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How to Prepare for Your Trip to Singapore

Marina Bay Sands at nightSingapore is a beautiful country with a tropical climate, keeping plants lush and green all year round. If you are planning a trip to Singapore, cut back on your excitement for a while and shift focus on making your trip successful and enjoyable.

Singapore provides an interesting blend of culture, history, and business. Whether you are going for a vacation or business trip, there are always places to visit and things to do. This guide will help you prepare for your trip.

Places to Stay

In Singapore, many nice hotels offer impressive dining deals. Find a conveniently located hotel depending on the activities you are going to engage in while in the country. Booking in advance can save you the hassle of having to find the best rooms for your price while on the ground.

Items to Pack

The tropical climate in Singapore requires that you carry light and comfortable clothing to avoid sweating. An umbrella and rain gear will also be helpful given that it rains now and then. You should also bring with you a kit bag with some medicine and bug spray in case you are going to stay near large water bodies.

Things to Do

To make your trip less boring, you should have an idea of things to do while in Singapore. Since it is both a city and country, it isn’t that big, and you might easily miss some things if you don’t do prior research. Find out if there are any historical places you will enjoy visiting, cuisines to taste, and activities to do. Keeping a note of all things you wish to do is the only way to have a fun-filled tour.

Making a comparison of the prices before you embark on your trip can help you have an enjoyable visit to Singapore while saving money. No matter the duration of your visit, having a plan in place will help you make it fun and memorable.

Charleston’s Attractions for All Types of Travelers

haunted houseCharleston, South Carolina is a picturesque town with a unique blend of the modern and historic charm. Founded in 1670 as Charles Town to honor King Charles II of England, it is the oldest and largest city in the State of South Carolina. With a rich history, well-preserved architecture, distinguished restaurants and beautiful coastlines, Charleston is a great vacation destination even if your group has different travel goals and expectations. Here are some things that different types of travelers would enjoy in the city.

For the Thrill Seekers

With its long history and preserved architecture, it’s no surprise that Charleston has its fair share of creepy attractions for the thrill seekers in your group. You can tour the many haunted sights of Charleston for a memorable and hair-raising experience.

Choose from the many creepy but fun-filled tours in the many spooky attractions of the city such as the City Jail, Provost Dungeon and some of the oldest cemeteries in the country. If you want something a little more interactive and upbeat, you can also try joining a murder mystery dinner at the Black Fedora right in the middle of the tourist district.

For First-Time Visitors

First-time travelers to Charleston should not miss the city’s main attractions. Start your trip at the Battery Park cornered by Cooper and Ashley Rivers. See beautiful Southern Mansions and learn more about the American Revolution and the history of the Civil War.

You can then enjoy Charleston’s beautiful beaches, such as Folly’s beach. Walk along the “Edge of America” to get a good view of the Morris Island Lighthouse. If you want to take a break from the sun, try visiting the only tea plantation in the country – the Charleston Tea Plantation, a major attraction in the Wadmalaw Island. You can also visit the tea factory where you can learn about the tea making process.

For Food Lovers

It’s no secret that Charleston somewhat evolved to a culinary paradise in the last few years. Many unique restaurants can be found in the city serving pizza, tacos and seafood. If you are overwhelmed with the countless options, you can join a culinary tour for a multi-course meal that features the South’s rich culinary history. Other options for gourmands include a visit to Charleston’s farmer’s market to sample the region’s seasonal foodstuff and trying out Charleston’s current food craze: all-day breakfast food concepts.

No matter how varied your travel goals are, you can be sure that everyone goes home fulfilled when you go for a holiday in Charleston. Take a look at these recommendations and make everybody excited for the trip.

These 3 Hikes Will Make You Want to Visit Southeast Asia

hikingSoutheast Asia is a fascinating region that has been on the backpacking route for years. The region’s culture, history, and beautiful attractions make it a premier destination. For outdoor-type visitors who are looking for adventure, there are places you can add to your itinerary.

Experts on Asia travel and tours cite the following must-do hikes during your trip around the region.

Mount Kinabalu

This towering mountain rises above Sabah, Borneo with its imposing figure. As Malaysia’s highest peak, it is a popular hiking destination for outdoor enthusiasts around the world. There are trails for both beginner and experienced hikers. The trip normally takes two days to reach the summit; making it to the peak is a test of mental and physical strength and endurance.

Mount Rinjani

Rinjani dominates the landscape in the island of Lombok, Indonesia. The volcano can take a handful of days to reach the summit and complete the traverse. The ascent and descent is a test of willpower and conditioning. Some sections of the trail are steep and made of loose rock and sand, making it hard to conquer the peak. However, the beautiful surroundings and the view of the crater lake are worth the effort.

Mount Fansipan

Rising more than 3000m, Fansipan has earned the moniker ‘Indochina’s roof’. It takes a couple of days to make it to the highest peak. The trip is worth it because of the spectacular views the ascent and descent provide to hikers.

Hill Tribe Trekking

If you want a more cultural experience, hill tribe trekking in Chiang Mai, Thailand might be the trip you are looking for. Explore jungles and meet indigenous groups along the way. This experience allows you to see a different side of the country you might have overlooked.

These are only some of the outdoor adventures you can do and experience as you explore what the region has to offer. Southeast Asia has more to offer and these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Do Your Restaurant Rebranding Right in 4 Ways

Friends dining at an Asian restaurantToday’s food and beverage industry go through rapid changes, and it’s a challenge to stay relevant. It’s sometimes a case of not being able to keep up with the competition, but there are times when it could just be a flawed branding. Instead of closing shop, you can explore revamping your brand. Here’s how:

Consult your stakeholders

Before you do anything drastic, you need to discuss it first with your stakeholders — including your staff, loyal customers, and investors — especially if it involves a lot of money. Make them feel that you know what you’re doing and what results they can expect from the big move.

Do the necessary changes and upgrades

Everything about your restaurant must reflect your new brand. Like what Entrepreneur editor Kim Lachance Shandrow says, rebranding is more than simply changing your name. You need to change your logo, the feel of all your promotional materials, and even the whole look of your place.

If it would help, renovate the whole layout and get new catering buffet displays. Once you launch, your guests would expect to see something new, so don’t disappoint.

Hire the best team

This is your second chance to make it right, so have the best people to help you. Take the time to complete your creative team, as they will be the one to help execute and turn your visions into reality. Branding has a lot to do with visuals and copy, so never settle for mediocrity.

Create a buzz

Aside from your creative team, you will want the best PR professionals to help you get the word out there. No matter how brilliant your rebranding ideas are, if people don’t start talking about it, it’s destined to be doomed.

The most important thing that you must remember when rebranding your restaurant is the popular saying that goes, ‘Don’t fix what is not broken’. If you believe you have perfected your product offering or if you know you have the best service team, leave that alone and focus on what can be improved.

Why You Should Plan Your Next Visit to Sentosa

A bridge at SentosaSingapore may be a small island nation, but what it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in tourist attractions.

Its main island, Sentosa – The State of Fun has been developed over the years to become a huge tourist attraction. Popular among local and foreign guests, Sentosa offers a quick getaway with its beaches and amusement or adventure parks, these and more are some of the interesting places in Singapore for the family to visit and experience.

Here are two of the most exciting places to see:

1. Resorts World Sentosa

Resorts World Sentosa is a massive complex that is home to entertainment and dining establishments, as well as casinos. The resort stretches across 49 hectares and employs over 10,000 people. Its key attractions include the Adventure Cove Water Park, the Universal Studios Theme Park, and the SEA Aquarium, which is known for housing the largest oceanarium in the world.

You can reach Resorts World via the shuttle buses from Harbourfront and other strategic points all over the city.

2. Universal Studios Singapore

This is the first Universal Studios franchise in Southeast Asia. It soft opened in March 2010 and more rides and attractions are still being added. The park is open from 7am to 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and 10am to 7pm on other days.

The park has seven zones – each with various rides that ticket holders can explore and ride as many times as they want. The most popular is “Battlestar Galactica”. “Cylone” is another favourite amongst guests who are fans of inversions and loops.

Besides these top two attractions, you can visit the Botanical Gardens in Sentosa. There are likewise cable car rides that offer scenic views of the island. Sentosa is an ideal place for families and group of friends travelling together. There is plenty of fun and entertainment in this famous tourist destination in Singapore.

Organising a Group Ski Holiday

People enjoying ski camp

Are you planning to go on a ski holiday with a group? Some of the things to consider before booking your trip are the type of group you are travelling with, the budget, the scenery you prefer and the accommodations available in the place.

Planning the trip

Organising a group vacation can be difficult. There is a possibility that not everyone will be pleased with the plan you come up with but what is important is what the majority feels. For bigger groups, you might want to plan early to avoid last minute problems. 

This is why travel agencies such as Ski Line Limited are there to help or even do the whole planning for your group. You just have to give them your preferences and they already know the best group skiing holiday packages to offer. Always look for choices and do not book the first thing you see right away.

Looking for the right resort

It is important to assess the members of your group especially if you are taking children and elderly with you. You may want to opt for resorts that are good for families. They generally have nursery slopes as well as childcare services. 

If you are a group of beginners, it is not advisable to go to premium ski resorts that cater to professional skiers. It will not be worth it because you will not be able to use fully what you paid for. For first-timers, there are resorts that have novice slopes. Other resorts also offer different activities aside from skiing such as ice skating, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and even spas.

Planning your group skiing holiday well will give you less things to worry about and more time to enjoy your vacation. All the effort you put into planning will be worth it with the quality time and experiences you will share with the people you are with during the trip.