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How Gate Posts Determine The Performance Of Your Aluminum Driveway Gate

Aluminum gates

It is your responsibility as a homeowner to protect your home by all means. Luckily, there are varieties of automatic and manual driveway gates today, so property owners can choose how to control access to their homes. Among these gates are aluminum driveway gates, which offer not only convenience, privacy, and security, but also an extended service life.

The performance of these gates depends on some factors, however. Here are some of them:

Structural Support and Design

Regardless of your gate's size and weight, the posts should be sturdy since they play a significant role in providing structural support. It is, therefore, preferable to block the post to the beams and extend them through the deck floor. While focusing on how strong your gate should be, remember to keep the posts functional and decorative. Choose ornamented gate posts to enhance the curb appeal of your property while considering your exterior home's design and decor.

Materials and Supporting Posts

Gate posts are available in different materials. Hence, the need to choose posts made of a durable material to support your gate for a long time. The best materials should have the capacity to withstand snow, rain, sun rays, and other harsh weather elements. It is important to consider that most posts come in pairs — one to support the gate latch, while the other supports the gate. However, some gates have an enhanced width, which needs more posts for extra support.

Dimensions and Installation

When buying posts for aluminum driveway gates, and other experts suggest knowing the height of your gate. This is to determine the size of the required posts. Also, specify whether you will need the gate posts to be beneath the ground or above the ground with a wall fixing.

The expertise of the experts you hire to install your driveway gate and the quality of the posts will determine the longevity of your driveway gate. Be wise and choose right.

Boost Your Property’s Value with These Tricks

A drawing of a property's value being increased Are you looking to sell your home, or maybe just make money out of property rentals from your place in North Shore? Well, with fluctuating real estate prices in the North Shore area, it never hurts to increase your home’s value without necessarily having to break the bank.

Here are few simple ideas that can boost your home’s worth that are so easy to do.

The Kitchen

For a few hundred dollars and a bit of effort on your end, you can have a kitchen looking like it came straight out of a magazine. How do you do it? Well for starters, take care of the aesthetics. Mismatched colours are a big no-no!

If your appliances look like a patchwork done by a kindergarten student, then it is time to do some sprucing up. You do not have to replace them completely. All you will need to replace are their face panels.

Stainless steel stoves, black microwave, and white fridge doors can all have the same look, and it will not cost you an arm and a leg.

The Bathroom

Your kitchen is important, but do not forget the bathrooms as well. Simple improvements do not have to cost a tonne of money. Why not install a new toilet seat to give the old throne a new look? Buy a cheap pedestal sink to show potential buyers (or renters) that this bath exudes sophistication.

Have your tiles cleaned and your light fixtures upgraded. These simple ideas can easily transform a drab old bathroom into a room good enough to live in.

The Lighting

Even the ugliest of dumps has the potential to look like the palace of your dreams under the right lighting. Find new ways to cast a spotlight on the beautiful parts and maybe darken the ugly corners. Lighting plays an essential role in determining a house’s aesthetic, and you will do well to invest in a few additional light bulbs to increase your home’s value.

These ideas do not cost much, but the return in value is enormous. With more and more people looking for properties, it is never a bad idea to up your worth a notch or two.

Aging in Place: Design Ideas to Consider for a Safe, Independent Lifestyle

Elders Exercising in a HomeAging in place is becoming a popular option among retirees-to-be: it’s a lifestyle that allows people to remain in their home as long as they’re able. To make sure that homes continue to fit the needs of homeowners as they age, it requires creating a space where seniors can enjoy safe and independent living.

Home design matters if you plan on aging in place, as it helps avoid potential injuries and falls that could happen on your property. Sunnyside Builders, a residential development and home building company, understands the importance of the right design ideas for aging in place. With the help of a reputable custom home builder, you can create a home that fits all your needs.

Wide Doorways

Large entryways are essential in your custom home. You’ll need enough space for your walker or wheelchair to fit in, so make sure that each door in your home is at least three feet wide. If you don’t need to close a particular door, try going door less instead. This way it will by easier to go from place to place while avoiding accidents.

Complete Amenities on the First Floor

If you have a two-story home, make sure you have a bath, a bedroom, a functional kitchen, and a living or family area all on the first floor. First-floor living gives you easy access to amenities without using the stairs, especially if you have back or knee trouble. Having a master suite on the first floor can help you age more comfortably in place.

Safe Bathroom Infrastructure

Bathroom design is one of the most important considerations you have to make when designing your custom home. For extra safety, you may opt for a zero-entry shower that comes with a seat. The customization will make you more comfortable while you’re on a wet surface. Additionally, installing grab bars around toilets and in the shower will be a big help whenever you sit or stand.

Have a personalized design plan at hand so you can continue living in your home even as you age. There is great satisfaction in living comfortably in a tailor-fit environment during retirement.

Are You Buying the Right House in Brisbane?

Buying a Brisbane PropertyBrisbane is one of the most liveable cities in Australia. It's easy to overlook Brisbane when you’ve set your eyes on the bustling city of Sydney or the quaint and sentimental Melbourne. Through the years, Brisbane has created an image of being relaxed, laid-back, casual and not short on any cultural activities. However, when buying a property, you still need to make sure you get your money’s worth. Here’s how.

Decide on how far you want to be from the CBD.

If you're single or married without children, and you're moving to Brisbane for that job in the CBD, look in–or at least near–the centre. If you want to live in the suburbs, make sure you’re not off the grid, and that everything you need is accessible.

Investigate the property and the area.

You may have found the house you think is perfect for your family. Should you get it right away? No. Take time to investigate and uncover everything–the good and the bad.

Ask the owner why they are selling the property. If you don’t get a straightforward answer, it might be a red flag. This is the time to dig deeper. For instance, you may find out that it’s prone to floods. If this is something you don’t want to risk, move on and continue your search.

Get a property valuation.

Make sure you're paying for market value. Even if the house is within your budget, this doesn’t mean you're paying right. Usually, sellers get the service of property valuators to know how much their property is worth. However, it’s best if you double-check through professional valuation. A certified property valuator will factor in attributes such as location, building condition and local council zoning.

Find out more about the community.

The house, the location and all the technicalities are not the only factors. You're buying it so you can live in it. You'll want to look into the neighbourhood and the community more closely.

Do you feel safe living there with your family? How active is the community when it comes to family and cultural activities? Also, consider whether you're a perfect fit.

Buying a property isn’t as easy as pointing where you want to be on the map. It's not enough that it's only a four-hour drive from Bundaberg or the Mon Repos Turtle Rookery. It's going to be your home, so you need to feel at home.

Here’s How You Can Make Your Home Safer for Kids

Childproofing Your HouseAs a parent, it is normal to worry about your child's well-being and security, be it in your home or outside. That's why before any unfortunate things happen, it is always good to take action in advance. One good way to do that is to make your home safer and less harmful to them. Read on to learn some child-proofing hacks for your home.

Choose Crib & Baby Items Carefully

Buy crib that follows the safety standard regulated by the government. Avoid accepting hand-me-down baby bunk because chances are some parts of it might be already loose and are missing. It is best to purchase a new one, especially for baby items to avoid contamination or possible transmission of germs or viruses.

Limit Pillows, Blankets & Plush Toys

Putting too much pillows and plushies on your kid's crib may cause suffocate him/her, so just limit on using these items. Two to three pillows are more than enough to make it comfortable for your little one.

Gate Off Unsafe Areas

Block the entry to unsafe rooms or danger zones in your home by installing safety gates or handrails for baby. Accidents related to falling is the most common cause of injuries for kids, especially when they are starting to walk, crawl, and stand on their own.

Keep Away Tiny Objects

Remove all small items within your kid's reach to avoid him/her from choking on it. Find a cabinet or drawer where you can lock these items for safekeeping.

Avoid Sharp Edges

Cover up sharp edges and corners of your furniture with protective rubber padding. This is to prevent sustaining bruise or injury to your child whenever they accidentally bump into these surfaces.

Make your home a safer place for your kids with these childproofing tricks. Along with that, be sure to keep an eye on them to monitor their every action, so you can immediately take action whenever you need to.

Utah Restaurants: Now Accepting Tips–Again

Utah RestaurantsUtah is not new to changes. Neither is it opposed to it. As a state recognized for its education system, Utah is at the forefront of innovation. But sometimes change is not a good thing. 

Case in point: The switch to no tipping, and why several companies decided to go back to the "traditional" way of doing things. 

No tipping at the back end

The “no tipping” policy should have addressed the wage difference between those with client-facing jobs, such as the waiters, and those in the kitchen, such as the cooks and dishwashers. According to a restaurant owner in San Francisco, the kitchen staff received a $13-$20 hourly wage, while the front of the house staff earned at least $25. Their wage could go up to $40. 

So why did Joe’s Crab Shack, which announced the move to the no-tip model late last year, decide to revert to the old ways? There was the issue of attrition and the imminent increase in minimum wage. 

Where the salary increase came from

Attrition became a major concern when companies started hiring and training younger staff (who would agree to the initial pay). And then these employees leave, eager to find better opportunities elsewhere. Companies also had to hike up their menu prices to cover the wage increase they awarded their current employees. 

Double T. Inc quips that with such money, imagine all the new sidings, chef training, and perhaps kitchen remodeling plans that the money could have been used for. That may have been one of the many thoughts of business owners who decided to go back to tipping. 

With spring setting in, carrying with it a cooler and wetter environment, it’s no wonder businesses in the service and hospitality industry would rather use a tried-and-tested method while keeping their prices low and having enough money to keep their establishment in good shape.