance as well as provide functionality. Here are some of those projects:

Building a metal fence

A black metal fence can improve the appearance of any property because of its classy look. It’s what you may observe around many mansions and other sizeable properties, and for good reason. Such a fence also effectively complements a colorful garden or brings to life an otherwise bland lawn.

A metal fence is not just about the looks. It’s also largely about the function. Surrounding your property with a metal fence can improve your home’s security, keeping intruders out, and helping ensure your little children are safe when they’re playing outdoors.

Replacing your siding

Old siding can fade, blister, crack, or peel. Nothing screams disrepair and neglect than missing siding around your house. Instead of repainting your old siding, think about investing in a completely new siding. This is an opportunity to get rid of old siding that doesn’t serve its function well anymore (commonly found in older houses).

New siding can increase your home’s curb appeal as well as its resistance to the weather. It protects your walls from the elements. Vinyl doesn’t get damaged quite as quickly as other materials, such as wood. Good siding may also improve your home’s insulation as well as its protection from insects.

Using your lawn to plant a vegetable garden

As long as you keep your garden organized, you can plant vegetables among your decorative plants. Many vegetable varieties are pretty to look at, so they can add to your lawn’s color and give it more life and character.

Planting a garden has health benefits. Gardening has been known to reduce stress and help your mind focus. As a bonus, you also get to enjoy the vegetables you plant once they bear fruit or become ripe enough for picking. If you have a large garden, you might even be able to sell vegetables at the local produce market.

These three home improvement projects are guaranteed to boost your property’s appeal. The good think about it is they come with the added benefit of functionality.


Three Things to Order for the House Instead of Buying Yourself

Metal fence panelsOnline shopping is a thing. It’s time to embrace it for certain aspects of your life, especially when it involves heavy objects. There’s simply no point in paying extra for the store to ship them to you. If you can get them directly from the supplier and have them delivered, why wouldn’t you?

Take these items, for example:


It’s easy enough to get metal fencing panels from online suppliers, and they usually offer delivery of your purchase. Compare this to you having to look from one store to another just to get the fencing panels you need. Then, you also have to think about the best way to take the panels home. Even if you have a car, taking them home means spending gas on the transportation.

Bed Frame

If you have a big bed, you have plenty of room to sleep. However, that also means having difficulties transporting that bed frame from the store to the house. Shops usually offer delivery, with others even having a same-day option depending on your purchase. If you don’t want to pay extra, you can wait for the shop to deliver items in bulk. A bed frame is not an urgent purchase anyway. You can also track the delivery of the item, so you know when to expect it.

Storage Boxes

These may not be heavy, but they still take some space. You cannot carry them on the bus without inconveniencing anyone. Storage containers are better delivered straight from the online shop to your doorstep, so you don’t have to be bothered with hauling them in. You’re getting them in the dimensions mentioned on the website, which means there should be no worries about the wrong size being delivered.

You have access to thousands of online shops. Take advantage of the convenience online shopping brings and have these items delivered instead of taking them home yourself.

Here’s How You Waste Water at Home Without Knowing It

Faucet water pouring onto a glassIf you want to save some money in your household budget, start with conserving water. Many people are guilty of wasting water on a daily basis. Here are three ways on how it happens:

Letting the water run while brushing your teeth.

Yes, you’re not going to spend 15 minutes brushing your teeth (or do you?), but letting the water run even for just an entire minute is a waste. You may think it’s just 60 seconds, but if you brush your teeth twice or thrice a day, it could add up. And you won’t notice it until the water bill arrives. If you don’t want it to become a bad habit, use a small glass when you brush.

Not fixing a leaking faucet right away.

Do you know that you can end up wasting 3,000 gallons of water annually through a single leaking faucet? If you can save that much water, it’s good enough for over 180 showers. Just imagine how much you’re paying for water wasted and showers not taken. Leaky faucets are more than just an annoyance. It’s one of those tricky things that boost your water bill without you knowing it.

Not using a water sprinkler system.

If you’re still watering your lawn and/or your garden using water straight from the hose, you may not only be wasting water but also overwatering your plants. And what happens to your lovely landscaped garden if you forget to water it on a daily basis? Investments have gone to waste.

The best thing you can do to save water and protect your landscaping investment is to get a water sprinkler system. If you already have one, Utah Sprinkler reminds to make sure that they’re properly serviced so you don’t end up wasting resources. Faulty equipment calls for sprinkler repair in Utah immediately.

Water is expensive. Simply because it’s always available doesn’t mean you can waste it. If you’re guilty of doing any of these habits, better make some changes soon.


These Timeless Pieces Will Give Your Outdoor Space an Instant Romantic Vibe

nterior design series: classic rustic living roomLet us talk about an outdoor makeover today, particularly about the yard, especially the one at the back of your home. People usually overlook them, yet there is so much you can do with it.

Here are some ways you can bring it to life to create a lovely outdoor space.


Nothing gives an instant romantic feel than 19th-century pieces. It quickly adds character to space, giving it an immediate transformation. Set a small coffee nook in your outdoor area and use an antique French garden table you can buy from vendors such as Authentic Provence.

You can pair it with wirework garden chairs to create a laid-back, romantic feel. Define the corner with some Pine shutters against the wall to add an architectural element to the space. Surround it with flowers in pots perched on plant stands, and you have for yourself a nice little nook.

Mood Lights

Often neglected, outdoor lighting hardly finds its way at the top of the list. But lighting is just as important as any other accessories to set up the vibe in the space. Install mood lights to create a cozy glow and for added warmth.

Consider festoon lights, fairy lights, lamps, lanterns, and solar garden lamps with dark sensors. These lighting elements will help enhance your existing overhead lighting to make the place more lively and inviting.

Outdoor Furniture

Create an extension of your indoor space by putting together a cozy resting spot and dining area in your backyard. Lounge seats and wooden dining tables with benches give a more relaxed look to the space. If you have a large tree in the yard, you can hang a hammock under its shade, too.

Outdoor Flooring

Separate the different spaces in your yard by installing different flooring types. If you are worried about losing your green grass when the season changes, you can opt for artificial grass carpets. They look like the real thing sans watering and mowing.

Turning your empty yard into a romantic spot is easy with the use of these materials and timeless pieces. Now you will have another place in your home where you and your family can gather and spend time together.

How Prepared Are Utahns for Emergencies?

A Flooded RoadHurricanes. Earthquakes. Floods. News after news of disasters plagued all of the United States. Utah has not been spared, and this could go on without any warning. 

With all these damage-causing problems, how prepared is Utah?

Fast Response Time

It's important to call for help as soon as possible, especially if you're facing a situation that can endanger someone's life. This doesn't just mean a medical emergency, though ambulance dispatch is an important number to have. This also means calling for water damage restoration as soon as the flooding has stopped, to prevent the spread of bacteria around the house, which may cause worse problems. This also means being proactive in assessing the extent of damage to property and mitigating risks by removing any loose roof tile or branch ready to fall on an unsuspecting victim. 

Earthquake Warning System 

An early warning system is desperately needed in Utah. After the strong earthquake that hit Mexico City, the presence of fault lines around Utah make everyone question its safety when another major quake hits. There has been recorded small quakes as of recent, and each one can potentially lead to loss of life. It falls on the government to make sure that Utah–like Japan, Taiwan, and China–has an early warning system in place to minimize damage wherever possible. 

Fire Fighting 

Sometimes, a sprinkler system is enough to douse a fire; other times, you need firefighters on the scene. It's important that firefighters get there on time, to extinguish the fire before it causes total loss of property and even loss of life. Residents should have a fire alarm, and neighbors should also be vigilant about any suspicious smoke coming from a nearby house. It takes effort from everyone to successfully prevent the spreading of fire in the neighborhood. 

There's no knowing what kind of danger you'll face next. Be prepared for everything. 

Dealing with Weeds: Using Physical and Chemical Control Methods

lawn with flower bedsIf you have been trying to maintain your lush and thick lawn, then you know how weeds can compromise its look. The good news is, it is possible to control their growth and therefore maintain or improve the health of your yard. Physical controls work best, as they don’t promote the use any chemicals.

  • Dig out. Pull out the weeds manually before they multiply. It is a good idea to use weed pullers with long handles to avoid stress on your hands and knees. These are great when the soil is moist and can also help you remove weeds with long tap roots. Lawn weed control Salt Lake City  experts note that you can likewise use a trowel of a knife to dig out the weeds.
  • Reseed. In some cases, pulling out weeds can leave bare spots in the lawn. If this happens, be sure to add seeds in the area to prevent weeds from occurring. Reseeding is a lot easier if you bring a small container of seeds every time you weed. Be sure to water the area regularly (use a spray) until the grass grows.
  • Use heat. Pouring hot (or almost boiling) water can weaken or kill the pesky plant. Keep in mind, however, that this technique is non-selective; it will harm both the weed and the nearby plants or flowers. Grasses, on the other hand, have sort of protective sheath that makes them more resistant to heat than other plants.

Using Chemicals

The use of chemicals should be your last resort. It is best to know the type of weed you are dealing with to make sure that you are using the right product.  Remember that the wrong choice can result in poor control, as well as pose a health risk to other plants, to pets, and to humans. It is a good idea to choose a non-toxic product and spot-spray the weed.

It is, of course, advisable to call in professionals if the problem is too big to handle. This is also ideal if you are dealing with other types of lawn diseases.  Lawn experts can restore your lawn and keep it looking green and healthy.