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Dealing with Weeds: Using Physical and Chemical Control Methods

lawn with flower bedsIf you have been trying to maintain your lush and thick lawn, then you know how weeds can compromise its look. The good news is, it is possible to control their growth and therefore maintain or improve the health of your yard. Physical controls work best, as they don’t promote the use any chemicals.

  • Dig out. Pull out the weeds manually before they multiply. It is a good idea to use weed pullers with long handles to avoid stress on your hands and knees. These are great when the soil is moist and can also help you remove weeds with long tap roots. Lawn weed control Salt Lake City  experts note that you can likewise use a trowel of a knife to dig out the weeds.
  • Reseed. In some cases, pulling out weeds can leave bare spots in the lawn. If this happens, be sure to add seeds in the area to prevent weeds from occurring. Reseeding is a lot easier if you bring a small container of seeds every time you weed. Be sure to water the area regularly (use a spray) until the grass grows.
  • Use heat. Pouring hot (or almost boiling) water can weaken or kill the pesky plant. Keep in mind, however, that this technique is non-selective; it will harm both the weed and the nearby plants or flowers. Grasses, on the other hand, have sort of protective sheath that makes them more resistant to heat than other plants.

Using Chemicals

The use of chemicals should be your last resort. It is best to know the type of weed you are dealing with to make sure that you are using the right product.  Remember that the wrong choice can result in poor control, as well as pose a health risk to other plants, to pets, and to humans. It is a good idea to choose a non-toxic product and spot-spray the weed.

It is, of course, advisable to call in professionals if the problem is too big to handle. This is also ideal if you are dealing with other types of lawn diseases.  Lawn experts can restore your lawn and keep it looking green and healthy.

4 Plumbing Repairs Homeowners Should Not DIY

Utility workers cleaning the sewer line for clogsThe majority of the projects at home are quite simple that you can do them yourself; you only need a tool set, good research, and time to complete the task. However, plumbing repair jobs, especially the complicated ones, are not ideal DIY or do-it-yourself projects.

No matter how compelled you may feel, do not attempt to do the following plumbing tasks on your own.

Sewer Repair

Repairing your sewer system requires the use of specialized digging and trenching equipment. You also need to get permits from relevant authorities to avoid causing damage to electricity, gas, and other utility lines during the process. Whipple Service Champions highly recommend calling the professionals when you need plumbing repair services in Salt Lake City.

Pipe Replacement

While pipe replacement seems simple, it involves more work than you may think. You need to get the right materials and measurements; otherwise, your project will be a total mess. Only plumbers know how to install pipes properly using the least amount of materials and incorporate new pipes to an existing plumbing system.

Gas Line Repair

Gas leaks are among the most dangerous plumbing problems you can experience at home. Once you notice a gas leak, switch off light switches and any electronic device around the source of the leak, and then leave your home. Fixing a gas leak involves a thorough investigation to find and solve the cause of the problem.

Pipe Clogs

It is difficult to determine the exact cause of a serious clog in your pipes; you need a professional to evaluate the situation and provide recommendations. There are many pipes around your home and attempting to repair them might do more harm than good.

Involving yourself in DIY tasks is a good way to take full control of what happens around your home. But the time and money you would spend on handling DIY plumbing projects that have gone wrong are not worth the risk. It’s always best to get professional help, as you can ensure quality service and gain peace of mind.

Why Pool Cleaning Must be Done by Experts

Couple relaxing in a swimming poolHaving a swimming pool is one of the best property improvements you could probably think of. A pool in your own backyard can offer numerous features and forms of entertainment for you and your family.

To benefit from these features, however, you should maintain the swimming pool and keep it clean as often as possible. This task should be left to professionals, although you can also do it occasionally. Professionals have the necessary equipment and knowledge on how best to clean pools after all.

Dolphin-pools.com noted that many companies could help with the construction of your pool. They can also offer maintenance and cleaning services for the pools they build. You should hire such a reputed company to help clean your swimming pool and keep it in good condition.

There are many advantages of professional pools cleaning services. Here are some of them:

Effective cleaning

The most important advantage is that experts can ensure the thorough cleaning of your pool. As mentioned, professionals have all the necessary equipment, such as powerful vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, leaf net, suction brush heads, and leaf skimmers. They will clean the tiles, floors, and walls of your swimming pools. The equipment they use are known for their high strength, low power consumption, and optimum performance.

Balance and filter the water

Professionals can ensure that you maintain the correct pH balance of the water and make sure that the pool is filtered properly. They will also test the water regularly to make sure that it’s safe to swim in. They will also maintain the pool equipment and check if the filtration system is functioning properly. They inspect the pipes, valves, pumps, and hoses regularly and even the drainage system to make sure that changing the water can be done efficiently.

Finally, professionals will make sure that the credibility of your swimming pool is maintained. There are service providers that offer unique services, such as upgrades or change in the design of the pool. Pick a professional company and the services you require, depending on the needs of your pool and your budget. You won’t regret it.


Plumbing Situations that Require Professional Attention

Plumber Working

You may be tempted to fix a plumbing issue yourself rather than calling the plumber here in Salt Lake City. Plumbing expert Whipple Service Champions notes that many think about how much they will save to fix what may seem like minor problems.

Although sometimes you can repair a plumbing problem yourself, you still have to call the plumber in certain situations. There will be problems that only a plumber can fix.

Complex Problems

One of the situations where you need to call plumbing services involves more complicated plumbing issues than your first thought. To the untrained eye, clogged toilets, sinks, and bathrooms drains may be simple clog problems.

Sometimes these problems will be simple clogs, but at other times, they may stem from a deeper problem. In such cases, call the professionals.

Unfamiliar Plumbing System

The same goes with homeowners with old houses. You have to call the professionals when your house was built before you ever came to own it. You lack exact and complete knowledge about the plumbing system of your home, except that you know it is working properly.

When faced with a plumbing problem, however, a professional can assess the situation better.


The third situation where you need to call the pros comes when you have one bathroom, one toilet, a leakage, or flooding. You need to deal with these situations as soon as possible. When you only have one bathroom or toilet, you will naturally need them to take a bath or defecate.

Leakages and flooding need immediate attention given the damage they can make.

Undetected Issues

The last situation you have to call the professionals for involves other matters that you may have no idea of. A pro can fix immediate issues, but your plumbing system may have other problems you have failed to notice.

A plumber can find these undetected issues, no matter how small they may be. You can consider it as a preventive maintenance check.

Now, you can call on the pros whenever you find yourself in the situations above.

Top 3 Materials to Make Your Stairs Worthy of a Stare

Luxury Wooden StairsStairs serve as essential features in any house with more than one floor. But other than their obvious function, staircases also double as major design elements that give personality to your home. They can heavily influence the overall look and feel of your property, so it pays to give attention to your choice of stairs.

Start by looking into the different materials used to build or fabricate stairs.


Glass is one of the favourite materials because of its clean and sleek look. In fact, many stair builders recommend glass for houses with modern style and design. In many cases, glass panels are used as balustrades in place of the more traditional wood or steel railings. Thicker sheets of tempered glass are also used as steps these days.

Another good thing about glass stairs is that they give an airier and more open feel to your abode. They likewise look clean and are easy to maintain.


Steel is another popular material for staircases. It goes well with contemporary styled homes. Thanks to the natural physical properties of steel, it can be shaped and fashioned to suit your design preferences. You have the option to use it for handrails and match it with other materials, or even use it for the entire staircase structure.

If durability is what you are after, you will never go wrong with stainless steel stairs. They are highly durable and resistant to unsightly stain and damaging rust.


If you wish a warmer and more traditional look for your stairs, go for timber. Wooden stairs will surely add character to your home. This is especially true because timbers come in a wide array of colours and textures that will make your home interesting and chic at the same time. If you go for timber, make sure you will not mind spending some time and money for its maintenance.

Stairs are no doubt good additions to your home. Consult a reputable stair builder near you to learn more about your options.

Six Amazing Benefits of Internal Sliding Doors

White sliding doorVertical developments and the need for saving space are changing the way living areas are designed. For one, sliding doors are becoming popular. Having sliding doors installed in your home makes a lot of difference to your house’s interior and brings you a whole new experience. Here are six reasons you need sliding doors in your home.

Enhance the Quality of Air in Your Home

Large sliding doors allow air to circulate well around the home. If all your room doors are sliding ones, you can open them and let air flow through for better ventilation, especially during the warm season. You may enjoy a cooler home without overworking your cooling system.

Improve the Look, and Value, of Your Home

Sliding doors are stylish and make your home look modern. The many sliding door options allow you to buy the ones that match your home layout and design. These doors also make your house more spacious since they operate only on rollers and don’t need a space for door panels to open.

Save Energy

Internal sliding doors allow natural light into the room during the day. You don’t need to turn on indoor lights, enabling you to save on energy bills.

Keep Your Home Secure

Many sliding door models are manufactured with security features, such as more advanced locking systems and durable panels. As such, homes are more secure from intrusion and can’t be broken into easily.

Provide Easy Access

Sliding doors are easy to open because they move on rails. Therefore, you are only required to push them gently when opening. Since most sliding doors are large, you can easily move furniture from one room to another if you need some rearranging.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Having sliding doors installed is one way to raise the value of your home should you consider selling in the future. Triline.net.au says homes with internal sliding doors sell for higher than those without.

These are only a few of the reasons you should consider sliding doors for your property. Search for the doors you like and enjoy!