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Paralegal Studies: The Ideal Choice for Law Careers

A row of books concerning laws Internet technology has pushed the boundaries of different fields, including education. Now, you can access hundreds of degree programs from various educational institutions from the comforts of your home. Amongst the degrees you can study for, paralegal certificate programs may be some of the most popular choices.

First Step Towards a Law Career

Paralegal studies, obviously enough, involves the law. You can study to become a paralegal if you have interests in law. In fact, paralegal experience can boost your application to a law school in the future if you want to proceed as an attorney, but more on that later.

Do You Have the Skills?

To become a paralegal, you will have to work and study hard. You will encounter numerous case studies and readings; you will have to think critically every step of the way. You can take a paralegal education if your strengths lie in these areas, or if you are determined enough to learn to become skilled in them.

Do You Have the Dedication?

Even if you take paralegal certificate programs online, you will still have to dedicate countless of hours to study and research. For people with casual social lives, paralegal studies may be right for you as you can easily commit to the rigorous training. When you enjoy heavy research and long busy days, you can also take paralegal studies.

Help with Your LSAT

Now, in what ways can paralegal studies assist you in a law school application? For one, you will gain the character, skills, and knowledge needed to prepare for and pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). You will want a high LSAT score. To achieve that, you need to dedicate yourself to heavy study.

Help with Your Letters of Recommendation

You can also gain valuable relationships with undergraduate professors in your studies. They can be excellent candidates for your letters of recommendation when you apply for law school. After your paralegal studies, you can even work as a paralegal and secure a letter of recommendation from your supervising attorney.

As you consider different online studies, you can ponder on paralegal studies. It can be a great gateway into a law career.

A Spouse Scorned: Adultery and Fault Divorce in New Mexico

Adultery IllustrationCheating or adultery, most especially in marriages is immensely emotional and painful. Although some couples find peace and resolve the issue, others consider adultery as a deal breaker. If you find out that your spouse has been philandering with another man or woman and is considering a divorce, you would be glad to know that New Mexico divorce law considers adultery a justifiable ground.

Effects of Adultery

If you’re filing for divorce because of your spouses’ philandering ways, you must prove it in court and demonstrate that it resulted in the dissolution of your marriage. Adultery means that your spouse had consensual sexual intercourse with another individual than you (their spouse).

Proving Adultery

When proving adultery, divorce lawyers in Albuquerque say that you need to provide a concrete and undeniable evidence of your spouse’s escapades. Luckily for you, there are many ways to go about this: eyewitnesses, photos, video and audio recordings, reports from a private investigator, text messages, e-mails, receipts, and even social media posts.

Claiming adultery against your spouse, on the other hand, won’t have the effect you’re looking for during court proceedings because judges don’t like to nitpick intimate details. This means that crying and becoming overly emotional might not help that much, so focus on the facts and evidence at hand.

Adultery and Child Custody

If your spouse’s cheating ways are having a detrimental impact on your child, it could affect your child custody arrangements. You have to show a direct link between the cheating of your spouse and why they can’t be awarded custody. For example, if giving custody to your spouse would place your child in an unhealthy environment or an environment that could potentially cause mental or physical injury.

In terms of alimony and property division, however, the court would examine many factors, but adultery isn’t one of them.

Whether it’s the embarrassment, cost, or hassle, many couples resort to no-fault divorce, even with allegations of adultery. Think many times before filing to make sure that you’re making the best choice not only for you, but for your whole family.

Queensland Regulatory Offences: What You Should Know

Man in handcuffsAccording to the Regulatory Offences Act 1985, shoplifting is a regulatory offence and occurs when an individual steals any goods or property from a shop or store. A regulatory offence is a minor offence under law wherein the damaged goods or property’s value stolen or shoplifted is less than a specific dollar amount.

What Exactly are Regulatory Offences?

Under the Regulatory Offences Act 1985, there are three kinds of regulatory offences. These include:

  1. The illegal deal of shop goods or property worth $150 or less. This involves shoplifting, swapping out price tags, drinking or eating in the shop and not paying, and crossing out prices or removing the price tags.
  2. The unlawful damage to goods or property costing $250 or less.
  3. Leaving hotels or restaurants and failing to pay for accommodation, services, goods, or drinks and food worth $150 or less. This involves using an unauthorised credit card and/or bad cheques or simply leaving without paying.

The Magistrates Court handle regulatory offences, and if you’ve been charged with one, you can’t just request that your case goes to higher court. The great news is that you can’t be jailed for a minor offence. According to Connolly Suthers, one of the top criminal lawyers in Townsville however, in case you get convicted, this conviction would show up in your criminal history.

He adds that the police could likewise charge you with more severe offences such as stealing, wilful damage, or fraud instead of one of the three regulatory offences mentioned above. Aside from this, you could be penalised with hefty fines and jail time.

Other Critical Things to Keep in Mind

If you have been charged with any offence, you must request that the police give you a copy of the QP9 or Queensland Police form, which is a summary containing the police’s version of the incident that led you being charged. You must obtain this form before seeking legal help so that your lawyer would know what happened exactly and how he or she could build a solid defence for your case.

Not So Fast: When a Person’s Bail Bonds Are Revoked

A gavel, a pair of open handcuffs, and a stack of bills on a table Bail bonds allow a defendant to carry on with their normal life while awaiting the outcome of their trial. Every individual should be mindful of their actions, however, since there is no such thing as absolute freedom when out on bail. To take full advantage of Wake County bail bonds, a defendant should follow the terms of their release to avoid having their bail revoked.

Bond Revoking Happens as a Result of Risky Personal Conduct

By law, a bail agent takes responsibility of a defendant and becomes a defendant’s jailer. In some cases then, it is possible for a bail bond company to revoke the bond of an individual. While every state has its own regulations when it comes to bond revocation and turning in defendants, it often happens as a result of a failure of a person to fulfill their responsibilities as ordered by the court. Additionally, courts could also revoke the decision when a defendant does not adhere to prescribed bail terms.

Bail Agents Cannot Revoke Bail out of Non-Payment

While bail could mistakenly be revoked due to a failure to pay the total bail fee, a bail bond company cannot revoke bail for that reason alone. They may resort to legal means to collect the debt, but a company cannot punish the defendant by returning them to jail. Even if there are suspicions that a defendant may not show up at court, it does not give a company the right to revoke the posted bail.

Bail Revocation Can Be Costly

During instances of bail revocation, the defendant winds back in jail and the bail money is forfeited. Should a person seek release through a bail bond again, it would require a new bail contract and fee, which could be prohibitive the second time around.

The best way a bond could work out well for both parties would be for a defendant to understand the terms set forth by the court as this is the easiest path towards their release. It is a low price to pay for having to remain in jail for the duration of one’s trial, after all.

What House Bill 63 Would Mean for Immigrants

House Bill 63 may make it more difficult for undocumented immigrants to live in the country. A provision on detention denies bail to undocumented immigrants accused of drug-related and driving offenses, among others. Authorities may also detain illegal immigrants accused of misdemeanor crimes if and when federal agents request local jails to keep them behind bars for 48 hours.

The Dangers of House Bill 63

While lawmakers intend to use the bill to protect communities, some argue that the proposed legislation’s provision on bail may lead to overcrowding in detention centers. Overcrowding is already a big problem in the state; one way of decongesting jails is through bail bonds in Charlotte, NC.

The bail system not only ensures defendants get adequate preparation for their case and that they keep court dates. It also frees up space in jails by temporarily releasing individuals accused of misdemeanor crimes.

Some people further argue that HB 63 would encourage racial profiling and allow law enforcement to detain individuals without probable cause. Proponents of the bill, however, point out that the proposed legislation will only ensure that local law enforcement does not conflict with federal law.

Teen, Denied Bond after Alleged Stealing

But new immigration policy under the Trump Administration is already placing greater restriction on certain individuals.  As an example, a judge denied bail to a teen accused of stealing $2,900 from his place of work.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police charged Gus Zamudio, a high school student whose family illegally moved to the country from Mexico. Agents from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement have put him behind bars.

Under the previous immigration policy, detaining a defendant, in preparation for deportation, required criminal conviction.

Current conditions in America are making it difficult for immigrants. Whether it’s the looming risk of House Bill 63 or new immigration policy, it pays to know recent changes in legislation.

Working with Lawyers: How to Be a Paralegal

Paralegal At Work The paralegal career is not new. It began in the 60s, as a solution to the problem of individual legal practitioners and law firms concerning efficiency and cost-effectiveness in offering and delivering legal services.

Not only can a paralegal free up the attorney’s time for more important matters, but they can also help reduce the fees clients usually had to pay if they employed only a team of lawyers to do all the work.

How to be a paralegal

It is actually easy to become a paralegal; you can become one by getting the right education and training, or even by taking paralegal school online courses. If you have limited time due to your current employment or studies, you can study online

How paralegals earn at a law firm

When you work as a paralegal for a law firm, the time you spend doing clerical and administrative work is not billable to any client. Your firm pays you a regular salary. When you spend time on legal work, however, such as when a lawyer assigns you to interview witnesses and write some legal documents for a case, they bill the client for your work.

The difference between lawyer and paralegal

As a paralegal, you cannot give legal advice to clients or anyone in need of legal services. Only a licensed lawyer can do that. In like manner, only a lawyer may accept or reject a case, set a fee for legal services, and represent the interests of a client in court.

Other fields that require paralegals

Although most paralegals work in private law firms, there are also paralegals working in businesses and corporations, as well as the U.S. government. You may work under a lawyer or law firm’s legal practice, with an accountancy or tax firm, a real estate agency, or in estate planning.

There are plenty of careers for those who are ready to work as paralegals. Get your education and training now and enjoy a lucrative job as a paralegal in the near future.