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Videos: Why it Should Be Part of Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Digital Marketing Flashed on Laptop ScreenDigital marketing is now a regular practice in the world of business. In fact, a company’s success can be at risk if it doesn’t have a digital marketing strategy in place. Having a website, doing e-mail, content, and social media marketing, SEO, and paid ads are only some of the components of this strategy. What’s become more popular lately is video marketing. believes that a corporate video can give companies a taste of the limelight. That’s if it’s executed properly and through the right channels. Here’s why you should include videos in your company’s marketing strategies today.

Increases Conversions

Videos can be optimized to increase conversions. How? You can use a customer’s video testimonial on your website. You can also show a video of how your products work instead of just describing it with a long paragraph.

More Digestible Than Text

Many people won’t actually read a long content even if they’re numbered or bulleted. A video, on the other hand, is more digestible than reading hundreds of words because it appeals to the visual side of a person’s brain, making it easier to get your message across to whoever’s watching.

Works Well for SEO

Google rewards websites that have videos with a higher page ranking. As Google also tracks how long someone views your video and how long they’ve been on your website, this contributes to the high-ranking reward you can be given.

Mobile + Video = Success

As more people are accessing websites through their mobile phones, optimizing your videos to be mobile-compatible can help widen your customer base by widening your videos’ reach.

The key to making this work for your business is to find a video production company that can understand your business needs. Once you have that video, release it to the channels where most of your customers are. By doing this you’ll be able to reach the right audience and give them enough value to turn them into loyal customers.

4 Best Ways to Care for Your Engagement Ring

diamond ringsAt this point, your engagement ring has to be one of your most prized possessions. Therefore, it’s only reasonable that you want to give it the utmost care. The good news is that you can easily keep your prized possession shiny and sparkly for a lifetime.

All it takes is doing the following.

Make friends with your jeweler

Good ring maintenance involves a visit to your jeweler at least once every six months. The jeweler cleans and polishes your ring, so it looks as shiny as it did when you first got it.

And should something happen to your ring at any time, you should see a specialist in jewelry repair in Salt Lake City such as to fix it before things get worse.

Insure the ring

Since your ring has considerable sentimental and monetary value, you want to keep it with you forever. Unfortunately, anything can happen, like damage or theft. In the event of these two, you want to make sure that you can get your ring restored.

The way to do that is to take out an insurance policy that makes sure you and your engagement ring are reunited.

Take caution around water

Understandably, you don’t want to be separated from your engagement ring, even for a moment. Still, if you’re going to keep it in good shape, you need to take it off when taking a dip in your swimming pool or showering. The effects of hard water and soap may be damaging to its appearance and condition.

Store it safely

Exercising a little caution while storing your engagement ring can go a long way in keeping it secure for a long time. Whenever you take it off, place it in a safe box where nothing can happen to it. Avoid putting it on the edge of a sink or table where it can fall off and suffer damage.

Giving your engagement ring some tender loving care should come naturally, given how special an item it is in this phase of your life. Luckily, a little caution is all you need for the two of you to live happily ever after.

Assessing the State of Virtual Defense? 3 Trends in Cybersecurity in 2018

CybersecurityOne of the greatest challenges in the Information technology sector is the persistent issue of cybersecurity. In 2017 alone, there were quite a number of high-profile cyber attacks on global organizations, including Deloitte, Uber, and Equifax. Website platforms like WordPress have also had a running battle with hackers while malware spreads quickly.

While many corporations are reacting, it’s important to take proactive measures, but first, the enemy and his arsenal must be understood. The question is will 2018 be different from 2017 in terms of the ferocity and sophistication of the attacks? Well, some trends are discernible and here are three of them:

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

There was a significant buzz around artificial intelligence and machine learning in 2017 and the trend is not looking to let up this year. A Webroot report indicates that 87% of cybersecurity professionals in the United States use artificial intelligence. Evidently, being a tool in their hands also means it could be a weapon in the hands of hackers.

This is where outsourcing IT security services comes in. IT consulting companies in Texas, for instance, can help protect your business’s information against cyber attracts.

The Use of Ransomware

The power of this tool in the hands of hackers is highlighted by the fact that its growth exceeded 2,500 percent in 2017 alone. It seems no operating system is immune to its devastating effects as other platforms like Mac, Linux, Android and iOS are falling victim, too. Some experts expect that ransomware will continue through 2018.

State-Sponsored Attacks

While cyber attacks are popularly associated with individuals or groups, nation-sponsored attacks are becoming increasingly popular. Unlike those perpetrated by individuals, this category might seek to collect information that can be used against another person, group, or even nation.

It’s also important to know that threats can be prevented by adopting the right measures and this entails engaging professional IT consulting companies. As a state with a significant number of corporations, Texas also has a community of IT professionals equipped to handle such risks successfully.

Passion or Profit: Which Motive Will Make for a Good Business?

Inside an officeSo, you’re planning to put up a business and trying to use your entrepreneurial skills for the first time. You’ve already made a list of products and services to offer. You’ve come up with new business startup ideas. You’ve even drafted several versions of the logo you want to use. But even before doing all this, you must first identify what your purpose is. Ask yourself why you want to start a business. Is it because you want to have your own mansion and a couple of Lamborghinis? Is it because you’re crazy about this product or service and want to share your version of it to the world?

The Profit

Many people who want to start a business are usually in it for the profit they can make. To survive in this world, you’re going to have to earn or make your own money so that you can have your own house, buy your own clothes, spend for food, and all the other necessities of life. You could set a long-term goal and use that as your motivation to earn as much as you can. You can put up a private label business and pour all your efforts into your selling and marketing skills. Go-getters and determined individuals would do great at making a profit from putting up their own business.

The Passion

People who turn their passion into a business don’t usually have it all planned out, at the beginning. It starts out as a hobby or a product they’re really into that soon turns out to be something they can actually make money from because people notice how passionate they are about it and how well it’s serving them. There are some, on the other hand, who intentionally choose to make their passion their business. For example, if you love music, you can decide to put up a music school and use that passion to make a living.

What makes for a good business is generally that which you’ll be comfortable doing. So, whether it’s all about making a profit, or using your passion, determine where your heart lies.  That’s the first step to making your business a successful venture.

Pointers for Ensuring Smooth Business Operations

whole team of employees working togetherA huge chunk of business success depends heavily on the operations. This is the aspect of your business where the product or service is designed, developed, manufactured, and deployed. Any delay, glitch, or dilemma in this section can have a damaging effect on your business. And when that happens, your profit and reputation will be affected.

Ensuring the smooth operations of your business should always be a priority. There should always be a contingency plan to ensure continuity. If you are looking for some ways to do it, you are reading the right article.

Here are some pointers to help you out:

Revamp the process

It is important to know if your current process is causing you to lose money. If it does, you need to revamp it. Doing so will streamline the procedure, remove the red tape, and improve the speed of production. You should also invest in high-quality equipment. Be transparent and promote the culture of honesty.

Ensure continuous cash flow

Cash is the lifeline of your business. It needs to be flowing continuously. Otherwise, the operations will be impeded. You may reserve a contingency fund if you are recovering from past losses or if your clients have not paid you back yet. Other than that, you may want to consider seeking the help of a reliable purchase order finance company.

Get insurance policy

This may sound far-fetched, but it can do a lot of wonders for your business. As always mentioned, continuity is necessary for business. If something untoward happens, your business runs the risk of being stopped, as you will need to address it with cash. An insurance policy, especially the indemnity type, can help you in this regard.

Running a business heavily depends on operations. If you want to improve everything further, you may consider seeking the help of a consultant.

2 Easy Ways to Achieve Success in Business

Businessmen shaking handsA big clash of expectations often happens between employees and employers. As an employer operating on a limited budget, it makes great sense to keep salaries to manageable levels. Your employees, on the other hand, will want more. As a result, they will only hang around because they need to pay the bills.

They will display a lack of commitment to their job, which leads to dismal sales and performance, further reducing your revenue. To avoid such turn of event, you should borrow a leaf from successful enterprises. Well, at least in terms of some of the benefits and incentives companies offer employees.

Hire the right people

Given that employees are the lifeblood of a company, the great ones come at a premium. In most cases, such people are worth their weight in gold. And with the proper terms of engagement, they will deliver in droves.

For instance, it is better to have one superstar sales representative on the payroll than half a dozen mediocre one. If operating on a budget, get a few stellar employees, give them excellent terms, and watch your company’s performance soar.

Again, be sure to have an excellent induction and orientation program to ensure that all new hires hit the ground running.

Create a healthy work environment

Job satisfaction is a great performance motivator for employees at all levels. It is of great importance to make each worker feel valued and appreciated. It causes people to take pride in their job, meaning they bring their A-game always.

They will want to commit to the overall success of the company instead of just being passive. For a company to succeed, all workers must work together like a well-oiled machine.

Employees are the lifeblood that gives your company its ability to meet the needs of your clients, who in turn keep your bottom line. Hence, you need to get the right people for the job and treat them just right.