Coming of Age: A Survival Guide to Your 21st Birthday

visiting hairsalonFinally, it’s your 21st birthday—the real birthday you’ve been waiting for since you turned 18.Turning 21 is a major milestone so better make sure that you spend the day right.

Here are some tips to survive your birthday and make it memorable for the rest of your mature life.

Dress Well

Hey, it’s your day! Your birthday is an important occasion and you deserve all the attention. Don’t camouflage yourself—wear that cute dress you’ve been saving for weeks and make it obvious whose party it is. Dressing well and looking great will also make you feel less uncomfortable when your family members assemble your embarrassing childhood photos.

As to your hair, plan your hairstyle the night before so you won’t worry about it so much in the morning, or you can go to nearby hair salons. Perth has some of the best hairdressers in Australia, so you may want to look for hairstylists there if you live in the place.


Eating sounds like a simple advice, but most people often overlook this factor. Birthday celebrants often get so busy and excited planning their birthday that eating becomes the last item on their to-do lists. If you plan to drink massive amounts of alcohol on your special day, make sure to eat well so you won’t throw up at the end of the night and ruin your day.

Keep Things in Moderation

There is a big chance that you are planning to drink more than you should, but do not drink everything your friends put in front of you. If you cannot drink 21 shots of alcohol on your birthday, don’t; it’s a bad idea. How about eating 21 jalapeno peppers or doing 21 push-ups? Do whatever you want; just do not drink 21 shots of alcohol or you might regret it later.

Take Pictures and Videos

There’s no better way to remember the fun you had than looking at the pictures and watching the videos the next day. Of course, you don’t want to spend the rest of the day taking photos and videos, so get a team of photographers or your friends to do it for you. Those pictures may give you a good laugh in the future.

With these tips, there is a great chance to survive your 21st birthday and make it memorable.