Choosing an Apartment Floor: Why Is It a Big Deal?

ApartmentsThere’s so much to consider when choosing an apartment or condo unit. The proximity of parking space, access to public transportation and the location are paramount when looking for your new home. While many only consider it as a secondary factor, one thing you can’t afford to overlook is the floor you’ll live on., an established property development company in Brisbane, explains that choosing a space located in the perfect level has a profound effect on your everyday life. It might make apartment hunting relatively easy, as you can narrow down your selection by floor.

You may not fully realise it yet, but your decision would make a big difference. It’s best to know the advantages and drawbacks of every level beforehand to make a smart move, than having regrets later on.


Living partially below ground level saves you from worrying about the noise you make. The sound of your heels and the loud music you play is barely audible upstairs because of the concrete walls around you. As the basement is great at holding cool air, you’re likely to pay for a lower electric bill than your neighbours in the summer.

The only problem with basements is they don’t that much sunlight, which would dampen your space. Your windows might also be fewer and smaller compared with other units.

Middle Levels

Middle floors have a better view compared to basements. The level of white noise that would enter your space depends on how far you are from the street; the higher you live on, the quieter. Mid-level units often have balconies where you can relax.

The biggest disadvantage of middle levels is privacy. You might hear everything your next-door neighbour does, and vice versa.


Living on the highest floor puts you on top of the world. Practically no noise from the street, and you get the best view in the building. You might even have convenient access to the rooftop if your complex has one.

Your biggest dilemma here is when the elevator acts up. You might have to trek up and down, which is problematic when you’re carrying groceries and other stuff.

There’s no straight answer when it comes to this. Put your needs in mind and weigh these factors to decide which one is right for you.