Cool Party Favors: Unique and Personalized Goody Bag Ideas

personalized coins for birthdayWhether you’re planning a catered affair or a low-key, informal party, you should never forget about party favors. It is important to make sure that you give out something that will send guests home with a smile. Party favors need to be unique and fun, but they don’t have to be so extravagant and expensive.

Skip the traditional party favors for your next celebration. Create unique birthday goodie bags by personalizing your giveaway gifts. Here are some cool and customized birthday party favors that guests will surely love:

Birthday CD/Mix

Birthday CDs are great party favors and giveaways for any kind of party. Make sure to choose songs that are age-appropriate. If you’re hosting a kid’s or teen’s party, pick songs that most kids or teens know and make sure they are free of any obscenities. You can also include songs that are both kid- and adult-friendly.

Personalized Coins

Custom birthday coins are an excellent party giveaway that guests will keep and cherish. These coins will show that you put originality and effort in that precious event. Birthday coins can include a personalized message or even have your photo placed in them. According to Personalized Coins, these are also perfect giveaways for weddings and Christmas celebrations.

Arts and Craft Kits

Crafts kits are perfect for most children’s birthday parties. If you have enough time, you can make a craft gift with your kid and your guest can take it home with them. You can also put in some beads and elastics for making bracelets, or colored paper and glue for making paper crafts. Include some instructions in the bag, so kids will know what to do with them.

Beauty Kit

If you’re planning to have all-girl pampering party, guests would surely appreciate accessories or skin care products. You can also include DIY manicure sets, flavored lip balm, and cute hair accessories. A beauty kit goody bag can be perfect for children’s or teen’s party. You can also include a personalized birthday coin inside the bag to remind guests of the all-girl pampering event.
Don’t waste your time, effort, and money on party favors that will end up in trash. Skip the cheap plastic toys, lollipops, and other impractical souvenirs. Personalize your birthday party goody bags with these tips and ideas.