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3 Types of Pool Maintenance

Man cleaning the swimming poolWith an own pool comes great responsibilities. It might not be as huge as Spiderman’s, but you would still have your hands full if you have your own swimming pool at home. Good thing, there are various ways to maintain it depending on your preference and budget.

Maintaining your swimming pool in your Salt Lake City home can be done in various ways. To know which method to take, it’s necessary to understand the different maintenance choices you have.

General cleaning

This is the type of cleaning you can do on a daily basis, whether by yourself or with the help of a professional. Removing leaves and debris from the pool and sweeping the sides to prevent dirt from contaminating your swimming pool is something that can easily be done by anyone.


Make your swimming pool cleaning task a family bonding moment by knowing how to clean it yourself. Thorough pool cleaning should be done at least once every few weeks. This involves checking the chemical levels of the water, making sure the pumps are running well, and checking that the filter is still in its top condition. There are many pool cleaning DIY tips you can follow on many websites.

Professional cleaning

If you don’t have the luxury of time to maintain your swimming pool, then seeking professional help is always an option. These professionals will make sure that all aspects of your pool, from the water to the tools are well-kept and repaired or replaced if necessary. All you need to do is find the right professional cleaning services near you.

Make sure you can enjoy your swimming pool to its maximum potential by making sure that it’s always well-kept and maintained. Pick a pool maintenance method and see how it works out for you.

Tiled Roofing: Advantages and Disadvantages

Man fixing a roofYour roof is at the forefront of protecting your home and your family from the elements — it must be durable, strong, and give you value for money.

Strong and Long-lasting: The Tiled Roof

Tiles are a classic choice for most homes due to their durability and heritage appeal. But more than the purchase and installation, maintenance work and upkeep, such as tiled roof repairs, add to the cost and effort needed to ensure that it is in tip-top shape.

There are pros and cons to opting for tiles, and it’s essential that you are aware of them to make an informed decision.

The Yes and No of Tiled Roofs

It is always best to seek professional advice from your contractor or builder when going through the process of choosing materials for your roof. Take advantage of their years of expertise and experience to help you go for the best options for your preference and budget.

It does, however, pays to educate yourself beforehand. Tiled roofing is the choice for its long-lasting features and other advantages:

• Tiled roofing lasts a lot longer than other materials – Its lifespan can go over 100 years with proper maintenance.

• Weatherproof – Slate, clay and concrete tiled roofs can withstand wind, hail, rain, and even fire.

• Non-decaying material – It will not rust, rot, or be susceptible to insect infestation.

• Environment-friendly – The material is completely recyclable because it’s made from earth minerals.

Provides great insulation

It’s almost the perfect material to protect your home — but as with everything, tiled roofs are not perfect. There are cons to choosing this option:

• Tiles are more costly than other roofing materials.

• Installation is more difficult; pieces might break under the weight of the builder.

Whether you choose slate, concrete or clay, tiles are always heavy, so you will need to ensure that your house structure is strong enough to hold them

Depending on factors such as your budget and style, deciding on what material to use for your roofing should always be done with your safety in mind. Seek your trusted contractor’s advice and carefully plan out how you’d like your roof to look and feel.

Minor Water Damage? Some Quick Fixes You Can Do Yourself

minor water damagesWhen it comes to water damage, every moment’s delay is costing you money. If the damage is minor, you can take care of the repairs yourself. The important thing is to do it quickly before problems like mold start to appear.

If the damage is extensive, it would be better for you to call the professionals. Companies specializing in water damage repair in Salt Lake City, for example, can inspect your property and provide the solutions you need. All Hours Plumbing and HVAC cites some of the minor and easy DIY fixes you can do while waiting for an experienced plumber to arrive.

Assess the type of liquid

Before attempting to get rid of the water, you need to know what typer of liquid you’re dealing with. Water that came from rain or leaky pipes is considered clean. As such, you can remove this type of water on your own.

Water that came from dishwashers, toilets, or washing machines is considered gray water. You can still clean this, you probably need to use safety gear. There is a possibility that the water has contaminants.

The water coming out from sewage or major floods from rivers is called black water. The damage from this type of water is the kind that you should leave to the professionals.

Check for the presence of mold and mildew

Check the house for mold or mildew once the water is taken out. It does not take long for mold to appear in water-damaged houses. Mold can start growing in less than a day and quickly damage any material it infests. Take note that some types of mold are dangerous to humans. Simply breathing them in can cause health problems.

If there is only a small amount of mold, remove it and put the material it infested in a bag. Seal the bag and dispose of it. If the mold problem is more serious than anticipated, it’s better to call a professional to handle it.

Remove any remaining moisture

Removing the water is not enough; the remaining moisture can still cause considerable damage to your floors, carpets, or furniture. You can use fans to dry out small areas of moisture. If a fan is not enough, it’s better to get a large dehumidifier to cover more ground.

Get rid of water-damaged porous items

You can still save some of your damaged items, except if they’re made of porous materials. Some carpets and fabrics tend to shrink or warp when soaked in a large amount of water. It’s also likely that mildew will start appearing on these water-damaged materials.

When it comes to water damage, you can make minor repairs on your own to save money as long you’re not dealing with the black water type. If the damage is extensive, get professional help right away.

4 Clever Ways to Make Your House Party Ready

Friends enjoying house partySo, you would like to keep your house glammed up for a nighttime party anytime soon. Learn some interesting tips and tricks on how you can do so.

Roof to Deck Decoration shares some great ideas that might come in handy:

Light up your front yard

How about having some holiday Christmas lights installed in your front yard for a perfect barbeque night whenever you feel like getting together with your family and friends. All you have to do is find a reliable supplier who can work wonders with these lights. But make sure everything has been installed safely to avoid any fire hazard.

Grab some chairs and tables

For a party-perfect moment, it would be great to get some foldable tables and chairs for maximum convenience. Remember that you will have to store them properly after use. Save some space in your stockroom by getting the retractable variants. That means you can simply have them collapsed when it’s time to go to the storage room.

Keep a supply of cold beers

Get the party started with a steady supply of beer. Keep them chilled in your fridge to make sure your guests are fully entertained. You may also prepare a bucket of ice if you are not confident that you’ve got them fully chilled. Isn’t it exciting to have your drinks served on the rocks?

Secure a mobile sound system

Your party will never be complete without good music soothing the ears of partygoers. How about a mobile sound system that you can use in the front yard, in the backyard, or inside the house wherever you feel like setting up a small gathering. You may find a decent audio system that can liven up the ambiance for a slow dance or an upbeat one.

You can have your own party at home whenever you want to hang out with your family or friends. Have fun all night with these great ideas.

Telling Signs Your Property Has Water Damage

Maintenance staff checking water pipesIt’s always best to perform water damage checks in homes. Finding leaks are easy, but sometimes, water damage might occur in hidden areas. But don’t worry, this useful guide will give you tips on how to effectively detect water damage. And as soon as you find the problem, remember to get professional help from a reliable cleaning and restoration provider.

Standing Pools of Water

Accumulating water is one of the most telling signs of water damage. This can be caused by anything from a bathroom leak seeping into your floors, to pools of water caught in your roof. Broken drainage pipes located outside your house can keep water from flowing, so it’s also wise to check them from time to time.

Mold Inside Walls, Insulation, and Crawlspaces

Musty odor not only indicates leaks, it’s also a sign of mold and mildew. The molds usually appear like dark spots in damp areas. For instance, the bad odor can lead you to a leaking moldy pipe inside a wall. To check, water damaged walls appear swollen and soft to the touch. And because many walls have spongy material, it’s the ideal environment for mold to grow.

If you find mold growth in your home, be sure to contact professional mold removal services in Canada. Experienced cleaning and restoration providers can safely resolve this problem.

When the Floor and Ceiling Changes Texture

Seeping water eventually weakens floorboards and ceilings, causing wooden laminates to expand, sink, or sag. When you check the texture, you will notice the surface is a bit soft and spongy. A warped floorboard looks like it has gaps with curling edges. If not addressed immediately, it can rot your floor or ceiling, which can further deteriorate the overall structure of your property.

Notice Musty or Stale Odor in Rooms

Inspect your rooms, especially attics and basements for stale or musty odors. The odor may indicate you have leaks from your attic roof or your basement may be accumulating water from a leaky gutter. The odor may also come from appliance leaks, so be sure to check dishwashers, refrigerators, and water heaters. If you find severe leaks beyond repair, it would be wise to call a water damage professional to handle the issue.

Now that you know the signs of water damage, you’ll be able to fix the problem in a timely manner. And with the help of an experienced cleaning and restoration company, your property can always be in good condition.

A Quick Guideline on Picking Abrasive Blasting Media

a man using abrasive blasting on a hard surfaceAbrasive blasting is the method of utilising dedicated equipment to shoot or project media at great speeds throughout a hard surface. This is especially perfect for getting rid of old finishes. Besides, garnet sandblasting can even remove rust or get a surface ready for painting. Here is a short guideline to help you pick the ideal abrasive medium for your particular blasting use.

Opt for Aggressive and Extremely Durable Steel Media

Carbon steel media comes in grit or shot form. Steel grit provides a sharper texture and angular shaped. You can use it to get rid of scale or paint, and rust from steel surfaces. Meanwhile, you can use steel shot for peening and polishing applications and is round shaped.

Utilise Silicon Carbide for Quick Etching

Silicon carbide offers a very aggressive cutting movement that is perfect for quick etching on hard surfaces, including stone and glass. It also performs well in getting rid of paint or rust.

Pick Plastic for Aerospace and Automotive Applications

Plastic is a very soft material, which makes it an excellent medium for getting rid of pain on fibreglass surfaces. Fibreglass parts are typically utilised in the manufacturing of marine, automotive and aerospace products, without stripping or etching.

Leave a Shine Finish with Glass Beads

If you aim to accomplish a bright, smooth finish, then glass beads are your finest choices. Since these are created from fine soda lime glass, they place the least strain on the surface material. You can even recycle these and use it over again for a hundred times before you would need to replace them, which makes these a very economical option.

Just keep the above guideline in mind when choosing your blasting media. Always remember how you want to use it and what you can expect from it to help you determine what’s right.