Coming to the UK

visa document with approved stampWith the UK in something of a state of flux as it prepares to leave the EU, using an immigration solicitor in London to make sure people have the right visas for their visits is more important than ever.Visa regulations can change suddenly and without warning, so it’s best to be sure the everything is in order.

An immigration solicitor in London, of which there are plenty, will have all the latest information at their fingertips regarding the various methods of entry into the UK, and can also help with any appeals processes that need to take place. In the West End, a good immigration solicitor is Saracens Solicitors.

Some types of visas for the UK

Multi-entry visit visa – This is great way to reduce the hassle of visiting the UK regularly over a number of years, whether it’s for business, leisure, family or commerce. Visas are available that are valid for two, five and 10 years.

Entrepreneur visa – the visa for people who want to set up a business in the UK. This is a tier 1 visa for people with a high net-worth who can invest at least £200,000 in the UK.That money must be used to establish a new business, creating at least two full-time jobs for people who are already settled here.

They initially get the right to remain in the UK for three years. This can be extended for another two years. After that, they may be able to obtain indefinite leave to remain.

Marriage visa – People who want to bring their spouses or civil partners to the UK will find the services of an immigration solicitor in London are invaluable. The process of obtaining a marriage visa is very technical and needs to be followed to the letter. It involves having to make a variety of legal representations to the Home Office.

Sponsored skilled workers visa – as labour needs change and evolve in the UK, the country often needs skilled workers in particular sectors from outside the EEA (European Economic Area). Businesses that need to bring in workers with rare skills that they cannot find at home need to sponsor them for a PBS Tier 2 visa.