Cholesterol: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

healthYou often hear about how sinister they are in radio ads. You see how evil they are in print and in T.V. People are crazy about getting rid of them completely in their coffees, juice drink, pastries, salads, even in their beers.

We hear a lot of crazy, often scary, stuff about cholesterol. But what really is cholesterol? Do you know what happens to it as it enters your system?

Here you take a glimpse of what cholesterol is, its role, and how it could make or break your health.

The good, the bad…

Cholesterol has two types: the good one and the bad one. Scientifically, the good ones are called high density lipoproteins (HDL), while the bad ones are called low density lipoproteins (LDL). But before we dwell about their differences, you need to know first why humans (and animals) need to consume them.

Cholesterol is a type of lipid (a substance slightly similar to fats) important for many human processes. It protects cells from sudden temperature changes. It is also responsible in creating sex hormones, and converting sunlight into vitamin D.

… And the ugly

If cholesterol is needed by our body, then why do people want to get rid of it as much as they can in their diet? The reason is simple, yet unheard of: cholesterol is endogenous. It means that your body (your liver, to be specific) has the capacity to create it. In fact, 85% of cholesterol is produced by your own system, and only 15% comes from outside sources. So, if you take in too more cholesterol, you’re adding up to what your body’s already producing.


Cholesterols, both good and bad, don’t dissolve in blood. They are both transported to different areas of the body through lipoproteins. Cholesterol ‘riding’ on a low density lipoprotein (bad guys) may stick into the internal linings of your blood vessels, narrowing the space. The HDLs (good guys), on the other hand, flush away the bad guys and transport them to the liver. To help the good guys do this, taking bergamonte is a natural and effective way to improve your cholesterol level and your overall health.

Apart from that, all it takes is regular exercise, a low-fat diet, and a stress-free lifestyle to keep your cholesterol level healthy.