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What is probate?

Lawyer talking to a womanProbate is the legal process by which a person’s estate is sorted out after they have passed away. Depending on the size of their estate, how much they prepared for death beforehand and various other factors, the process can be more or less complicated. It is often easiest for someone to involve a legal professional to help with the administration process such as a probate solicitors in Portsmouth.

It is true that hiring legal professionals, such as Andrew & Andrew, as probate solicitors in Portsmouth can cost more than settling the estate independent of legal advice. However, involving experts ensures that all obligations are met, fees paid and that the estate is fully settled. It can avoid costly and damaging repercussions from omissions or errors in the process at a later date.

The process

The process is different depending on whether someone has made a will or not.

If the deceased made a will, they will have named executors to administer the estate. Not every named executor needs to take part in the process. Often, the first thing that an executor needs to do is apply for a grant of representation, which allows them to act on behalf of the deceased in legal and financial matters. There are some cases where this may not be necessary. A probate solicitors in Portsmouth will easily be able to determine whether a grant of representation is required or not. In these cases, the will determines how the estate is divided up barring any complications as discussed below.

If the deceased has not left a will, the administrative duties normally fall to the next of kin. This is not necessarily the person they have been living with if they were not married or in a civil partnership. It is their closest blood relative who is over the age of 18. In these cases, the law decides how assets are distributed.


Even where a will details the wishes of the deceased, there can still be complications if the will is deemed to be fraudulent or invalid. Someone may also be able to prove that the will was drawn up under duress or after coercion.

The People You Need to Start a Small Business

The workplace of a small businessEvery business starts small. Sure, it may be something you can do from your own house at first, but if you want it to go somewhere, you need it to be more legitimate. You also need a long-term plan. There are no cutting corners if you want a favorable future. 

Business Attorney 

It's easy to break commercial laws if you're not aware of them. To keep all transactions professional and legal, and other experts say that you should have a small business attorney as part of your team. This person can also help with your compensation arrangements amongst your employees. That's another difficult area to navigate on your own, especially if this is your first business venture. The last thing you want is for your business to fold before you even get it started properly. 

SEO Agency

Denver's business owners know just how competitive the landscape can be. No one who wants to succeed will disagree that you need SEO, and DIY just won't do. A team of professionals can work on your website and get you to start ranking for relevant keywords while you focus on the more important aspects of your business. You can also get the same team to work on your business logo. An SEO agency can work on your web copy, press releases, and off-page content. 

Business Consultant 

If you can't afford to hire an individual with all the business skills to get you out there, the next best thing is to find a consultant. You won't be paying for a full-time salary, but they do have a consultancy fee, which is still cost-effective if you consider that you won't be paying for benefits. You can even get a small team of consultants going, while product development can be done in-house. 

Starting a business is not as hard as you'd imagine–if you have the right people to help. Get these people on board and get started. 

3 Tips on How to Find a Good Bankruptcy Lawyer

Lawyer signing a paperIn 2016, there were a total of 794,960 total bankruptcy filings based on figures from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. There are many reasons why people file for bankruptcy. If you’re planning to file for one this year, keep these in mind if you’re searching for a bankruptcy lawyer in Salt Lake City or anywhere else in Utah.

1. Ask for referrals

Some people like to keep their financial status private, especially if they’re filing for bankruptcy. However, a referral from a colleague or a family friend can do you good. You may find it uncomfortable to discuss your current financial situation with a friend, a colleague, or an extended relative, but referrals could also come with discounts that might be useful to you in the long run. Moreover, you might be surprised to find that a friend has gone through the same ordeal and can even offer some advice.

2. Look for lawyers online

Most people start with search engines when they want to look for something, including lawyers. You can start your search through search engines or, if you already know the names of several law firms, you can check their listings online. Of course, most of the lawyers you’ll find in the first few pages of your engine search are the ones who pay for sponsored content.

3. Inquire with your city’s bankruptcy court

There are several courts that provide a public listing of practicing bankruptcy lawyers in the area, so make sure you check with your local court. After getting some names, you can do your own background check and decide which one suits you best.

Finding the right bankruptcy lawyer can help you navigate the tough times ahead. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals from friends, family, and even your local court, so you can find the best one. Remember, you need all the help you can get.

When Disaster Strikes: Signs You Need a Public Adjuster

a Public Adjuster discussing the terms of an insurance to a clientAfter an unforeseen property damage or loss, don’t be surprised that your insurance company has experts to vouch for their side. Fire or natural disasters, such as a hurricane, flood, or winter storm, can take a toll on your life and it’s not like it prepares you to face it.

You have obligations and rights as an insured policyholder – and this includes hiring a public insurance adjuster in Florida to represent you. The question is how will you know if you really need one? Read on to find out.

You don’t entirely understand the depth of coverage and language of the insurance policy

Public adjusters are there to advocate for you, so they will do everything to help you recover financially. Insurance claims carry an array of complicated clauses, legal terms, issues, provisions, and processes that you will need to address to take full advantage of your settlement.

You need to prove, document, and file a claim

If your claim is big or consists of several complex factors, a public adjuster will help you make things easier. Keep in mind that your insurance company will also use an adjuster, but don’t be fooled. They work for the company and not for you, so they will prioritize your needs less. Your insurance company will incorporate a team who knows everything about your policy, including its coverage and exclusions. They will watch out for their own bottom line.

In this situation, getting the guidance and assistance of a professional would be the wisest decision you could make. Think about it, you spent most of your life improving your home or your business, and have paid noteworthy insurance premiums to protect it. Don’t think twice about hiring a public adjuster because they will handle your claim properly from the beginning.

The Lowdown on How Alimony Works in Colorado

Alimony written on an envelope with dollars.Alimony is usually one of the most contested topics in divorce. Also called maintenance, it’s the money paid by one spouse to support the other. Rules vary among states, and a new law changed its dynamics in Colorado in 2014. It provides a formula judges can use to award fair alimony.

However, any experienced Denver or Boulder divorce lawyer would say that it’s more of a suggestion than a standard. As it may be too early to look for reliable patterns to gauge how closely judges follow it, it can still be hard to anticipate outcomes.

Nonetheless, remember these truths about alimony in Colorado to set your expectations straight:

It Considers More Than Just Income

The newly developed formula helps calculate alimony based on income, but it isn’t only about the amount of money the prospective paying spouse makes. The judge also considers the prospective supported spouse’s health, age, and financial resources to decide on the award. When the supposed spouse is the one looking after the young children, the judge also factors in childcare cost.

It Doesn’t Always Apply

Getting alimony isn’t a guarantee. The judge may not award maintenance if the length of marriage is too short. After all, the advisory guidelines the new state law provides only does the math for marriages of three to 20 years.

Furthermore, the prospective supported spouse must prove lack of proper self-sufficiency financially to the judge. Otherwise, no spouse would support another after divorce.

It’s Not Forever

Alimony is only temporary. The judge measures how long the prospective supported spouse can get back on their feet and become self-supporting. Evaluating future potential earning capacity depends on income based on job history, education, skills, and local job opportunities.

Leaving the amount and duration of alimony in the hands of the judge is full of uncertainty. It’s always advisable to discuss and finalize this matter between the couple to make the process less stressful.

Child Support Following a Divorce: What You Should Know

child support colorful letters, gavel and cashDivorce is a complex procedure; it can put a serious physical and emotional burden on anyone. This is particularly true for cases wherein there are children involved. While the legal proceedings for marriage dissolution are complicated, it becomes even more so once child custody comes into play.

The Burnham Law Firm, P.C. stresses the importance of working with a legal professional who has considerable experience in handling child custody cases. Doing so will help you get through and cope with the divorce better. It will also give a better handle on child support matters.

You and your spouse’s financial responsibilities towards your children

All parents want the best for their children. However, a warm and loving home is just one of them. There are various expenses associated with raising a child, and it’s important that you have stable finances to ensure that you meet your little one’s needs.

You and your spouse have responsibilities to satisfy what the State of Colorado requires as adequate for child support. This means both of you should contribute. The question is how you should divide the expenditures.

As uncomfortable as the topic is for many, it is crucial for a child’s welfare. With the help of an experienced family attorney, you can ensure that your spouse will help finance the raising of your kids.

Determining child support: How it’s done in The Centennial State

Many factors influence child support computation in Colorado. The primary ones include the separate gross incomes of both parents, the length of time the children spend with each of their parents, and the requirements to raise a child safely in a healthy environment.

Child custody and child support are complex, so it’s best to have an experienced divorce attorney. With a legal professional by your side, you can make informed decisions for you and your child’s future.