Challenge Accepted: Building and Keeping a Network of SEO Clients

SEOOne of the biggest challenges you are likely to face as an SEO reseller is building and keeping a network of clients. With so many startup digital marketing agencies emerging everywhere, you cannot be complacent with the solutions you offer. Upholding outstanding SEO programs is good, but it can only do so much in terms of attracting and maintaining clients.

What you need is a strategy that goes beyond SEO matters. You need to build a strong rapport with clients. Rapport promotes trust and lasting partnerships.

Empower and Educate

The number one culprit behind failed SEO-client relationships is the client’s lack of understanding of SEO. You and your backend provider may be doing things right in the eyes of Google, but all those strategies will be just a waste of time, if clients don’t get it.

Make it a priority to keep your clients educated about the ins and outs of SEO upon formation of the partnership. Discuss the process and talk about how things work before showing the results. This will lead to them having a better understanding of the technique used and the monetary value of your services.

Inspect the Expectations

Iron out what clients expect from you. Dismiss unrealistic expectations, if necessary. Some clients want immediate results—that they expect to rank number one on Google in just a week. These kinds of expectations can lead to rifts in your business relationship.

Tell clients right off the bat that SEO takes time; it does not happen overnight. Guarantee results, but keep their expectations in check.

Resolve to Involve

Keep clients involved in what you do. Update them regularly and show them the progress your campaigns are making. Make sure that reports are easy to understand and invite them to brainstorming session when reorganizing SEO strategies.

Retaining clients may be a challenge, but you can overcome it by building rapport. Keep partnerships strong through consistent communication.