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What Happens if You Resist Arrest in Washington?

Man arrested by officerIf you were stopped and arrested by a law enforcement officer, there are certain safeguards in place that protect you from such encounters under the law. Although the law protects you from police misconduct, including excessive force or wrongful arrest, the law likewise protects law enforcement officers when stopping or arresting an individual.

For one, a police officer arresting an individual could exercise the amount of force needed for restraining the individual being arrested. If you attempt to flee, you could be charged with resisting arrest, warns a criminal defense attorney from Feldman & Lee PS in Lynnwood.

Laws on Resisting Arrest in Washington

According to Washington Revised Code Section9A:76.040, you can’t deliberately attempt to or prevent a law enforcement officer from arresting you. State laws differ when defining “law enforcement officers,” but this includes sheriffs, police officers, as well as peace officers including prison guards, park rangers, parole supervisors, probation supervisors, and in certain conditions, off-duty security guards.

Under the Section 9A:76.020 of the Washington Revised Code, you can’t likewise intentionally obstruct, hinder, or delay any law enforcement officer from performing their duties. For example, you can’t resist arrest, provide a law enforcement officer false information and identification, or bar firefighters from accessing a fire site.

Resisting arrest laws vary greatly from one state to another. In the Washington state, this charge is classified as a misdemeanor. But while this is considered a minor charge, it could result in more severe charges depending on the specific circumstances surrounding the incident. For example, if you used force when resisting arrest, your charge could be elevated to third-degree assault, or if you disarmed the arresting officer while resisting the arrest, you could be charged with a felony, warns a top criminal defense attorney in Lynnwood.

Potential Penalties for Resisting Arrest in Washington

Although the specific penalties would depend on the particular circumstances surrounding your case, if you’re charged with resisting arrest, you could face as much as $1,000 in fines and/or jail time of up to 90 days, which is standard for a misdemeanor charge. If you’re charged with obstructing a law enforcement officer, you could face as much as $5,000 in fines and jail time of up to a year because this charge is a gross misdemeanor.

And as mentioned above, you could face harsher penalties if the incident involved aggravating factors such as using force or disarming an officer. With this in mind, seek legal help right away if you are accused of resisting arrest, most especially if you’re facing additional and elevated charges for underlying offenses.

What are Some Ways to Earn a Certificate in HR Law?

Law Student StudyingMany online courses today allow students to earn an HR law certificate, which is a cheaper alternative to learning different aspects of employment and tax laws.

Some courses even let you enroll in a specific field of legal studies, including freedom of expression. While you would still need a Juris doctorate to practice labor laws, a certificate helps HR professionals prove that they have a broad understanding of different subjects.

Online Fees

It may cost as low as $30 or up to $150 for each course certificate. If you have an open schedule, it’s better to sign up for courses that allow you to dictate your own pace. Otherwise, you would need to follow a structured timeline for the class.

A graduate certificate in business law requires a higher amount with some classes worth more than $29,000 for five courses. An aspiring legal secretary or HR paralegal can sign up for virtual courses around 200 accredited colleges and universities in the U.S. These courses range between $645 and $729, excluding textbooks and other fees. It will cost you around $1,300 for a 14-week-long online paralegal certificate.

Employment Salaries

An HR law certificate could also improve an employment lawyer’s credentials and earning potential. The average salary of a labor attorney in the U.S. amounts to $144,000. Some professionals earn up to $175,000 but take note that those without experience can earn less than $65,000.

Like any other lawyers, those who specialize in employment law should ideally have a law school diploma from an American Bar Association-accredited institution. Some firms or companies even require professionals to have at least one year of experience in practicing law, so one way to build your own involves volunteering or working for non-profit groups.

There are now different alternatives to learn more about labor rules and regulations. Online classes may not be a complete substitute for traditional classes, but it certainly helps a student in stretching their budget.

Veterans’ Benefits: Which Type Should You Apply For?

Man wearing a US military uniformThere are various types of benefit claims readily available for veterans and their families. As there are a bunch of benefits they could apply and get access to, it’s quite unfortunate how the majority of them aren’t aware of these things.

That’s why to give them the compensation they truly deserve after serving the country, listed below are some of the most common types of veterans claims they could enjoy.

Disability Compensation

It’s the type of benefit wherein veterans would receive monthly payments as compensation for their disabilities sustained during active military service. The benefit of the amount usually depends on the degree of injury, disease, or condition. In Utah, disabled veteran benefits range from $1,500 to $3,100. As long as all the necessary documents are provided, widows and widowers of deceased veterans could also qualify for the compensation.

Honorable Discharge

This is a benefit claim for veterans who were discharged under general condition. The term often refers to the military member’s failure to fulfill the mission due to physical and psychological incapability. One important thing to note about this benefit is veterans would receive compensation or allowance based on the period or duration of service. Also, those who are under this circumstance are no longer qualified for any retirement benefits.

Military Retirement

If a person was able to fulfill over 20 years of military duty, he or she is qualified to make a retirement claim. However, this is also applicable to members who decided to retire early from the service. The amount to be received by the retiree depends on the number of circumstances applicable.

These are just some of the common types of benefit claims a veteran is entitled to receive. In case you have other concerns or inquiries, it’s best to visit the Veterans Affairs office so they could probably address them. This way, you’ll know which benefit program suits you best.

Online Conveyancing Advantages for Cost and Time Savings

a houseConveyancing is the last step to the sale of property. It is the final act where you transfer ownership of a piece of land, house or building. It can be a costly process, especially if you do not know who to talk to, or which conveyancer you want to help do the work for you.

This is one reason there are now online solicitors for conveyancing such as those from the Conveyancing Supermarket who can help you.

A Costly Procedure

The aim of conveyancing is to transfer ownership from one person to the other. The signing of the contract to buy and the payment of the property are just parts of the sales process. It also ends when the conveyancing process ends.

It can be costly because you need to pay documentary stamps, file multiple copies and visit several offices. There are also due diligence procedures that you need to perform to ensure the property is free of liens and that there is only one owner.

It is not a complicated process, but it can be a tedious one because it follows a set of procedures you need to conform to the letter.

The Conveyancer

Since it is expensive as it is straightforward, it is easy to see why some people would want to do it themselves. It is true that the buyer of the property can do it. However, it is not advisable to do so if it is the first time the individual would be going through the process.

In all probability, the buyer would end up spending more if he or she would end up making costly mistakes.

There are conveyancing services and conveyance solicitors who will process the property documents for a fee. They have the resources, they know the procedure, and they know the pertinent laws on property sales. They are professionals who specialise on conveyancing.

Nowadays, one of the least painful and most affordable ways to the conveyancing process is to enlist an online conveyancing service.

Divorce Lawyers and What to Ask Them

Divorce lawyer listening to client

Going through a divorce is not something that people face every day. It takes its toll on both parties involved — physically, emotionally, and financially. But, it’s something that happens inevitably to some. There’s nothing you can do but face it and overcome it with the help of a good divorce attorney.

Finding a good divorce attorney in Colorado Springs, CO would require you to ask the right questions. Here are some things you might want to jot down and bring on your first visit:

How do you charge?

Different lawyers have different policies when it comes to fees. Some charge by the hour, while others charge per case. Knowing how they charge from the very beginning can give you an idea whether you can afford their services or not.

Do you specialize in divorce?

The lawyer you choose should specialize in family law and in handling divorce cases. Someone who specializes in such field can definitely give you a better chance of winning.

How will you tackle my case?

Different lawyers have different approaches. Discussing with your lawyer early on about the approach they plan to make can give you an idea of whether you jibe with each other or not. Divorce is not an overnight job. Therefore, your preferences and your lawyer’s methods should match with each other.

How many cases have you won?

While this is not a definitive scale on your lawyer’s skills, knowing how many cases they’ve won will reflect their kinds of services. While you’re at it, asking how many cases similar to yours they’ve handled will also be helpful.

Never compromise on the kind of divorce lawyer to help you. Evaluate them thoroughly by asking the right questions.

3 Things to Prepare As You Visit a Divorce Attorney

Dealing with divorcePeople going through a divorce are often shocked by how complicated the process is. It’s a grueling legal, financial, and emotional battle, and you need to be prepared if you want to win it. The best ally to have in your corner is an experienced attorney. Once you choose a reputable divorce and child custody lawyer in Denver, here are three things to get ready as you go to see them.

A list of essential questions

Before you hire a divorce attorney, you would want to know if you have the best legal expert for your case. Remember what’s at stake here — your children and your hard-earned wealth. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to know whether the attorney is the right one for you. Ask about the potential cost and length of the entire process, as well.

Essential documents

There’s a host of paperwork involved in a divorce process. To know the financial situation of you and your spouse, the divorce attorney will want to see at least a three months’ worth of pay. Bring copies of tax returns, too. Don’t forget copies of prenuptial agreements, children’s birth certificates, separation agreements, and so on.

Incriminating evidence

Chances are you already have photos, videos, notes and social media postings that may be incriminating your partner. Bring them with you to the attorney to prove incidents of abuse and cheating. This evidence may be beneficial, as your attorney starts to prepare the case. That said, it’s best to remember that the majority of cases today are ‘no-fault’ divorces, meaning that the evidence of adultery may not influence the outcome of the case.

Once you have decided to hire an attorney for your divorce proceedings, it’s essential that you prepare a few things in advance as you visit them. Doing this helps save both your time and that of the attorney.