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Three Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

People at a birthday partyIs your birthday coming up and you’re still scrounging for ideas? As a hardworking woman, you feel like a birthday party isn’t cutting it this year. It’s time to go on a girls’ trip of some sort and have fun with your BFFs. While a full-blown trip to the tropics might not be feasible for now, here are some tips for taking your birthday bonding to the next level:

Good Old Las Vegas

Nothing screams party more than a weekend at the strip. Hit the clubs of Las Vegas with full-volume lashes, polished nails, and killer heels. Your BFFs will agree to go because who doesn’t like partying in Vegas? Watch a show or two, get on a couple of guest lists, and dance the night away with your besties. Of course, don’t forget to party responsibly! Make sure to party close to your hotel so that you won’t need to walk barefoot too long after a night of dancing in heels.

Get Fancy

You’ve been eyeing a place or two, but the restaurants are out of your usual budget. What better time to splurge on food and drinks than your birthday. Now, inviting a battalion of friends will send you to financial purgatory, so make sure to invite only your besties. Make it an event. Dress up, plan a car service, and book a hotel close to your restaurant of choice. It isn’t every day that you get to feel and look this fancy, so why not take it to the next level on your birthday?

Sleep In

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to wake up in a mansion? Why not make it happen on your birthday? Many home-sharing platforms are listed open for short-term rentals. Rent out a place with a pool and an indoor movie theater, and live like a queen with your friends on your birthday weekend.

These are just some ideas to get you excited about your birthday celebration with the girl gang. Whatever you choose, make sure to have fun and go with people you enjoy spending time with!

Popular Lights and Sounds Shows in Singapore

People watching fireworksSingapore is a city that never sleeps. Some would even say that it’s more alive at night. If you wish to witness the radiance of the city, here are some lights and sounds shows you can catch all year round:

Award Winning Outdoor Night Show

Wings of Time in Sentosa is a multi-sensory experience set against an open sea backdrop. Using breathtaking pyrotechnics, colourful lights and majestic music, the Wings of Time takes the audience to an epic story of courage and friendship.

Voted as the top lights show in Sentosa by TripAdvisor, Wings of Time tells the story of Shahbaz, a mystical pre-historic bird-like creature who needs to go back to his own time. He meets and befriends Rachel and Felix who tag along in his adventures and discover more about themselves throughout their journey.

Mesmerizing Crane Dance

Resorts World has a nightly lights-and-water show set along the Waterfront called the Crane Dance. The mesmerising show features two mechanical cranes dancing to choreographed lights, colours and waterworks.

Despite the cranes being made from heavy metal, they amaze the audience with their graceful and synchronised movements. Towards the end is a series of magical pyrotechnic effects that serve as a visual treat.

Outdoor Symphony of Lights and Music

Spectra is a monthly lights-and-water show held in the Event Plaza of the Marina Bay Sands. It is a free-to-the-public outdoor symphony divided into four acts. The 15-minute show reflects Singapore’s journey as a cosmopolitan city with a multicultural society. The latter half of the symphony has a more futuristic theme that depicts Singapore’s goal for the future.

Marina Bay Sands’ Spectra is a two-year collaboration among music producers, light engineers and computer programmers. The show uses a software programme called Timecode that syncs the light and water effects with the music.

These popular light shows and other vibrant attractions are reasons to be up and awake in Singapore. Make sure to catch these shows on your next visit.

Maximize Turnout at Urban Parks with Benches and Hardscape Elements

a hardscape within a bonfireUrban green spaces like public parks bring many benefits. It helps improve not only the physical and mental health of individuals but also social interaction among members of the community.

While not everyone visits local parks, sixty-nine percent of people in the largest US cities live within a ten-minute walk to a public park. Installing park benches and other useful hardscaping elements may help attract more people to your nearest public park.

It’s also ideal to approach commercial landscapers here in Wilmington for advice about your hardscaping choices. They are experts in the business, after all.

Encourage the People to Stay

What’s an urban park without benches? Benches are a sign that the public is welcome to the park. It invites them not only to pass through the place but also to stop and linger. Park benches are great for people watching and meditating. In fact, you can use it for exercising, too.

Children and teenagers might have no qualms about laying down on the grass, but seniors, pregnant women, and injured people need benches to sit on when they’re tired. Placing benches in areas with heavy foot traffic ensures the benches are used properly. It can also help you direct foot traffic towards other park areas you want to highlight.

Provide Refreshing Meeting Spaces

Benches help boost interaction between locals and provides them with a place spend time together. Remember to install tables, as well! Benches and tables can help attract office workers who want to spend their lunch break at the park. Urban parks near business areas can also serve as informal meeting venues for a change of pace.

Different hardscape elements, such as pergolas, pavilions, and pagodas, are great for public parks, too. It can be used in casual events, such as a birthday celebration or community barbecue. Larger and more stylish pavilions can also be used in formal events like a wedding reception.

Attracting people to your local public park requires more than just keeping the plants well-kept. Consider your visitors’ needs, as well. Remember to install benches and other hardscapes to improve the look of your urban park and encourage greater foot traffic.

4 Safety Tips for New Motorcycle Riders 

two bikers on the roadMany people are shifting to motorcycles when commuting to work. This is mainly because of fuel efficiency and it’s easy to maintain compared to cars. Keep in mind, though, of the significant changes when riding a motorcycle.

Consider the tips below to ensure your safety.

TIP #1: Get a Bike That You Can Handle​

The problem with some of the newbies is they usually go for big bikes without proper knowledge and experience. If it’s your first time to buy a motorcycle, it is advisable to go for lighter models, such as the Buell Blast or the Suzuki GS500. You can also look for other brands with a double cylinder. As much as possible, don’t go beyond 500 cc engines.

TIP #2: Apply for Insurance​

Even professionals and experienced motor riders never take a long ride without insurance. Get comprehensive motorcycle insurance in Chicago, IL. Be sure to check the coverage of your policy. Typically, standard packages include injuries and property damage liability, uninsured/underinsured motorist, small accident forgiveness, OEM parts replacement or repair, medical payments, and others.

Review the documents before signing anything. Compare the rates from other insurance providers and choose the best one that suits you and your budget.

TIP #3: Invest in Anti-lock Brakes​

The anti-lock brakes’ system is essential to new riders. Many motorists consider this as a lifesaver. According to IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), motorcycles equipped with the anti-lock brakes’ system were about 38% less likely to be involved in fatal crashes. The system works as an emergency stop in case the rider loses stability or steering control. This also functions well in slippery conditions.

TIP #4: Hone Your Riding Skills​

The best way to do this is to take riding courses. Consider getting formal riding lessons, as well. It is important to be familiar with the basics before going on a long trip.

Now, you’re ready for your first ride. Don’t forget to wear your helmet and other safety equipment or accessories. Just keep calm, keep your eyes on the road, and enjoy the ride.

To Buy or Not to Buy: 3 Advantages of Having Your Own Boat

row of boats in storageSo you’ve been going back and forth between buying a boat and not, and not buying wins out every time. Still, you often find yourself admiring the bow riders and cruisers in Rockport.

Well, you’ll eventually have to make up your mind completely. And if you just need that extra push to make that purchase, then check out some benefits of owning a boat, as enumerated by Kinsel Docks.

Recreational use

Having a vessel will let you regularly indulge in fun, exciting, and relaxing water activities. There are thrilling water sports, such as sailing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, parasailing, and water skiing, you can enjoy. If you want a more leisurely time, on the other hand, you can take your boat out where you can fish, scuba dive, or snorkel. Additionally, simply cruising on your vessel can already make for both an exciting and relaxing experience.

Transport mode

Naturally, you can use your boat to travel, especially to places you can’t reach by foot, bike, car, etc. This, of course, will mostly only involve short-distance travels. For example, you can get to the other side of a river by boat, which will be a lot faster than driving your car if there’s no bridge. Exploring nearby islands will also be possible with a vessel.

Livelihood source

While owning and maintaining a vessel can be quite expensive, you can utilize your boat to generate some income. For one, you can catch fish or shellfish (crab, lobster, squid, oyster, etc.) and sell them to the local market. If you’re no fisherman, consider ferrying visitors to and from nearby islands or scuba diving, snorkeling, and fishing sites for a reasonable fee. While at it, rent out your gear and equipment needed for such water activities.

Now that you know some of the advantages of owning a vessel, you need to ask yourself once more—to buy, or not to buy: that is the question.

How to Make Your Sydney Group Road Trip Successful

Traveller on a busThe key to group travel is understanding travellers and the purpose of the travel. This is why it is important to get the services of bus hires here in Sydney to meet the group’s travel needs.

Group travel experts offer professional, pocket-friendly bus and coach transport in Sydney and surrounding areas in safe and luxurious buses and coaches.

Whether it is a group of ten or a hundred travellers, you should clearly spell out your objectives so that you can get just the right ride for your needs.

Educational Travel

Is it a school trip or a motivational trip for the best-performing students? They design educational travel package for schools, colleges and universities, as well as technical and further education (TAFE) institutions. School trips enhance the safety of students and allow learning during the trip.

Sporting, Religious, Corporate and Business Groups Travel

Will you be supporting your team during the finals? Will you be travelling to a religious conference? Or is it a corporate luncheon you must attend with your colleagues? Group travel bus hires will facilitate your travel to your destination within the stipulated time.

Bus branding to match your colours and occasion is an added advantage to ensure your travel meets your needs.

Event Travel

Do you have a wedding party, tour, club meeting or any other function that needs transport? A fully branded bus or coach will add colour and vigour to your event and help you achieve your objectives.

Shuttle Travel

Shuttle travel is a package designed for regular transport between two places. At a bus hire Sydney, you will get cruise ship transfers, airport transfers and inbound international travel. Shuttle travel is convenient as you have a coach that will serve your needs whenever and wherever you need it.

If you are a resident of Sydney, bus hire services are critical to the safe and convenient transport of group passengers in and around Sydney. Be it sightseeing, event travel, shuttle services, institutional travel or day tours, your travel needs will be well taken care of.