What are the Most Common Custody Arrangement Violations?

Child CustodyThe divorce was long and difficult, but now that it is over, you can finally move on with your life. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that the problems are all over; it is quite possible that your ex will continue to make trouble for you, even after the courts have had their final say.

Many former spouses do not agree with custody arrangements, and instead of seeking a compromise or appealing, they attempt to take matters into their own hands. Your ex will try to keep you away from the children, and deny your rights as the parent.

In some extreme cases, these situations can even serve as ground for appealing family court decisions in Denver. When you encounter this, it is crucial that you get legal assistance immediately, so you can get things back to the way they should be.

1. Refusing visitation

– The most common type of custody arrangement violation is when one spouse does not respect visitation rights. Your ex might not bring the children back home on time, or get in the way by taking the children on activities during your scheduled visitation.

2. Abducting the children

– Occasionally, one parent may decide to take the children on a vacation out of the state or even going to another country without alerting their ex. This is a major violation, and can even cross into kidnapping charges. Your ex might not mean any harm, but some parents do attempt to kidnap their own children, so you need to take this matter seriously.

3. Parental alienation

– It is generally understood that all forms of badmouthing and attempts to alienate the other parent is a crime, and it is strictly prohibited by the court. They are trying to turn the children against you, and make it so that your kids will only want to stay with their other parent.

These violations are not just unfair to you, but are usually harmful to the children as well. Courts may award punitive custody changes, as this behavior is indicative of irresponsible parenting. Make sure that you fight for your rights.